Mystery & Thrillers By Authors

My Personal Mystery/Thriller Audio Book Collection:

Abbott, Allyson K.
Murder on the Rocks, Murder with a Twist, In the Drink, Shots in the Dark, A Toast to Murder

Abbott, Jeff:
Trust Me, Panic, Fear, Collision, Sam Capra's Last Chance (short), Adrenaline, Downfall, The Last Minute, A Kiss Gone Bad, Black Jack Point, Cut and Run, Inside Man, Run, The First Order, Blame, The Three Beths

Abbott, Megan:
Die a Little, Dare Me, The Fever, The End of Everything, You Will Know Me, Give Me Your Hand, Brightwell

Abbott, Rachel:
Only the Innocent, The Back Road, Sleep Tight, Stranger Child, Nowhere Child, Kill Me Again, The Sixth Window, Come a Little Closer, And So It Begins, The Shape of Lies, Right Behind You

Abbott, Victoria:
The Christie Curse, The Sayers Swindle, The Wolfe Widow, The Marsh Madness, The Hammett Hex

Abel, James:
White Plague, Protocol Zero, Cold Silence, Vector

Acker, Rick:
Dead Man's Rule

Ackerman, Elliot:
Dark at the Crossing

Adair, Gilbert:
The Act of Roger Murgatroyd, A Mysterious Affair of Style

Adams, Dee J. (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Adams, Ellery:
Murder in the Mystery Suite, Murder in the Paperback Parlor, A Killer Plot, A Deadly Cliche, The Last Word, Written in Stone, Pies and Prejudice, Lethal Letters, Writing All Wrongs, A Killer Collection, The Path of the Crooked, Peach Pies and Alibis, Poisoned Prose, A Fatal Appraisal, Pecan Pies and Homicides, The Way of the Wicked, The Graves of the Guilty, A Deadly Dealer, Lemon Pies and Little White Lies, The Root of All Evil, A Treacherous Trader (w/Parker Riggs), Breach of Crust, A Devious Lot (w/Parker Riggs), Murder in the Secret Garden, Killer Characters, The Secret Book & Scone Society, Carbs and Cadavers, Fit to Die, Chili Con Corpses, Stiffs and Swine, Murder in the Locked Library, A Killer Keepsake, The Whispered Word, Murder in the Reading Room, A Bidder End, The Book of Candlelight

Adams, Leigh:
Hostile Witness

Adams, Will:
The Alexander Cipher, The Exodus Quest

Addison, Corban:
The Tears of Dark Water, A Harvest of Thorns

Adler, Elizabeth:
Last to Know, Please Don't Tell, A Place in the Country

Adler-Olsen, Jussi:
Redemption (aka A Conspiracy of Faith), The Keeper of Lost Causes, The Marco Effect, Buried (US title for The Marco Effect, narrated by Steven Pacey), Alphabet House, Disgrace (aka The Absent One), Guilt (aka The Purity of Vengeance), A Conspiracy of Faith (aka Redemption, narrated by Graeme Malcolm), The Hanging Girl, The Scarred Woman, The Washington Decree, Victim 2117

Ahmed, A. X.
The Caretaker

Aird, Catherine:
A Dead Liberty, The Body Politic

Airth, Rennie:
River of Darkness, The Blood-Dimmed Tide, The Dead of Winter, The Reckoning, The Death of Kings, The Decent Inn of Death, Cold Kill

Akers, W. M.

Akunin, Boris:
The Winter Queen, The Turkish Gambit, Murder on the Leviathan, The Death of Achilles, Special Assignments, The State Counsellor, Pelagia and the Black Monk, The Winter Queen

Alan, Isabella:
Murder Plain and Simple, Murder Simply Stitched, Murder Handcrafted, Murder Served Simply

Albert, Susan Wittig (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
Dead Man's Bones, The Tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood, The Tale Of Holly How, Indigo Dying, Bleeding Hearts, A Dilly of a Death, Bloodroot, Lavender Lies, Chile Death, Mistletoe Man, Cat's Claw, The Darling Dahlias and the Naked Ladies, Mourning Gloria, The Darling Dahlias and the Confederate Rose, Nightshade, Widow's Tears, Death Come Quickly, The Darling Dahlias and the Silver Dollar Bush, The Last Chance Olive Ranch, Queen Anne's Lace, The Darling Dahlias and the Poinsettia Puzzle, NoBODY, Death at Bishop's Keep (w/Bill Albert, using pseudonym of Robin Page), Death at Gallows Green (w/Bill Albert, using pseudonym of Robin Page)

Alcorn, Randy:
Deadline (abr.), Heaven (non-fiction/spirituality, abr.)

Alexander, A. K. (see Scott, Michaele below)
Saddled With Trouble, Death Reins In, Talked to Death, Blood and Roses, Daddy's Home, Mommy May

Alexander, Ellie:
Meet Your Baker, A Batter of Life and Death, On Thin Icing, Death on Tap, The Pint of No Return, Caught Bread Handed, Fudge and Jury

Alexander, Tasha:
And Only to Deceive, A Fatal Waltz, A Poisoned Season, The Adventuress, Behind the Shattered Glass, The Counterfeit Heiress, Star of the East (novella), A Crimson Warning, Death in the Floating City, A Terrible Beauty, Death in St. Petersburg, Uneasy Lies the Crown, In the Shadow of Vesuvius, Tears of Pearl, Dangerous to Know

Alexander, Tali:
Lies in Rewind (temp)

Alger, Cristina:
The Banker's Wife, Girls Like Us

Allan, Barbara:
Antiques Fate, Antiques Frame

Allan, Claire:
Apple of My Eye

Allbeury, Ted:
The Twentieth Day of January

Allingham, Margery:
The Crime at Black Dudley, Mystery Mile, Look to the Lady, Sweet Danger, Police at the Funeral, The Case of the Late Pig, Dancers in Mourning, Flowers for the Judge, The Fashion in Shrouds, Traitors Purse, Coroner's Pidgin (aka Pearls Before Swine), Traitor's Purse, More Work For the Undertaker, Tiger in the Smoke, The Beckoning Lady (aka The Estate of the Beckong Lady), Hide My Eyes, The China Governess, The Mind Readers,  Cargo of Eagles, Black Plumes, The White Cottage Mystery, The Allingham Case-Book

Alpert, Mark:
The Coming Storm

Alsterdal, Tove:
The Forgotten Dead

Ambler, Eric:
Epitaph for A Spy, Cause for Alarm, A Coffin for Dimitrios, Waiting for Orders, The Siege of the Villa Lipp, The Dark Frontier (narrator perfectly clear, but some background hum), Judgement on Deltchev , Passage of Arms, Journey into Fear, The Light of Day, Background to Danger, The Schirmer Inheritance, The Levanter, Dirty Story (aka This Gun for Hire)

Amis, Kingsley:
The Riverside Villas Murder

Amis, Martin:
London Fields

Amore, Dani:
The Circuit Rider

Anderson, Catherine (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Anderson, James:
The Affair of the Bloodstained Egg Cosy, The Affair of the Mutilated Mink, The Affair of the Thirty-Nine Cufflinks, The Never-Open Desert Diner, Lullaby Road

Anderson, Kent:
Green Sun

Anderson, Natalie C.
City of Saints & Thieves

Anderson, Toni:
Dark Waters, A Cold Dark Place, Cold Pursuit, Cold Light of Day, Cold Fear, Storm Warning, Sea of Suspicion, Edge of Survival, Cold in the Shadows, Cold Hearted

Andrews, Donna:
Crouching Buzzard Leaping Loon, We'll Always Have Parrots, Some Like it Hawk, The Hen of the Baskervilles, Duck the Halls, The Good the Bad and the Emus, The Nightingale Before Christmas, Lord of the Wings, Die Like an Eagle, Owls Well That Ends Well, Cockatiels at Seven, Gone Gull, Six Geese a-Slaying, Swan for the Money, Stork Raving Mad, Toucan Keep a Secret, Lark! The Herald Angels Sing, Murder with Puffins, Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos, Terns of Endearment, Owl Be Home for Christmas, You've Got Murder, Click Here for Murder

Andrews, Lori:
Sequence, The Silent Assassin, Immunity

Andrews, Mary Kay (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Every Crooked Nanny, To Live and Die in Dixie, Homemade Sin, Happy Never After, Heart Trouble, Strange Brew, Midnight Clear, Irish Eyes, The Weekenders

Andrews, Russell:
Aphrodite, Icarus

Annechino, D. M.
Resuscitation, They Never Die Quietly, I Do Solemnly Swear

Anolik, Lili:
Dark Rooms

Arango, Sascha:
The Truth and Other Lies

Archer, Gretchen:
Double Whammy, Double Dip, Double Strike, Double Mint, Double Knot, Double Up, Double Dog Dare

Archer, Jeffrey:
A Prisoner by Birth, The Fourth Estate, Cat O'Nine Tails, The Eleventh Commandment, To Cut a Long Story Short, A Twist in the Tale: A Perfect Murder and Other Stories Volume 1 (6 short stories), Paths of Glory, Twelve Red Herrings, Kane and Abel, The Prodigal Daughter, First Among Equals, A Matter of Honour, As the Crow Flies, Honour Among Thieves, Sons of Fortune, A Prison Diary, Not A Penny More Not A Penny Less, False Impression, First Among Equals, Honor Among Thieves, Only Time Will Tell, The Sins of the Father, Best Kept Secret, A Quiver Full of Arrows, Be Careful What You Wish For, And Thereby Hangs a Tale, Mightier than the Sword, A Prisoner of Birth, Cometh the Hour, This Was a Man, Tell Tale: Stories

Archer, Winnie:
Kneaded to Death

Arlidge, M. J.
Eeny Meeny, The Doll's House, Pop Goes the Weasel, Liar Liar, Little Boy Blue, Love Me Not: DI Helen Grace, Book 7, Hide and Seek, Down to the Woods, A Gift for Dying

Armentrout, Jennifer L. (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks & Romance Audiobooks by Author lists):
Don't Look Back, Till Death

Armstrong, Kelley (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Exit Strategy, Made to Be Broken, Wild Justice, Omens, Visions, Deceptions, City of the Lost, A Darkness Absolute, Double Play (novella), This Fallen Prey, Watcher in the Woods, Alone in the Wild

Armstrong, Lori:
Mercy Kill, No Mercy

Arsenault, Emily:
The Last Thing I Told You

Ashley & Jaquavis:
The Cartel, Tale of the Murda Mamas, The Last Chapter

Ashley, Jennifer (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
The Hanover Square Affair (written as Ashley Gardner), Regimental Murder (written as Ashley Gardner), The Glass House (written as Ashley Gardner), The Sudbury School Murders (written as Ashley Gardner), Death Below Stairs, Scandal Above Stairs, A Soupcon of Poison (novella)

Atherton, Nancy:
Aunt Dimity's Death, Aunt Dimity Beats the Devil, Aunt Dimity: Detective, Aunt Dimity Takes a Holiday, Aunt Dimity Snowbound, Aunt Dimity and the Next of Kin, Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea, Aunt Dimity Goes West, Aunt Dimity Vampire Hunter, Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree, Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch, Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well, Aunt Dimity and the Duke, Aunt Dimity's Good Deed, Aunt Dimity Digs In, Aunt Dimity's Christmas, Aunt Dimity and the Summer King, Aunt Dimity and the Buried Treasure, Aunt Dimity and the Widow's Curse

Atir, Yiftach Reicher:
The English Teacher

Atkins, Ace:
Devil's Garden, White Shadow, Infamous, Robert B. Parker's Cheap Shot, The Forsaken, Robert B. Parker's Cheap Shot, Robert B. Parker's Kickback, The Redeemers, Robert B. Parker's Slow Burn, The Innocents, Robert B. Parker's Little White Lies, The Fallen, Robert B. Parker's Old Black Magic, The Ranger, The Lost Ones, The Broken Places, The Sinners, The Shameless, Robert B. Parker's Angel Eyes, The Shameless

Atkins, Lucy:
The Missing One, The Other Child, The Night Visitor

Atkinson, Kate (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Case Histories, One Good Turn, When Will There Be Good News, Started Early Took My Dog, Behind the Scenes at the Museum, Not the End of the World, Human Croquet, Emotionally Weird, Transcription, Big Sky, One Good Turn

Austin, Stephanie:
Dead in Devon

Austin, Terri L.
Diners Dives and Deadends

Avery, John:
Three Days to Die

Avon, Joy:
In Peppermint Peril, Sweet Tea and Secrets, In Cold Chamomile

Axat, Federico:
Kill the Next One

Baart, Nicole:
Sleeping in Eden, Little Broken Things

Babson, Marian:
The Diamond Cat, Murder on a Mystery Tour, Nine Lives to Murder, Murder at the Cat Show, In the Teeth of Adversity, Paws for Alarm, The Twelve Deaths of Christmas, The Company of Cats (aka The Multiple Cat), Cover Up Story, Tourists Are for Trapping

Baer, Neal:
Kill Switch (w/Jonathan Greene), Kill Again (w/Jonathan Greene)

Bagshawe, Tilly:
Sidney Sheldon's After the Darkness, Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark, Sidney Sheldon's The Tides of Memory, Sidney Sheldon's Chasing Tomorrow, Sidney Sheldon's Reckless, Sidney Sheldon’s The Silent Widow, Sidney Sheldon’s The Silent Widow

Bailey, Martine (see General Fiction by Author list)

Bailey, Robert:
Between Black and White (temp)

Bailey, Sarah:
The Dark Lake, Into the Night

Baker, Bree:
Live and Let Chai, No Good Tea Goes Unpunished, Tide and Punishment

Baker, J. I.
The Empty Glass

Baldacci, David (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
First Family, Total Control, Last Man Standing, Saving Faith, The Camel Club, The Winner, Absolute Power, Stone Cold, Hour Game, The Whole Truth, Simple Genius, Divine Justice, The Whole Truth, The Collectors, Split Second, Wish You Well, The Mighty Johns, The Christmas Train, Deliver Us From Evil, Hell's Corner, The Sixth Man, No Time Left (short), One Summer, Zero Day, The Innocent, The Forgotten, The Hit, King and Maxwell, Bullseye (short/novella), The Target, The Escape, Memory Man, Simple Truth, The Guilty, The Last Mile, No Man's Land, The Fix, End Game, Long Road to Mercy, Redemption, One Good Deed, A Minute to Midnight, Walk the Wire

Baldwin, Rosecrans:
The Last Kid Left

Bale, Tom:
Skin and Bones

Ball, Donna:
Smoky Mountain Tracks, Rapid Fire, High in Trial, Double Dog Dare, Home of the Brave, Dog Days

Ballantyne, Lisa:
The Guilty One, Everything She Forgot

Ballard, Mignon F.
Miss Dimple Suspects, Miss Dimple Picks a Peck of Trouble

Balog, Cyn:
Unnatural Deeds

Balson, Ronald H.
Saving Sophie

Balzo, Sandra:
Uncommon Grounds, A Cup of Jo, Triple Shot

Banks, Maya (see Mysteries & Thrillers Audiobooks by Author list)

Banks, Ray:
Gun (novella)

Bannalec, Jean-Luc:
Death in Brittany

Barber, Kathleen:
Are You Sleeping

Barclay, Alex:
Time of Death, Killing Ways, Darkhouse, The Drowning Child

Barclay, Linwood:
Fear the Worst, No Time For Goodbye, Too Close To Home, Never Look Away, The Accident, No Time for Goodbye, A Tap on the Window, Never Saw It Coming, Trust Your Eyes, No Safe House, Broken Promise, Far from True, The Twenty-Three, Parting Shot, Chase, Bad Move, Bad Guys, Bad News, Jacket Man (short), Chase (short), Elevator Pitch, Escape

Barclay, Tessa:
Richer than Rubies

Barker, J. D.
The Fourth Monkey, The Fifth to Die

Barnes, Emily:
The Fine Art of Murder, Death in the Abstract

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Little White Lies, Deadly Little Scandals

Barnes, Linda:
The Perfect Ghost, A Trouble of Fools

Barnhardt, Wilton:

Baron, Aileen G.
Scorpion's Bite

Barr, Nevada:
Borderline, Deep South, Endangered Species, Hunting Season, Winter Study, Liberty Falling, Track of the Cat, Hard Truth, Flashback, Blood Lure, Ill Wind, A Superior Death, Bittersweet, Blind Descent, Firestorm, Liberty Falling, The Rope, 13 1/2, High Country, Burn, Destroyer Angel, Boar Island, Ill Wind, What Rose Forgot

Barrett, Lorna:
Murder is Binding, Bookmarked for Death, Bookplate Special, Chapter & Hearse, Sentenced to Death, Murder on the Half Shelf, Not the Killing Type, Book Clubbed, A Fatal Chapter, Title Wave, A Just Clause, Poisoned Pages, A Killer Edition

Barritt, Christy:

Barron, Laird:
Blood Standard, Black Mountain

Barron, Stephanie:
Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas (Being a Jane Austen Mystery)

Barry, Brunonia:
The Lace Reader, The Fifth Petal

Bartlett, Claire Eliza:
The Winter Duke

Bartlett, Lorraine:
A Crafty Killing, The Walled Flower, One Hot Murder, Dead Bath and Beyond, With Baited Breath, A Reel Catch, Yule Be Dead (w/Gayle Leeson)

Barton, Beverly (see also SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Dead by Midnight, Dead by Morning, Dead by Nightfall, Don't Cry, Cold Hearted, Don't Say a Word, I'll Be Watching You (originally titled Every Move She Makes), Dangerous Deceptions, Most Likely to Die (w/Lisa Jackson and Wendy Corsi Staub), The Fifth Victim, The Last to Die

Barton, Fiona:
The Widow, The Child, The Suspect

Bartz, Andrea:
The Lost Night, The Herd

Bass, Jefferson:
The Bone Yard, The Bone Thief, The Inquisitor's Key, Bones of Betrayal, Cut to the Bone, The Breaking Point, Without Mercy, Carved in Bone

Bates, Quentin:
Frozen Out, Cold Comfort, Chilled to the Bones, Cold Steal, Thin Ice

Batista, Paul:
Death's Witness, Extraordinary Rendition, The Borzoi Killings

Battles, Brett (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Sick, Exit 9, Pale Horse, Ashes, Eden Rising, The Enraged, Becoming Quinn, The Cleaner, The Deceived, Shadow of Betrayal, The Silenced, The Destroyed, The Collected, The Enraged, Little Girl Gone, Every Precious Thing, No Return, Poe (w/Robert Gregory Brown), Takedown (w/Robert Gregory Brown), Poe (w/Robert Gregory Browne), The Discarded, The Buried, The Unleashed, The Aggrieved, Dream Sky, Down, Town at the Edge of Darkness, The Fractured, City of Nope, Night Man

Bauer, Belinda:
The Shut Eye, The Beautiful Dead, Finders Keepers

Baxter, Cynthia:
Murder with a Cherry on Top

Bayard, Louis:
The Black Tower, Roosevelt's Beast, The Pale Blue Eye

Bazell, Josh:
Beat the Reaper, Wild Thing

Beaton, M. C. (see also Chesney, Marion on the Romance Audiobooks by Author list)
Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death, Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet, Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener, Agatha Raisin and Walkers of Dembley, Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage, Agatha Raisin and the Terrible Tourist, Agatha Raisin and the Wellspring of Death, Agatha Raisin and The Wizard of Evesham, Agatha Raisin and The Witch of Wyckhadd, Agatha Raisin and The Fairies of FryFam, Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell, Agatha Raisin and The Day the Floods Came, Agatha Raisin and The Case of the Curious Curate, Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House, Agatha Raisin and the Busy Body, The Deadly Dance, The Perfect Paragon; Love, Lies And Liquor; Kissing Christmas Goodbye, A Spoonful of Poison, Agatha Raisin and There Goes The Bride, Death of a Gossip, Death of a Cad, Death of an Outsider, Death of a Perfect Wife, Death of a Hussy, Death of a Snob, Death Of A Prankster, Death of a Glutton, Death of a Traveling Man, Death of a Charming Man, Death of a Nag, Death of a Macho Man, Death of a Dentist, Death of a Scriptwriter, Death of An Addict, A Highland Christmas, Death of a Dustman, Death of a Celebrity, Death of a Village, Death of A Poison Pen, Death of a Bore, Death of a Dreamer, Death of a Maid, Death of a Gentle Lady, Death of a Witch, Death of a Valentine, Death of a Chimney Sweep, As the Pig Turns, Death of a Kingfisher, As the Pig Turns, Lady Fortescue Steps Out, Miss Tonks Turns to Crime, Something Borrowed Someone Dead, Death of a Policeman, The Blood of an Englishman, Agatha Raisin and the Christmas Crumble (novella), Death of a Liar, The Viscount's Revenge, Agatha Raisin and the Deadly Dance, Dishing the Dirt, Busy Body, Death of a Nurse, Pushing Up Daisies, Death of a Ghost, The Witches' Tree, The Dead Ringer, Agatha Raisin: Beating About the Bush

Beauman, Ned:
Madness Is Better than Defeat

Bebris, Carrie:
The Deception at Lyme: Or, The Peril of Persuasion

Beck, Andrea Johnson (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Beck, Greig (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Beck, Haylen:
Lost You

Becker, James:
The First Apostle

Becker, Steven:
Wood's Reef, Wood's Wall

Beckett, Bernard:

Beckett, Simon:
The Chemistry of Death, Written in Bone, Whispers of the Dead, The Calling of the Grave, Stone Bruises, Where There's Smoke, The Restless Dead, The Scent of Death

Befeler, Mike:
Retirement Homes Are Murder, Living With Your Kids Is Murder, Senior Moments Are Murder, Cruising in Your Eighties is Murder, Nursing Homes Are Murder

Bell, David:
The Forgotten Girl, Since She Went Away, The Hiding Place, Never Come Back, Bring Her Home, Somebody's Daughter

Bell, James Scott:
Try Dying

Bell, Natasha:
Exhibit Alexandra

Bell, Ted:
Hawke (abr., no unabridged recording ever made), Assassin, Pirate, Spy, Tsar, Warlord, Phantom, Warriors, Patriot

Bellairs, George:
The Body in the Dumb River

Belle, Kimberly:
Three Days Missing

Benedict, Laura:
The Stranger Inside

Bengtsdotter, Lina:
For the Dead

Benn, James R.
A Mortal Terror, A Blind Goddess, Blue Madonna, The Devouring: A Billy Boyle World War II Mystery

Bennett, Sawyer:
Hawke (temp)

Benson, Raymond:
The Black Stiletto, Black & White, Stars & Stripes, Secrets & Lies

Bentley, E. C.
Trent's Last Case

Berenson, Alex:
The Faithful Spy, The Ghost War, The Silent Man, The Midnight House, The Secret Soldier, The Shadow Patrol, The Night Ranger, The Counterfeit Agent, Twelve Days, The Wolves, The Prisoner, The Deceivers

Berenson, Laurien:
Pedigree to Die For, Underdog, Dog Eat Dog, Hair of the Dog, Watchdog, Hush Puppy, Unleashed, Once Bitten, Hot Dog, Best in Show, Jingle Bell Bark, Raining Cats & Dogs, Chow Down, Hounded to Death, Doggie Day Care Murder, Gone with the Woof, Death of a Dog Whisperer, The Bark Before Christmas

Bergstrom, Scott:
The Cruelty, The Greed

Berkeley, Anthony:
The Silk Stocking Murders, The Poisoned Chocolates Case

Berney, Lou:
Whiplash River, The Long and Faraway Gone

Bernhardt, William:
Primary Justice, Blind Justice, Deadly Justice, Perfect Justice, Cruel Justice, Naked Justice, Extreme Justice, Dark Justice, Silent Justice, Murder One, Criminal Intent, Death Row, Hate Crime, Capitol Murder, Capitol Threat, Capitol Conspiracy, Capitol Offense; Nemesis: The Final Case of Elliot Ness, Final Round, The Midnight Before Christmas, Strip Search, Capitol Betrayal

Berry, Flynn:
A Double Life

Cornwell, Bernard (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Berry, Flynn:
Under the Harrow

Berry, Steve:
The Templar Legacy, The Alexandria Link, The Venetian Betrayal, The Charlemagne Pursuit, The Paris Vendetta, The Jefferson Key, The Balkan Escape (short), The Amber Room, The Romanov Prophecy, The Third Secret, The Emperor's Tomb, The Columbus Affair, The Devil's Gold (short), The King's Deception, The Lincoln Myth, The Patriot Threat (inluding the "Writer's Cut" edition), The 14th Colony, The Lost Order, The Bishop's Pawn, The Malta Exchange

Bertrand, J. Mark:
Back on Murder

Besecker, Stephen:
The Samaritan

Betley, Matthew:
Overwatch, Oath of Honor

Beukes, Lauren (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Beverly, Bill:

Bevill, C. L.
Veiled Eyes, Disembodied Bones

Bickford, Susan:
A Short Time to Die

Bilal, Parker L.
The Golden Scales, Dogstar Rising, The Ghost Runner, Dead Man Walking, The Burning Gates

Billingham, Mark:
Sleepyhead, Lazybones, The Burning Girl, Lifeless, Buried, Death  Message, In the Dark, From the Dead, Good As Dead, Bloodline, From the Dead, The Dying Hours, Sleepyhead, The Bones Beneath, Time of Death, The Rosary Girls, The Skin Gods, Merciless, Badlands, The Echo Man, The Killing Room, Scaredy Cat, Die of Shame, Rush of Blood, Love Like Blood, The Killing Habit, Their Little Secret

Bilyeau, Nancy:

Binchy, Maeve (see Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Bingham, Harry:
Talking to the Dead

Bishop, Claudia (aka Mary Stanton):
A Steak in Murder, A Taste for Murder, Buried by Breakfast, Ground to a Halt, Toast Mortem, Dread on Arrival, A Fete Worse Than Death, A Dinner to Die For, A Dash of Death, A Pinch of Poison

Bjork, Samuel:
I'm Travelling Alone, The Owl Always Hunts at Night, The Boy in the Headlights

Black, Benjamin:
Christine Falls, The Silver Swan, Elegy for April, A Death in Summer, The Lemur, The Black-Eyed Blonde: A Philip Marlowe Novel, Even the Dead, Wolf on a String

Black, Cara:
Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis, Murder in the Latin Quarter, Murder in the Palais Royal, Murder in the Rue de Paradis, Murder at the Lanterne Rouge, Murder in the Marais, Murder in the Sentier, Murder in Clichy, Murder Below Montparnasse, Murder in Pigalle, Murder on the Quai, Murder in Saint Germain, Murder on the Left Bank, Murder in Bel-Air, Three Hours in Paris

Black, J. Carson:
The Survivor's Club, Hard Return, The Shop, Icon, Spectre Black

Black, Lisa:
Evidence of Murder, Defensive Wounds, That Darkness, Unpunished, Perish, Suffer the Children

Black, Saul:
The Killing Lessons, LoveMurder, Anything for You

Blackburn, Cindy:
Playing With Poison

Blackhurst, Jenny:
Before I Let You In

Blackmore, Keith C.
Mountain Man

Blackstock, Terri (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Blackwell, Juliet (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
If Walls Could Talk, Dead Bolt, Murder on the House, Home for the Haunting, Keeper of the Castle, Give Up the Ghost, A Ghostly Light, Secondhand Spirits, A Cast-Off Coven, Hexes and Hemlines, In a Witch's Wardrobe, Tarnished and Torn, A Vision in Velvet, Spellcasting in Silk, A Toxic Trousseau, A Magical Match, Bewitched and Betrothed

Blackwood, Grant:
Tom Clancy Under Fire, Tom Clancy Duty and Honor

Blaedel, Sara:
Call Me Princess, Only One Life, The Night Women (previously published as Farewell to Freedom), The Running Girl, The Stolen Angel, The Forgotten Girls, The Killing Forest, The Lost Woman, The Undertaker's Daughter, The Midnight Witness, Her Father's Secret, The Third Sister

Blackwell, Juliet (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
Secondhand Spirits, A Cast-Off Coven, Hexes and Hemlines, In a Witch's Wardrobe, Tarnished and Torn, If Walls Could Talk, Dead Bolt, Murder on the House, Home for the Haunting, A Vision in Velvet, Keeper of the Castle, Spellcasting in Silk, Give Up the Ghost, A Toxic Trousseau, A Ghostly Light, Feint of Art, Shooting Gallery

Blake, Bethany:
Death by Chocolate Lab, Dial Meow for Murder, Pawprints & Predicaments

Blake, Elizabeth:
Pride Prejudice and Poison

Blake, Heather (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Blake, James Carlos:
The Rules of Wolfe, House of Wolfe, The Ways of Wolfe

Blake, Russell:
Jet, Betrayal, Vengeance, King of Swords, Revenge of the Assassin, Return of the Assassin, Blood of the Assassin, Reckoning, Legacy, Black is Back, Black is the New Black, Night of the Assassin, Black to Reality

Blanchard, Alice
A Breath After Drowning

Blankman, Anne:
Prisoner of Night and Fog

Blauner, Peter:
Sunrise Highway

Bledsoe, Jerry:
Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride Madness and Multiple Murder, Before He Wakes: A True Story of Money Marriage Sex and Murder

Bleeker, Emily:

Bloch, Robert:
Psycho II, Psycho House

Block, Lawrence:
Chip Harrison Scores Again, The Canceled Czech, The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian, The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza, The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams, The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart, The Burglar on the Prowl, Burglars Can't Be Choosers, The Burglar in the Closet, The Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling, The Burglar in the Library, Hit List, A Stab in the Dark, Eight Million Ways to Die, Hit Parade, Killing Castro, A Dance at the Slaughterhouse, A Walk Among the Tombstones, Even the Wicked, When the Sacred Gin Mill Closes, A Diet Of Treacle, Grifter's Game, Lucky at Cards, Small Town, The Girl With The Long Green Heart, Getting Off, After the First Death, A Stab in the Dark, Time to Murder and Create, Enough Rope, In the Midst of Death, The Burglar Who Counted Spoons, The Triumph of Evil, Defender of the Innocent, The Topless Tulip Caper, No Score, The Burglar in the Rye, Tanner's Twelve Swingers, Deadly Honeymoon

Block, Sandra:
The Girl Without a Name, Little Black Lies, The Secret Room

Blunt, Giles:
Forty Words for Sorrow

Bohjalian, Chris (see also SciFi/Fantasy/Horror & General Fiction Audiobooks by Author lists):
Secrets of Eden, Skeletons at the Feast, The Light in the Ruins, The Guest Room, The Sleepwalker, The Premonition, The Flight Attendant, The Red Lotus

Bolitho, Janie:
Snapped in Cornwall, Framed in Cornwall, Buried in Cornwall, Betrayed In Cornwall, Plotted in Cornwall, Killed In Cornwall, Caught Out in Cornwall, Lessons in Logic

Bollen, Chrisopher:
Orient, The Destroyers

Bolton, Ginger:
Survival of the Fritters, Survivor of the Fritters, Goodbye Cruller World

Bolton, Guy:
The Pictures

Bolton, Sharon (S.J.):
Blood Harvest, Now You See Me, Dead Scared, A Dark and Twisted Tide, Like This For Ever, Awakening, Sacrifice, Little Black Lies, Daisy in Chains, Awakening, Dead Woman Walking, The Craftsman, Bolton The Split

Bond, Gwenda:
Girl on a Wire

Bond, Larry:
Dangerous Ground, Cold Choices, Exit Plan, Shattered Trident, Fatal Thunder, Artic Gambit

Bond, Stephanie (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Two Guys Detective Agency, 6 Killer Bodies, 7 Brides for 7 Bodies, In Deep Voodoo Mojo

Bonda, Katarzyna:
Girl at Midnight

Bonfiglioli, Kyril:
Don't Point That Thing at Me, Something Nasty in the Woodshed, After You with the Pistol

Bonner, Hilary:
Deadly Dance, Wheel of Fire, Dreams of Fear

Booth, Stephen:
Black Dog, Dancing With the Virgins, Blood on the Tongue, One Last Breath, The Dead Place, Scared to Live, Dying to Sin, The Kill Call, Blind to the Bones, Lost River, Dead and Buried, The Kill Call, Already Dead, The Corpse Bridge, The Murder Road, Secrets of Death, Dead in the Dark, Fall Down Dead, Drowned Lives

Borton, E. E.

Boucher, Anthony & Denis Green:
Murder by Moonlight and Other Mysteries: The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (OTR), Murder in the Casbah and Other Mysteries: The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (OTR)

Bouman, Tom:
Dry Bones in the Valley, Fateful Mornings

Bow, Frankie:
The Musubi Murder

Bowen, Peter:
Bitter Creek

Bowen, Rhys:
Her Royal Spyness, A Royal Pain, Royal Flush, Royal Blood, Naughty in Nice, Evan Blessed, The Twelve Clues of Christmas, Heirs and Graces, City of Darkness and Light, Queen of Hearts, Hush Now Don't You Cry, The Edge of Dreams, Malice at the Palace, Away in a Manger, Time of Fog and Fire, Crowned and Dangerous, Murphy's Law, In Like Flynn, Oh Danny Boy, In Dublin's Fair City, Tell Me Pretty Maiden, In a Gilded Cage, The Last Illusion, Bless the Bride, The Family Way, For the Love of Mike, Death of Riley, Evans Above, Evan Help Us, Evanly Choirs, In Farleigh Field, The Ghost of Christmas Past, Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding, The Victory Garden, Love and Death Among the Cheetahs

Box, C. J.
Out of Range, Back of Beyond, Free Fire, In Plain Sight, Blood Trail, Force of Nature, Nowhere to Run, Below Zero, Breaking Point, Three Weeks to Say Goodbye, The Highway, Blue Heaven, Trophy Hunt, Cold Wind, Open Season, Savage Run, Winterkill, Stone Cold, Shots Fired: Stories from Joe Pickett Country, Endangered, Badlands, Off the Grid, Vicious Circle, Paradise Valley, The Disappeared, Wolf Pack, The Bitterroots, Long Range

Boyce, Trudy Nan:
Out of the Blues, Old Bones, The Policeman's Daughter

Boyd, Damien:
As the Crow Flies, Head in the Sand, Kickback, Swansong, Dead Level, Dead Lock, Beyond the Point

Boyd, William (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)
Ordinary Thunderstorms, Waiting for Sunrise

Boyer, Susan M.
Lowcountry Boil, Lowcountry Bombshell, Lowcountry Boneyard, Lowcountry Bordello, Lowcountry Book Club, Lowcountry Bonfire, Lowcountry Bookshop

Boylan, Jennifer Finney:
Long Black Veil

Boyles, Amy:
Scared Witchless, Kiss My Witch, Queen Witch

Brabazon, James:
The Break Line

Bracken, Matthew:
Enemies Foreign and Domestic, Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista, Foreign Enemies and Traitors

Brackmann, Lisa:
Go-Between, Black Swan Rising

Brackston, P. J. (see Brackson, Paula on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Braddon, Mary Elizabeth:
Lady Audley's Secret

Bradford, Barbara Taylor (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Bradford, Laura:
Éclair and Present Danger, The Silence of the Flans, Dial M for Mousse

Bradley, Alan:
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag, A Red Herring Without Mustard, I Am Half-Sick of Shadows, Speaking From Among the Bones, The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches, As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust, Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd, The Grave's a Fine and Private Place, The Golden Tresses of the Dead

Bradley, Arthur T.
Frontier Justice, Frontier Justice, Judgment Day

Bradshaw, R. E.
Rainey Nights

Brady, Eileen:
Muzzled, Unleashed, Chained

Braithwaite, Oyinkan:
My Sister, the Serial Killer

Brand, Christianna:
The Crooked Wreath, Fog of Doubt

Brandman, Michael:
Robert B. Parker's Killing the Blues (Jesse Stone story), Robert B. Parker's Damned If You Do (Jesse Stone story)

Brandreth, Gyles:
Oscar Wilde and the Ring of Death (aka Oscar Wilde and a Game Called Murder)

Brant, Kylie:

Braun, Lilian Jackson:
The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare, The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern, The Cat Who Brought Down The House, The Cat Who Saw Red, The Cat Who Saw Stars, The Cat Who Sniffed Glue, The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts (old cassette source, background hiss), The Cat Who Could Read Backwards, The Cat Who Played Brahms, The Cat Who Played Post Office, The Cat Who Turned On and Off, The Cat Who Talked Turkey, The Cat Who Went Underground, The Cat Who Said Cheese, The Cat Who Knew A Cardinal, The Cat Who Lived High, The Cat Who Wasn't There, The Cat Who Went into the Closet, The Cat Who Moved a Mountain, The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers, The Cat Who Tailed a Thief, The Cat Who Had 14 Tales, The Private Life of the Cat Who, The Cat Who Dropped A Bombshell, The Cat Who Smelled a Rat, The Cat Who Robbed a Bank, The Cat Who Went up the Creek, The Cat Who Went Bananas, Qwilleran's Short and Tall Tales, The Cat Who Sang for the Birds, The Cat Who Came To Breakfast, The Cat Who Blew The Whistle

Brekke, Jorgen:
Where Monsters Dwell (aka Where Evil Lies), Dreamless

Brennan, Allison (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Sudden Death, Fatal Secrets, Cutting Edge, The Prey, Killing Fear, Speak No Evil, Love Me to Death, Kiss Me Kill Me, If I Should Die, Silenced, Stalked, Stolen, Cold Snap, Notorious, Dead Heat, Crash and Burn (w/Laura Griffin), Hit and Run (w/Laura Griffin), Compulsion, Best Laid Plans, No Good Deed, Poisonous, The Lost Girls, Make Them Pay, Shattered, Breaking Point, Abandoned, Too Far Gone, Storm Warning, Nothing to Hide, See No Evil, Fear No Evil, The Third to Die, Cut and Run

Brett, Simon:
A Nice Class of Corpse; Mrs, Presumed Dead; Mrs. Pargeter's Package, Mrs. Pargeter's Pound of Flesh, Mrs. Pargeter's Plot, Mrs Pargeter's Point of Honour, The Body on the Beach, Death on the Downs, The Torso in the Town, Murder in the Museum, The Hanging in the Hotel, The Witness at the Wedding, The Stabbing in the Stables, Death Under the Dryer, Blood at the Bookies, The Poisoning in the Pub, Situation Tragedy, Murder Unprompted, Murder in the Title, Not Dead Only Resting, Bones Under The Beach Hut, The Shooting in the Shop, A Series of Murders: A Charles Paris Mystery (Radio Crimes: BBC Radio 4 Full-Cast Audio Dramatisation), Cast in Order of Disappearance: A Charles Paris Mystery (Radio Crimes: BBC Radio 4 Full-Cast Audio Dramatisation), Death Cap & Devil Take the Hindmost, Prodigal Son + Keepers of the Flame (BBC Radio Crimes), The Dead Side of the Mic (abr., BBC Radio production), , A Comedian Dies, The Corpse on the Court, Blotto Twinks and the Dead Dowager Duchess, Blotto Twinks and the Ex-King's Daughter, Blotto Twinks and the Rodents of the Riviera , Blotto Twinks and the Bootlegger's Moll, Guns in the Gallery, The Strangling on the Stage, A Decent Interval, So Much Blood, Star Trap, An Amateur Corpse, The Dead Side of the Mike, Dead Giveaway, What Bloody Man is That, A Series of Murders, Corporate Bodies, A Reconstructed Corpse, Sicken and So Die, Dead Room Farce, A Reconstructed Corpse (BBC Radio Crimes dramatisation), The Cinderella Killer, The Tomb in Turkey, Mrs Pargeter's Principle, The Killing in The Cafe, Blotto Twinks and the Stars of the Silver Screen, The Liar in the Library, Mrs. Pargeter’s Public Relations, The Killer in the Choir

Brewer, Steve:
Lonely Street, Baby Face

Bridge, Kathleen:
Better Homes and Corpses, Hearse and Gardens, Ghostal Living: Hamptons Home & Garden,  Death by the Sea, A Killing by the Sea

Bridgestock, R. C.
Deadly Focus, Consequences

Brightwell, Emily:
The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries, Mrs. Jeffries Dusts for Clues, The Ghost and Mrs. Jeffries, Mrs. Jeffries Takes Stock, Mrs. Jeffries on the Ball, Mrs. Jeffries on the Trail, Mrs. Jeffries Plays the Cook, Mrs. Jeffries and the Missing Alibi, Mrs. Jeffries Stands Corrected, Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Stage, Mrs. Jeffries Questions the Answer, Mrs. Jeffries Reveals Her Art, Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Cake, Mrs. Jeffries Rocks the Boat, Mrs. Jeffries Weeds the Plot, Mrs. Jeffries Pinches the Post, Mrs. Jeffries Sweeps the Chimney, Mrs. Jeffries Stalks the Hunter, Mrs. Jeffries and the Silent Knight, Mrs. Jeffries Appeals the Verdict, Mrs. Jeffries and the Feast of St. Stephen, Mrs. Jeffries and the Best Laid Plans, Mrs. Jeffries Holds the Trump, Mrs. Jeffries & the Mistletoe Mix-Up, Mrs. Jeffries in the Nick of Time, Mrs. Jeffries and the Yuletide Weddings, Mrs. Jeffries Speaks Her Mind, Mrs. Jeffries Forges Ahead

Britton, Andrew:
The American, The Assassin, The Chameleon Conspiracy, The Exile, The Operative

Brockmann, Suzanne (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Brodrick, William:
The Sixth Lamentation, The Gardens of the Dead, A Whispered Name, The Discourtesy of Death

Brody, Frances:
Dying in the Wool, A Medal for Murder, Murder in the Afternoon, Murder on a Summer's Day, Death of an Avid Reader, A Woman Unknown, Death of an Avid Reader, A Death in the Dales, Death at the Seaside, Death in the Stars, A Snapshot in Murder, A Snapshot of Murder, The Body on the Train

Brokaw, Charles:
The Atlantis Code, The Lucifer Code, The Temple Mount Code, The Oracle Code

Brook, Allison:
Death Overdue, Read and Gone, Buried in the Stacks

Brooke, Amanda:
Don’t Turn Around

Brookes, Adam:
Night Heron, Spy Games, The Spy's Daughter

Brookmyre, Chris:
Where the Bodies are Buried, When The Devil Drives

Brookner, Anita:

Browder, Bill:
Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder and One Man's Fight for Justice (non-fiction)

Brown, Dale:
Dreamland (w/Jim DeFelice), Nerve Center (w/Jim DeFelice), Razor's Edge (w/Jim DeFelice), Piranha (w/Jim DeFelice), Strike Zone (w/Jim DeFelice), Armageddon (w/Jim DeFelice), Tiger's Claw, Act of War, Starfire, Iron Wolf, Puppet Master, Price of Duty, Act of Revenge (w/Jim DeFelice), The Moscow Offensive, The Kremlin Strike

Brown, Dan:
The Lost Symbol, The DaVinci Code, Angels & Demons, Digital Fortress, Deception Point, Inferno, Origin

Brown, Duffy:
Lethal in Old Lace

Brown, Fredric:
The Far Cry, The Dead Ringer

Brown, Holly:
Don't Try to Find Me

Brown, Janelle:
Pretty Things

Brown, Jim:

Brown, Rita Mae:
Wish You Were Here, Rest in Pieces, Murder at Monticello (aka Or, Old Sins), Pay Dirt, Murder She Meowed, Murder on the Prowl, Cat on the Scent, Pawing Through the Past, Claws and Effect, Catch as Cat Can, The Tail of the Tip-Off, Whisker of Evil, Cat's Eyewitness, Sour Puss, Puss 'n Cahoots, The Purrfect Murder, Santa Clawed, Cat of the Century, Hiss of Death, The Big Cat Nap, A Nose for Justice, Sneaky Pie for President, Fox Tracks, The Litter of the Law, Nine Lives to Die, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Tail Gait, Tall Tail, A Hiss Before Dying, Crazy Like a Fox, Pay Dirt, Probable Claws, Homeward Hound, Outfoxed, Scarlet Fever

Brown, Sandra (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
The Witness, Tough Customer, Lethal, The Devil's Own, Words of Silk, Chill Factor, Ricochet, Smash Cut, Smoke Screen, The Crush, The Switch, Unspeakable (abr.), The Alibi, Honor Bound, Exclusive, Deadline, Low Pressure, Envy, Mean Streak, French Silk, Sting, Seeing Red, Friction, White Hot, Outfox

Brown, Virginia:
Dixie Divas, Drop Dead Divas, Dixie Diva Blues, Divas and Dead Rebels, Divas Do Tell

Brown, Rita Mae:
Wish You Were Here, Rest In Pieces, Murder at Monticello (aka Or, Old Sins), Pay Dirt or Adventures at Ash Lawn, Murder She Meowed, Murder on the Prowl, Cat on the Scent, Pawing Through the Past, Claws and Effect, Catch as Cat Can, The Tail of the Tip-Off, Whisker of Evil, Cat's Eyewitness, Sour Puss, Puss 'n Cahoots, The Purrfect Murder, Santa Clawed, Cat of the Century, Hiss of Death, The Big Cat Nap, Sneaky Pie for President

Browne, Robert Gregory:
Kiss Her Goodbye, Kill Her Again, Whisper in the Dark, The Innocent Ones, Negligence

Browne, Sheryl:
The Second Wife

Bruen, Ken:
The Guards, The Killing of the Tinkers, The Magdalen Martyrs, The Dramatist, Priest, Cross, Sanctuary, The Devil, Headstone, Purgatory, Green Hell, Bust (w/Jason Starr), The Ghosts of Galway, In the Galway Silence (novella), Galway Girl

Brul, Jack Du:
Deep Fire Rising, Havoc, Pandora's Curse, River of Ruin, Deep Fire Rising

Brundage, Elizabeth:
All Things Cease to Appear

Bruns, Catherine:
Tastes Like Murder, Baked to Death, Penne Dreadful

Bryan, K. T.
The Edge of Trust

Bryan, Mollie Cox:
Scrapbook of Secrets

Bryndza, Robert:
The Girl in the Ice, The Night Stalker, Dark Water, Deadly Secrets, Nine Elms

Bryon, Ellen:
Plantation Shudders

Buchan, John:
Thirty Nine Steps, The Path of the King, Greenmantle

Buchanan, Edna:
Contents Under Pressure; Miami, It's Murder; Suitable For Framing, Act Of Betrayal, Margin of Error, Garden of Evil, You Only Die Twice, The Ice Maiden, Love Kills, Pulse, Legally Dead, Cold Case Squad, Shadows

Buckley, Carla:
The Deepest Secret, The Good Goodbye, The Liar's Child

Buckley, Fiona:
To Shield the Queen, The Doublet Affair, Queen's Ransom, To Ruin a Queen, Queen of Ambition

Buckley, Julia:
A Dark and Stormy Murder, Death in Dark Blue, A Dark and Twisting Path, Death Waits in the Dark, Death in a Budapest Butterfly

Bude, John:
The Sussex Downs Murder, Death on the Riviera

Budewitz, Leslie:
Assault and Pepper, Guilty as Cinnamon, Killing Thyme, Death Al Dente, Crime Rib, Butter Off Dead, Treble at the Jam Fest, As the Christmas Cookie Crumbles, Chai Another Day

Bugliosi, Vincent:
Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders

Bunker, Edward:
No Beast So Fierce

Bunn, Davis:
The Patmos Deception

Burdett, John:
Bangkok 8, Bangkok Tattoo, Bangkok Haunts

Burdette, Lucy:
Death on the Menu, A Deadly Feast

Burke, Alafair:
Judgement Calls, Missing Justice, Close Case, Angel's Tip, Dead Connection, Never Tell, All Day and a Night, All Dressed in White (w/Mary Higgins Clark), The Ex, The Sleeping Beauty Killer (w/Mary Higgins Clark), Every Breath You Take (w/Mary Higgins Clark), The Wife, The Better Sister

Burke, James Lee:
Cimarron Rose, Heartwood, Bitterroot, In the Moon of Red Ponies, The Neon Rain, Heaven's Prisoners, Black Cherry Blues, Morning For Flamingo, A Stained White Radiance, In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead, Dixie City Jam, Burning Angel, Cadillac Jukebox, Sunset Limited, Purple Cane Road, Jolie Blon's Bounce, Last Car to Elysian Fields, Crusader's Cross, Pegasus Descending, The Tin Roof Blowdown, Swan Peak, Jesus Out to Sea, Rain Gods, The Lost Get Back Boogie, Lay Down My Sword and Shield, The Glass Rainbow, Creole Belle, The Convict and Other Stories, Light of the World, Two for Texas, Wayfaring Stranger, House of the Rising Sun, The Jealous Kind, Robicheaux, The New Iberia Blues

Burke, Jan:
Goodnight Irene, Sweet Dreams Irene, Dear Irene, Bones, Disturbance

Burley, John:
The Quiet Child

Burley, W.J.
Wycliffe and Death in a Salubrious Place, Wycliffe and the Pea-Green Boat

Burnet, Graeme MaCrae (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Burns, V. M.
The Plot Is Murder

Burrell, Teresa:
The Advocate, The Advocate's Betrayal, The Advocate's Conviction, The Advocate's Dilemma, The Advocate's ExParte, The Advocate's Felony

Burrows, Steve:
A Siege of Bitterns, A Pitying of Doves, A Cast of Falcons, A Shimmer of Hummingbirds, A Dance of Cranes

Burt, Alexandra:
The Good Daughter

Burton, Mary:
Before She Dies, You're Not Safe, The Seventh Victim, No Escape, Be Afraid, Vulnerable, The Shark, The Dollmaker, The Hangman, Hide and Seek, I See You

Burton, Tara Isabella:
Social Creature

Bush, Nancy:
Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide, Nowhere Safe, I'll Find You, The Killing Game, Jealousy

Bussi, Michel:
After the Crash

Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane:
A Most Curious Murder, She Stopped for Death, In Want of a Knife

Byrnes, Michael:

Buzzelli, Elzabeth Kane:
A Most Curious Murder

Byron, Ellen:
Plantation Shudders, Body on the Bayou, A Cajun Christmas Killing, Mardi Gras Murder

Cabot, Meg (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):

Cabot, Sam:
The Blood of the Lamb

Cahoon, Lynn:
Guidebook to Murder, Mission to Murder, If the Shoe Kills, Dressed to Kill, Killer Run, Murder on Wheels, Tea Cups and Carnage, A Story to Kill, Fatality by Firelight, Hospitality and Homicide, Killer Party, Of Murder and Men, Who Moved My Goat Cheese, Rockets' Dead Glare (novella), Killer Green Tomatoes, A Deadly Brew (novella), Santa Puppy (novella), Slay in Character, Corned Beef and Casualties, One Potato Two Potato Dead, Mother's Day Mayhem (novella), Sconed to Death, Memories and Murder, A Field Guide to Homicide, A Very Mummy Holiday (short), Deep Fried Revenge

Cain, Chelsea:
Heartsick, Sweetheart, Evil at Heart, The Night Season, Kill You Twice, Let Me Go, One Kick (aka Gone)

Cain, James M.
The Postman Always Rings Twice, The Cocktail Waitress

Caine, Rachel (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Stillhouse Lake, Killman Creek, Wolfhunter River, Bitter Falls

Cain, Tom:
The Accident Man, No Survivors, Carver, Assassin, Revenger

Calder, Eve:
And Then There Were Crumbs

Callaghan, Tom:
A Killing Winter, A Spring Betrayal, A Summer Revenge, A Summer Revenge

Caldwell, Christi:
In Bed with the Earl

Caldwell, Ian:
The Fifth Gospel

Caldwell, Laura:
Red Hot Lies, Red Blooded Murder, Red White and Dead, Claim of Innocence, Question of Trust, False Impressions

Callaway, Grace:
The Duke Who Knew Too Much

Callister, Alex:
Winter Dark

Cameron, Graeme:

Cameron, Kenneth:
Winter at Death's Hotel

Cameron, Marc:
National Security, Act of Terror, State of Emergency, Time of Attack, Day Zero, Brute Force, Field of Fire, Dead Drop (novella), Power and Empire, Tom Clancy’s Oath of Office, Tom Clancy’s Code of Honor, Active Measures

Cameron, W. Bruce:
The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man

Camilleri, Andrea:
The Shape of Water, The Snack Thief, The Voice of the Violin, Excursion to Tindari, The Smell of the Night, Rounding the Mark, The Patience of the Spider, The Paper Moon, August Heat, The Potter's Field, The Track of Sand, The Wings of the Sphinx, The Age of Doubt, The Dance of the Seagull, Hunting Season, Angelica's Smile, Game of Mirrors, A Beam of Light, Montalbano’s First Case and Other Stories, The Terracotta Dog, Blade of Light, A Voice in the Night, A Nest of Vipers, The Pyramid of Mud, The Brewer of Preston, Death at Sea, The Overnight Kidnapper, The Other End of the Line, The Safety Net

Campbell, Michele:
It's Always the Husband, She Was the Quiet One, A Stranger on the Beach

Campbell, Rick:
The Trident Deception, Empire Rising, Ice Station Nautilus

Candlish, Louise:
Our House, Those People

Cannell, Stephen J.
The Tin Collectors, The Viking Funeral, Hollywood Tough, Vertical Coffin, Cold Hit, White Sister, Three Shirt Deal, On The Grind, The Pallbearers, At First Sight, Runaway Heart, King Con (abr.), The Prostitutes' Ball, Vigilante

Capri, Diane:
Fatal Distraction, Fatal Enemy (short story), Due Justice, Don't Know Jack, Jack in a Box (short), Jack and Kill (short), Get Back Jack, Jack in the Green (novella), Wasted Justice, Blood Trails, Jack and Joe, Deep Cover Jack, Jack the Reaper

Carbo, Christine:
The Wild Inside, Mortal Fall, The Weight of Night, A Sharp Solitude

Carey, Anna (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Blackbird, Deadfall

Carey, Lisa:
The Stolen Child

Carey, M. R. (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Carline, Gayle:
Freezer Burn, Hit or Missus, The Hot Mess

Carlisle, Anna:
Dark Road Home, All the Secret Places

Carlisle, Kate:
Homicide in Hardcover, If Books Could Kill, The Lies That Bind, A Cookbook Conspiracy, One Book in the Grave, The Book Stops Here, Peril in Paperback, A High-End Finish, Ripped From the Pages, Books of a Feather, Crowned and Moldering, Once upon a Spine, Deck the Hallways, Eaves of Destruction, Buried in Books, A Wrench in the Works, The Book Supremacy

Carman, Patrick:
Dark Eden, Dark Eden: Eve of Destruction

Carmon, Haggai:
Triple Identity, The Red Syndrome, The Chameleon Conspiracy, Triangle of Deception, Defection Games

Carnoy, David:

Carofiglio, Gianrico:
A Fine Line

Carol, James:
Broken Dolls, Hush Little Baby, Watch Me

Carpenter, Elisabeth:
99 Red Balloons

Carpenter, Emily:
The Weight of Lies

Carr, Caleb (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Killing Time, The Angel of Darkness, The Alienist, The Italian Secretary, Devil Soldier (non-fiction), Surrender New York

Carr, Jack:
The Terminal List, True Believer

Carr, Lauren:
A Small Case of Murder

Carr, Matthew:
The Devils of Cardona

Carrell, Jennifer Lee:
Interred With Their Bones, Haunt Me Still

Carrington, Tori (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Carrisi, Donato:
The Whisperer, The Lost Girls of Rome

Carroll, James:
Warburg in Rome

Carroll, Jonathan:
Kissing the Beehive

Carter, Chris:
An Evil Mind, I Am Death, The Death Sculptor, The Executioner, The Night Stalker, One by One, The Caller, Gallery of the Dead, Hunting Evil

Carter, M. J.
The Strangler Vine, The Infidel Stain, The Devil's Feast

Carter, Ally (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Cartmel, Andrew:
The Vinyl Detective: Written in Dead Wax, The Run Out Groove, Victory Disc, Flip Back

Carver, Caroline:
Beneath the Snow, Black Tide

Casarett, David:
Murder at the House of Rooster Happiness, The Missing Guests of the Magic Grove Hotel

Case, Andrew:
The Big Fear, A Falling Knife

Case, John:
The First Horseman, Ghost Dancer

Casey, Donis:
The Old Buzzard Had It Coming, Hornswoggled, The Drop Edge of Yonder, The Sky Took Him, Crying Blood, Hell With the Lid Blown Off

Casey, Jane:
The Burning, The Reckoning, The Last Girl, The Stranger You Know, After the Fire, Let the Dead Speak

Casey, Kathryn:
Deliver Us: Three Decades of Murder and Redemption in the Infamous I-45/Texas Killing Fields

Cash, Dixie:
Since You're Leaving Anyway Take Out the Trash, My Heart May Be Broken But My Hair Still Looks Great, I Gave You My Heart But You Sold It Online, Don't Make Me Choose Between You and My Shoes, Curing the Blues with a New Pair of Shoes, Our Red Hot Romance Is Leaving Me Blue

Cash, Wiley:
This Dark Road to Mercy

Cass, Laurie:
Lending a Paw, Tailing a Tabby, Borrowed Crime, Pouncing on Murder, Cat With a Clue, Wrong Side of the Paw, Gone with the Whisker

Cassidy, Dakota (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Castillo, Linda:
Sworn to Silence, Pray for Silence, Breaking Silence, Gone Missing, Her Last Breath, The Dead Will Tell, A Hidden Secret (novella), After the Storm, Among the Wicked, Kate Burkholder: Three Novellas (Long Lost, A Hidden Secret, and Seeds of Deception), Down a Dark Road, A Gathering of Secrets, Overkill, Depth Perception, The Perfect Victim, Fade to Red, In Plain Sight (short), The Shadow Side

Castle, Richard:
Heat Wave, Naked Heat, Heat Rises, Frozen Heat, Storm Surge (3 Derrick Storm Shorts: Brewing Storm, Raging Storm and Bloody Storm), Storm Front, Raging Heat, Wild Storm, High Heat, Heat Storm, Crashing Heat

Cates, Bailey:
Brownies and Broomsticks, Bewitched Bothered and Biscotti, Charms and Chocolate Chips, Some Enchanted Eclair, Magic and Macaroons, Spells and Scones, Potions and Pastries, Cookies and Clairvoyance

Cattrell, Bailey:
Daisies For Innocence, Nightshade for Warning, Ghostal Living, Marigolds for Malice

Caudwell, Sarah:
Thus Was Adonis Murdered, The Shortest Way to Hades, The Sirens Sang of Murder, The Sibyl In Her Grave

Cavallaro, Brittany:
A Study in Charlotte, The Last of August

Cavanagh, Steve:
The Defense, The Plea

Cave, Holly:
The Memory Chamber

Ceder, Camilla:
Frozen Moment, Babylon

Chamberlain, Diane:
The Silent Sister, The Dream Daughter

Chambers, Kimberley:
The Trap, Payback, The Wronged, Tainted Love

Chan, Darcie (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Chance, Maia:
Snow White Red-Handed, Come Hell or Highball, Teetotaled, Cinderella Six Feet Under, Beauty Beast and Belladonna

Chandler, Raymond:
The Big Sleep, Farewell My Lovely, The Long Goodbye, The High Window, The Lady in the Lake, The Little Sister

Chaney, JoAnn:
What You Don't Know

Chang, Henry:
Death Money, Lucky

Chapman, Drew:
The Ascendant

Chapman, Julia:
Date with Death

Chapman, Vannetta:
Falling to Pieces, A Perfect Square, Murder Simply Brewed, Murder Tightly Knit, Murder Freshly Baked

Charbonneau, Joelle:

Charles, Ann:
Nearly Departed in Deadwood, Optical Delusions in Deadwood, Dead Case in Deadwood, Better Off Dead in Deadwood, Dance of the Winnebagos, An Ex to Grind in Deadwood, Look What the Wind Blew In, Meanwhile Back in Deadwood, Cold Flame (short), A Wild Fright in Deadwood, Seeing Trouble (Deadwood Mystery Short), Boot Points: Deadwood Mystery 3.5 (short), Tequila & Time: Deadwood Mystery 7.5 (short), Rattling the Heat in Deadwood, Gone Haunting in Deadwood, Don’t Let It Snow in Deadwood

Charlton, Karen:
The Heiress of Linn Hagh, The Sans Pareil Mystery, The Sculthorpe Murder, The Sculthorpe Murder

Charteris, Leslie:
Enter the Saint, The Saint Closes the Case, The Avenging Saint, Featuring the Saint, Alias the Saint, The Saint Meets His Match, The Saint versus Scotland Yard, The Saint's Getaway, The Saint and Mr. Teal, The Brighter Buccaneer, The Saint in London, The Saint Intervenes, The Saint Goes On, The Saint in New York, Saint Overboard, The Saint in Action, The Saint Bids Diamonds, The Saint Plays with Fire, Follow the Saint, The Happy Highwayman, The Saint in Miami, The Saint Goes West, The Saint Steps In, The Saint on Guard, The Saint Sees It Through, Call for the Saint, Saint Errant, The Saint in Europe, The Saint on the Spanish Main, The Saint Around the World, Thanks to the Saint, Senor Saint, The Saint to the Rescue, Trust the Saint, Vendetta for the Saint, The Saint on TV, The Saint Returns, The Saint and the Fiction Makers, The Saint Abroad, The Saint in Pursuit, The Saint and the People Importers, The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace, Send for the Saint, The Saint in Trouble, The Saint and the Templar Treasure, Salvage for the Saint, Count on the Saint, The Saint Goes Underground, The Saint is Heard, The Saint in the Sun

Chavez, Heather:
No Bad Deed

Chazin, Suzanne:
Land of Careful Shadows, A Blossom of Bright Light, No Witness but the Moon, A Place in the Wind

Checketts, Cami:
Dead Running

Chercover, Sean:
The Trinity Game

Chesterton, G.K.
The Invisible Man, The Wrong Shape, The Incredulity of Father Brown, The Blue Cross, The Three Tools of Death, The Queer Feet, The Arrows of Heaven, The Flying Stars, The Point of Pin, Stories From the Innocence of Father Brown, Orthodoxy (autobiography), The Secret Garden, The Innocence of Father Brown, The Wisdom of Father Brown, The Everlasting Man (non-fiction), The Secret of Father Brown, The Man Who Was Thursday, The Scandal of Father Brown, The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond, The Honour of Israel Gow

Chesterton, R. B. (see Haines, Carolyn below)

Chien, Vivien:
Death by Dumpling, Dim Sum of All Fears, Murder Lo Mein

Child, Lee:
61 Hours, Worth Dying For, Echo Burning, Without Fail, Persuader, The Visitor (aka Running Blind), One Shot, Nothing to Lose, Running Blind (aka The Visitor), The Enemy, Gone Tomorrow, Bad Luck and Trouble, Killing Floor, Die Trying, The Hard Way, The Affair,  A Wanted Man, Tripwire, Never Go Back, Three Jack Reacher Novella (includes Deep Down, Second Son, High Heat, and Jack Reacher's Rules), Personal, Make Me, Night School, No Middle Name: The Complete Collected Jack Reacher Stories, The Midnight Line, Cleaning the Gold (short w/Karin Slaughter), Blue Moon, The Hero (short)

Child, Lincoln (see Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln)

Childs, Laura:
Gilt Trip, Steeped in Evil, Gossamer Ghost, Devonshire Scream, Scones and Bones, Skeleton Letters, Postcards from the Dead, Parchment and Old Lace, Crepe Factor (w/Terrie Farley Moran), Pekoe Most Poison, Sweet Tea Revenge, Plum Tea Crazy, Glitter Bomb (w/Terry Farley Moran), Eggs on Ice, Broken Bone China, Eggs in Purgatory, Eggs Benedict Arnold, Bedeviled Eggs, Eggs in a Casket, Mumbo Gumbo Murder, Scorched Eggs, Egg Drop Dead, Lavender Blue Murder

Chirovici, E. O.
The Book of Mirrors

Chisholm, P. F.
A Season of Knives, A Plague of Angels, A Murder of Crows

Chow, Jennifer J.
Mimi Lee Gets a Clue

Christensen, Rachelle J.
Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things

Christie, Agatha:
A Murder is Announced, After the Funeral, Agatha Christie: An Autobiography, The Murder on the Links, The Body In The Library, At Bertram's Hotel, Black Coffee, Death Comes As The End, Destination Unknown, Five Little Pigs, Hunter's Lodge, Miss Marple's Final Cases, Mrs. McGinty's Dead, Poirot Investigates, Sing A Song of Sixpence, Spider's Web (w/Charles Osborne), Ten Little Indians, The Hound of Death and Other Stories, The Incredible Theft, The Mysterius Mr. Quin, The Sittaford Mystery, The Tuesday Club Murders, The Underdog, Third Girl, Three Act Tragedy, While The Light Lasts, Why Didn't They Ask Evans, Appointment with Death, Dead Man's Folly, Cat Among the Pigeons, Sparkling Cyanide, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Taken at the Flood, Cards on the Table, The Christmas Tragedy, Death on the Nile, Murder at the Vicarage, A Caribbean Mystery, Nemesis, The Mirror Cracked from Side to Side, The Secret of Chimneys, Lord Edgware Dies (aka Thirteen at Dinner), They Came to Baghdad, The Seven Dials Mystery, Elephants Can Remember, Three Blind Mice, Peril at End House, Dumb Witness, The Hollow, The Thirteen Problems, The ABC Murders, Death in the Clouds, The Moving Finger, They Do It With Mirrors (w/Rosemary Leach), Hercule Poirot's Christmas, A Pocket Full of Rye, Partners in Crime, N or M?, The Man in the Brown Suit, The Secret Adversary, The Under Dog and Other Stories, The Big Four, 4.50 From Paddington, Poirot's Early Cases, The Mystery of the Blue Train, The Listerdale Mystery and 11 Other Stories, The Labours of Hercules, And Then There Were None, The Tuesday Murder Club, Sleeping Murder, Murder is Easy, Problem at Pollensa Bay and 7 Other Mysteries, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Murder on the Orient Express, Three Act Tragedy, Murder in Mesopotamia, Murder in the Mews, Sad Cypress; One, Two, Buckle My Shoe;  Evil Under the Sun, Hickory Dickory Dock, The Clocks, Hallowe'en Party, Elephants Can Remember, The Unexpected Guest, Dead Man's Mirror, The Harlequin Tea Set and Other Stories, The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding and Other Stories, Crooked House & Endless Night (one volume), By the Pricking of My Thumbs & Postern of Fate (one volume), Towards Zero & Ordeal by Innocence (one volume)

Church, James:
A Corpse in the Koryo, Hidden Moon, Bamboo and Blood, The Man With The Baltic Stare, The Gentleman from Japan

Churchill, Jill:
It Had to Be You, Bell Book and Scandal, The Accidental Florist, A Midsummer's Night Scream

Clancy, Tom:
Clear and Present Danger, Debt of Honor, Executive Orders, The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Rainbow Six, Red Rabbit, The Bear and the Dragon, The Cardinal of the Kremlin, The Sum of All Fears, The Teeth of the Tiger, Without Remorse, Red Storm Rising, Dead or Alive, Against All Enemies, Locked On, Threat Vector, Net Force (abr.), Hidden Agendas (abr.), Night Moves (abr.), Breaking Point (abr.), Point of Impact (abr.), Cybernation (abr.), State of War (abr.), Changing of the Guard (abr.), Op-Center, Mirror Image, Games of State, Acts of War, Balance of Power, State of Siege, Divide and Conquer, Line of Control, Mission of Honor, Sea of Fire, Call to Treason, War of Eagles, Politika, Ruthless.Com, Shadow Watch, Bio-Strike, Cold War, Cutting Edge, Zero Hour, Wild Card, Command Authority (w/Mark Greaney)

Clare, Alys:
A Rustle of Silk

Clark, C. Hope:
Murder on Edisto

Clark, Carlyle:
The Black Song Inside

Clark, Carol Higgins:
Burned, Zapped, Cursed, Laced, Iced, Hitched, Deck the Halls (w/Mary Higgins Clark), He Sees You When You’re Sleeping (w/Mary Higgins Clark), The Christmas Thief (w/Mary Higgins Clark), Dashing Through the Snow (w/Mary Higgins Clark)

Clark, Marcia:
Guilt by Association, If I'm Dead: A Rachel Knight Story, Guilt by Degrees, The Competition, Blood Defense, Killer Ambition, Moral Defense, Snap Judgment, Final Judgment

Clark, Mary Higgins:
Stillwatch, Second Time Around, You Belong To Me, A Cry in the Night, A Stranger is Watching, All Around the Town, All Through the Night, Before I Say Goodbye, Daddy's Little Girl (abr.), Deck the Halls (w/Carol Higgins Clark), He Sees You When You’re Sleeping (w/Carol Higgins Clark), Let Me Call You Sweetheart; Loves Music, Loves to Dance; Mount Vernon Love Story, Nighttime is My Time, No Place Like Home, Silent Night, Two Little Girls in Blue, Weep No More My Lady, We'll Meet Again, The Christmas Thief (w/Carol Higgins Clark), Just Take My Heart, I Heard that Song Before, Where Are You Now, Where Are the Children, My Gal Sunday, Dashing Through the Snow (w/Carol Higgins Clark), Pretend You Don't See Her, On the Street Where You Live, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Night Time is My Time, I'll Walk Alone, The Lost Years, Daddy's Gone a Hunting, I've Got You Under My Skin, The Cinderella Murder, Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories, The Melody Lingers On, All Dressed in White (w/Alafair Burke), As Time Goes By, The Sleeping Beauty Killer (w/Alafair Burke), All by Myself Alone, Every Breath You Take (w/Alafair Burke), I've Got My Eyes on You, You Don't Own Me (w/Alafair Burke), Where Are the Children?, Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry

Clark, Mary Jane:
Dying for Mercy, Hide Yourself Away, It Only Takes A Moment, Dancing in the Dark, Do You Want to Know a Secret?, Do You Promise Not to Tell?, Lights Out Tonight, Nowhere to Run, To Have and to Kill, The Look of Love, Footprints in the Sand, Let Me Whisper in Your Ear, Close to You (sound a little "tinny"), Nobody Knows, It Only Takes a Moment, That Old Black Magic

Clarke, Angela:
Trust Me

Clarke, Richard A.
Sting of the Drone (temp)

Clark-Platts, Alice:
The Taken

Clarkson, John:
Among Thieves, Bronx Requiem

Clavell, James:
Shogun, Tai-Pan, Gai-Jin, King Rat, Noble House, Whirlwind

Cleave, Paul:
Trust No One, Collecting Cooper, The Killing Hour, Cemetery Lake, Joe Victim, Five Minutes Alone, A Killer Harvest

Cleeland, Anne:
Murder In Thrall, Murder in Retribution, Murder in Hindsight

Cleeves, Ann:
Raven Black, White Nights, Red Bones, Blue Lightning, Dead Water, Silent Voices, Sea Fever, Another Man's Poison, The Mill on the Shore, High Island Blues, The Glass Room, Harbour Street, Thin Air, Come Death and High Water, A Bird in the Hand, Murder in Paradise, A Prey to Murder, The Moth Catcher, Cold Earth, The Crow Trap, The Seagull, The Baby-Snatcher, Wild Fire, Too Good to Be True (novella), A Lesson in Dying, Murder in My Backyard, Telling Tales, Hidden Depths, The Long Call

Clemens, Judy:
Embrace the Grim Reaper, The Grim Reaper's Dance, Flowers for Her Grave, Different Paths, Dying Echo

Clements, Rory:
Martyr, Revenger, Prince, Traitor, The Heretics, The Queen's Man, Holy Spy, Hitler’s Secret

Cleveland, Karen:
Need to Know

Clevenger, Craig:
The Contortionist's Handbook

Cleverly, Barbara:
The Last Kashmiri Rose, Ragtime in Simla, The Damascened Blade, The Palace Tiger, The Bee's Kiss, Tug of War, Folly du Jour, The Tomb of Zeus, Tug of War, Not My Blood, A Spider in the Cup, Enter Pale Death, Diana's Altar, Fall of Angels, Invitation to Die

Cline, Emma:
The Girls

Clinton, Bill:
The President Is Missing (w/James Patterson)

Clynes, Michael (see Doherty, Paul below)

Cobb, May:
Big Woods

Coben, Harlan:
Promise Me, Long Lost, The Innocent, Gone or Good, The Woods, Hold Tight, No Second Chance, Tell No One, Deal Breaker, Drop Shot, Fade Away, Back Spin, One False Move, The Final Detail, Deal Breaker, Live Wire, Miracle Cure, Shelter, Stay Close, Seconds Away, Six Years, Just One Look, Missing You, Found, The Stranger, Fool Me Once, Home, Don't Let Go, Run Away, The Boy from the Woods

Coble, Colleen (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Cochran, Peg:
Berried Secrets, Berry the Hatchet, Dead and Berried: Cranberry Cove Mysteries Series, Book 3

Cockram, Jane:
The House of Brides

Coel, Margaret
Eye of the Wolf, Killing Raven, The Eagle Catcher, The Dream Stalker, The Drowning Man, The Ghost Walker, The Girl With Braided Hair, The Lost Bird, The Shadow Dancer, The Spirit Woman, The Story Teller, The Thunder Keeper, Wife of Moon, Blood Memory, The Spider's Web

Coes, Ben:
Power Down, Coup d'Etat, The Last Refuge, Eye for an Eye, Independence Day, First Strike, Trap the Devil, Bloody Sunday, The Russian

Cohen, Tammy:
They All Fall Down

Cole, Bobby:
The Rented Mule, Moon Underfoot, Old Money, The Dummy Line, Ragdoll, Silent Approach

Cole, Daniel:
Ragdoll, Hangman, Endgame

Cole, Martina:
Dangerous Lady, The Ladykiller, The Jump, The Runaway, Faceless, Maura's Game, The Know, The Take, Close, Faces, The Business, The Life, Goodnight Lady, Broken, The Family, Betrayal, Damaged, No Mercy

Coleman, Ashley & JaQuavis:
Murderville, Tale of the Murda Mamas, The Last Chapter

Coleman, Reed Farrel:
Walking the Perfect Square, Redemption Street, The James Deans, Soul Patch, Empty Ever After, Innocent Monster, The Hollow Girl, Hurt Machine, Onion Street, Gun Church, Robert B. Parker's Blind Spot, Robert B. Parker's The Devil Wins, Where It Hurts, Robert B. Parker's Debt to Pay, What You Break, Robert B. Parker's The Hangman's Sonnet, Robert B. Parker's Colorblind, Robert B. Parker's The Bitterest Pill

Colgan, Stevyn:
A Murder to Die For

Christie, William:
A Single Spy

Colby, Ronald:
Night Driver

Cole, Stephanie:
Al Dente's Inferno

Colfer, Eoin (see also Scifi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Plugged, Screwed

Collins, Brandilyn (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Exposure, Deceit, Dark Pursuit, Brink of Death, Stain of Guilt, Dead of Night, Web of Lies, Violet Dawn, Crimson Eve, Eyes of Elisha, Coral Moon, Dread Champion, Double Blind, Amber Morn, Sidetracked

Collins, Kate:
Mum's the Word, Slay It with Flowers, Dearly Depotted

Collins, Larry:
The Road to Armageddon

Collins, Max Allan:
The Titanic Murders, The Pearl Harbor Murders, True Detective, True Crime, The Million-Dollar Wound, Neon Mirage, Angel in Black, Magic Man, Chicago Lightning: The Collected Nathan Heller Short Stories, Daylight, Road to Purgatory, Road to Paradise, Stolen Away; Lady, Go Die! (w/Mickey Spillane), Encore for Murder (w/Mickey Spillane), Flying Blind, Damned in Paradise, Majic Man, Blood and Thunder, Triple Play, Target Lancer, The London Blitz Murders, Chicago Confidential, Carnal Hours, The Goliath Bone (w/Mickey Spillane), Bye Bye Baby, Midnight Haul, The War of the Worlds Murder, The Lusitania Murders, The Hindenburg Murders, Ask Not, The Big Bang (w/Mickey Spillane), What Doesn't Kill Her, Supreme Justice, Quarry's Choice, The First Quarry, Quarrys List, Complex 90 (w/Mickey Spillane), Better Dead, Quarry in the Black, Killing Town, Killing Quarry, Girl Most Likely, Girl Can't Help It, Do No Harm

Collins, Megan:
The Winter Sister

Collins, Paul:
Duel with the Devil: The True Story of How Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr Teamed Up to Take on America's First Sensational Murder Mystery

Collins, Wilkie:
The Moonstone (Naxos full cast), The Woman in White (Josephine Bailey, Simon Prebble)

Connell, John A.
Ruins of War

Connelly, Michael:
The Black Echo, The Black Ice, The Concrete Blonde, The Lasy Coyote, Trunk Music, Angels Flight, A Darkness More than Night, City of Bones, Lost Light, The Narrows, The Closers, Echo Park, The Overlook, The Brass Verdict, Nine Dragons, The Reversal, The Drop, The Black Box, The Burning Room, The Crossing, The Wrong Side of Goodbye, The Poet, Blood Work, Scarecrow, The Blue Religion (edited by Connelly), The Lincoln Lawyer, Chasing the Dime, The Scarecrow, Void Moon, The Fifth Witness, Angle of Investigation, Suicide Run, The Drop, Murder in Vegas, The Safe Man (short), Switchblade (short), The Late Show, Two Kinds of Truth, Dark Sacred Night, The Night Fire

Connolly, John (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Connolly, Maureen Joyce:
Little Lovely Things

Connolly, Sheila:
Buried In a Bog, Scandal in Skibbereen, Fundraising the Dead, Let's Play Dead, Fire Engine Dead, An Early Wake, One Bad Apple, Rotten to the Core, Red Delicious Death, A Killer Crop, Bitter Harvest, Sour Apples, A Turn for the Bad, Monument to the Dead, Picked to Die, Razing the Dead, A Gala Event, Golden Malicious, Seeds of Deception, Relatively Dead, Seeing the Dead, Defending the Dead, Watch for the Dead, Cruel Winter, Search for the Dead, A Late Frost, Privy to the Dead, Many a Twist, Dead End Street, Murder at the Mansion, Revealing the Dead, Nipped in the Bud, The Lost Traveller, Killer in the Carriage House, Digging Up History, Fatal Roots

Conrad, Barnaby:
Last Boat to Cadiz

Conrad, Joseph:
The Secret Agent

Constantine, Liv:
The Last Mrs. Parrish

Conte, Cate:
Cat About Town, Purrder She Wrote, The Tell Tail Heart

Cook, Eileen:
With Malice

Cook, Robin:
Foreign Body, Intervention, Cell, Shock, Host, Blindsight, Charlatans, Pandemic, Genesis

Cook, Thomas H.
Sandrine's Case, Sacrificial Ground, Breakheart Hill, Mortal Memory, Streets of Fire, The City When It Rains

Cookman, Lesley:
Murder in Steeple Martin, Murder at the Laurels, Murder in Midwinter, Murder by the Sea, Murder in Bloom, Murder in the Green, Murder to Music, Murder Imperfect, Murder in the Monastery, Murder in the Dark, Murder in a Different Place, Murder on the Run

Cooley, M. P.
Ice Shear

Coonts, Deborah (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Coonts, Stephen (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Deep Black, Deep Black: Biowar, Deep Black: Dark Zone, Deep Black: Jihad, Deep Black: Artic Gold, Payback, Conspiracy, The Traitor, Liars and Thieves, The Assassin, The Intruders, Flight of the Intruder, Cuba, America, Hong Kong, Under Siege, Saucer, Saucer: The Conquest, Fortunes of War, Liberty, The Sea Witch: Three Novellas, The Disciple, Pirate Alley, Final Flight, The Minotaur, The Art of War, Liberty's Last Stand, The Armageddon File

Cooper, Glen:
Library of the Dead, Book of Souls, The Keepers of the Library, Near Death

Cooper, Marla:
Terror in Taffeta, Dying on the Vine

Cooper, Susan Rogers:
Shotgun Wedding

Cooper, Tom:
The Marauders

Copperman, E. J.
Night of the Living Deed, An Uninvited Ghost, The Question of the Missing Head, Old Haunts, A Wild Ghost Chase (novella), Chance of a Ghost, An Open Spook (novella), The Thrill of the Haunt, Inspector Spectre, Ghost in the Wind, Written Off, The Question of the Felonious Friend, Edited Out, Dog Dish of Doom

Copperthwaite, Barbara:
The Perfect Friend

Corbett, David:
The Mercy of the Night, Blood of Paradise

Corbett, Ron:
Ragged Lake, Cape Diamond

Corby, Gary:
The Ionia Sanction, Death Ex Machina

Corleone, Douglas:
Robert Ludlum's The Janson Equation

Cornwell, Patricia:
Postmortem, Body of Evidence, All That Remains, Cruel and Unusual, The Body Farm, From Potters Field, Cause of Death, Unnatural Exposure, Point of Origin, Black Notice, The Last Precinct, Blow Fly, Trace, Predator, Book of the Dead, Scarpetta, The Scarpetta Factor, At Risk, The Front, Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper - Case Closed (non-fiction), Port Mortuary, Red Mist, The Bone Bed, Dust, Isle of Dogs, Flesh and Blood, Southern Cross, Depraved Heart, Chaos, Ripper: The Secret Life of Walter Sickert (non-fiction), Cause of Death, Quantum

Corris, Peter:
Aftershock, Wet Graves, Beware of the Dog, Burn and Other Stories, Matrimonial Causes, Casino, Forget Me If You Can, The Black Prince, The Other Side of Sorrow, Lugarno, Salt and Blood, Saving Billy, The Reward, The Reward, The Washington Club, The Reward, Appeal Denied, Deep Water, Open File, Torn Apart, The Dunbar Case, Follow the Money, Comeback, Silent Kill, That Empty Feeling, Win Lose or Draw

Corry, Jane:
My Husband's Wife, Blood Sisters, The Dead Ex

Costantini, Roberto:
The Deliverance of Evil, The Root of All Evil

Cotterill, Colin:
Killed at the Whim of a Hat, Grandad There's a Head on the Beach, The Coroner's Lunch, Thirty-Three Teeth, Disco for the Departed, Anarchy and Old Dogs, Curse of the Pogo Stick, The Merry Misogynist, Love Songs from a Shallow Grave, Slash and Burn, The Woman Who Wouldn't Die, The Axe Factor, Six and a Half Deadly Sins, I Shot the Buddha, The Rat Catchers' Olympics, Don't Eat Me, The Second Biggest Nothing

Coughlin, Jack:
Kill Zone, Dead Shot, Clean Kill, An Act of Treason, Running the Maze, Time to Kill, On Scope, Long Shot, In the Crosshairs

Coulter, Catherine (see also the Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
The Offer, The Countess, The Nightingale Legacy, The Heir, Wizard's Daughter, The Cove, The Maze, The Target, The Edge, Riptide, Hemlock Bay, Eleventh Hour, Blind Side, Blowout, Point Blank, Double Take, Tailspin, Knock Out, Whiplash, Split Second, Backfire, Bombshell, The Final Cut, Power Play, Nemesis, The End Game, Insidious, The Devil's Triangle (w/J.T. Ellison), Enigma, The Sixth Day, Paradox, The Last Second (w/J. T. Ellison), Labyrinth

Cox, Helen:
Murder by the Minster

Coyle, Cleo:
On What Grounds, Through the Grinder, Latte Trouble, Murder Most Frothy, Decaffeinated Corpse, French Pressed, Murder by Mocha, Holiday Grind, Roast Mortem, Expresso Shot, A Brew to a Kill, Billionaire Blend, Holiday Buzz, Once upon a Grind, Dead to the Last Drop, Dead Cold Brew, The Ghost and the Bogus Bookseller, The Ghost and Mrs. McClure, The Ghost and the Dead Deb, The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion, Brewed Awakening

Coyle, Matt:
Night Tremors

Craig, James:
London Calling, Never Apologise Never Explain, Buckingham Palace Blues, The Circus, Then We Die, Shoot to Kill

Craig, Peter:
Blood Father

Crais, Robert:
Lullaby Town, The Watchman, The Forgotten Man, The Last Detective, Indigo Slam, Sunset Express, Voodoo River, Stalking the Angel, Free Fall, Chasing Darkness, The Monkey's Raincoat, L.A. Requiem, The First Rule, Demolition Angel, Hostage, The Two Minute Rule, The Sentry, Taken, The Wanted, A Dangerous Man, Suspect, The Promise

Crane, Cheryl:
The Bad Always Die Twice, Imitation of Death

Crawford, Isis:
A Catered Mother's Day, A Catered Tea Party

Crawford, Susan:
The Pocket Wife, The Other Widow

Crichton, Michael (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
The Great Train Robbery, State of Fear, Disclosure, Airframe, A Case of Need, Pirate Latitudes, Micro (w/Richard Preston), Rising Sun, Grave Descend

Crispin, Edmund:
The Case of the Gilded Fly, Holy Disorders, The Moving Toyshop, Swan Song (aka Dead and Dumb), Love Lies Bleeding, Buried for Pleasure, Frequent Hearses, Glimpses of the Moon, Fen Country (Short Stories), Beware of the Trains: And Other Stories

Cristofano, David:
The Exceptions, The Girl She Used to Be

Croft, Adam:
Only the Truth

Croft, Kathryn:
The Girl You Lost

Crofts, Freeman Wills:
The Hog's Back Mystery, Antidote to Venom, The Ponson Case, The Sea Mystery, Mystery in the Channel

Crombie, Deborah:
A Share In Death, All Shall Be Well, Leave the Grave Green, Mourn Not Your Dead, Dreaming of the Bones, Kissed a Sad Goodbye, A Finer End, And Justice There is None, Now May You Weep, In a Dark House, Water like a Stone, Where Memories Lie, Necessary as Blood, No Mark Upon Her, The Sound of Broken Glass, To Dwell in Darkness, Garden of Lamentations, In a Dark House, A Bitter Feast

Crosby, Ellen:
Ghost Image, The Merlot Murders, The Chardonnay Charade, The Bordeaux Betrayal, The Riesling Retribution,  The Viognier Vendetta, The Champagne Conspiracy, The Vineyard Victims,
Harvest of Secrets

Crosby, Tanya Anne (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Cross, Mason:
The Killing Season, The Samaritan, Winterlong, Don't Look for Me, What She Saw Last Night

Cross, Neil:
Luther: The Calling

Crouch, Blake (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Crouch, Julia:
Her Husband's Lover

Culver, Chris:
By Any Means

Cumming, Charles:
The Trinity Six, Typhoon, The Spanish Game, A Spy by Nature, The Hidden Man, A Colder War, A Divided Spy, The Man Between, The Moroccan Girl

Cummins, Fiona:
Rattle, The Neighbour

Cunningham, Chet:
Hijacking Manhattan, Nuke Down, Tokyo Purple

Currie, Evan (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audio Book by Author list)

Cussler, Clive:
Dirk Pitt series v.1-25, NUMA Files series v. 1-16, Oregon Files v. 1-14, Isaac Bells series v. 1-11, Fargo series v. 1-11 (Yes, I have ALL the audiobooks in these series)

Cutler, Judith:
Power on Her Own, Staying Power, Power Games, Will Power, Hidden Power, Power Shift, Scar Tissue, Dying Fall, Dying to Write (some background hum/hiss but narration is clear), Dying On Principle (some background hum/hiss but narration is clear), Dying for Millions (some background hum/hiss but narration is clear), Dying for Power, Dying to Score (some background hum/hiss but narration is clear), Dying By Degrees (some background hum/hiss but narration os clear), The Food Detective, The Chinese Takeout, Guilty Pleasures, Guilt Edged, Life Sentence, Cold Pursuit, Still Waters, Burying the Past, Double Fault, Death in Elysium, Cheating the Hangman, Head Start, Head Count

Daheim, Mary:
Suture Self, Vi Agra Falls, The Wurst is Yet to Come, The Alpine Yeoman, Clam Wake, The Alpine Zen, Here Comes the Bribe, Gone with the Win, Alpha Alpine, A Case of Bier, Bitter Alpine

Dahl, Alex:
The Boy at the Door, The Heart Keeper

Dahl, Arne:
The Blinded Man (aka Misterioso), Bad Blood, Hunted, Watching You

Dahl, Julia:
Invisible City, Run You Down, Conviction

Dain, Catherine:
Dead Man's Hand

Daley, Kathi:
Pumpkins in Paradise, Snowmen in Paradise, Bikinis in Paradise, Christmas in Paradise, Puppies in Paradise, Fireworks in Paradise, Halloween in Paradise, Beaches in Paradise

Dalrymple, Matty:
The Sense of Death

Daly, Paula:
The Trophy Child

Daniel, Ray:
Terminated, Corrupted Memory, Child Not Found

Daniels, Robert:
Once Shadows Fall, Wake the Devil

Dash, Mike:
The First Family: Terror, Extortion, Revenge, Murder and The Birth of the American Mafia (non-fiction)

Dashofy, Annette:
Circle of Influence, Lost Legacy, Bridges Burned, With a Vengeance

Daniels, B. J. (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Daugherty, Christi:
The Echo Killing, A Beautiful Corpse, Revolver Road

Davidson, Diane Mott:
Catering to Nobody, Dying for Chocolate, The Cereal Murders, The Last Suppers, Killer Pancake, The Main Corpse, The Grilling Season, Prime Cut, Tough Cookie, Sticks and Scones, Chopping Spree, Double Shot, Dark Tort, Sweet Revenge, Fatally Flakey, Crunch Time, The Whole Enchilada, Dying For Chocolate

Davidson, Hilary:
The Next One to Fall, Evil in All its Disguises, The Damage Done

Davidson, Lionel:
Kolymsky Heights

Davidson, MaryJanice (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Davies, Michelle:
Gone Astray, Dead Guilty

Davis, Aric:
A Good and Useful Hurt, Rough Men, Breaking Point, Nickel Plated, The Fort, Tunnel Vision

Davis, Fiona:
The Masterpiece

Davis, John J.
Blood Line

Davis, Krista:
The Diva Runs Out of Thyme, The Diva Takes the Cake, The Diva Paints the Town, The Diva Cooks a Goose, The Diva Haunts the House, Murder She Barked, The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer, Murder Most Howl, The Diva Digs up the Dirt, The Diva Frosts a Cupcake, The Diva Wraps It Up, The Diva Steals a Chocolate Kiss, The Diva Serves High Tea, Mission Impawsible, Not a Creature Was Purring, Color Me Murder, The Diva Cooks Up a Storm, The Diva Sweetens the Pie, The Dog Who Knew Too Much

Davis, Kyra (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Just One Night, Lust Loathing and a Little Lip Gloss, Obsession Deceit and Really Dark Chocolate, Passion Betrayal and Killer Highlights, Sex Murder and a Double Latte, Vanity Vengeance and a Weekend in Vegas, Vows Vendettas and a Little Black Dress

Davis, Lindsey:
The Silver Pigs, Shadows in Bronze, Venus in Copper, The Iron Hand of Mars, Poseidon's Gold, Alexandria, See Delphi and Die, Saturnalia, The Accusers, The Jupiter Myth, Body in the Bathhouse, Ode to a Banker, The Course of Honour, Saturnalia, One Virgin Too Many, Time to Depart, The Ides of April, Enemies at Home, Deadly Election, A Dying Light in Corduba, The Graveyard of the Hesperides, Two for the Lions, The Accusers, Scandal Takes a Holiday, The Third Nero, Pandora's Boy, A Capitol Death, A Capitol Death

Dawson, Delilah S. (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Dawson, Mark:
The Angel, The Hong Kong Stories: A Beatrix Rose Thriller, The Asset, The Agent, The Asset: Act II, Phoenix (short), 1,000 Yard (John Milton short), Tarantula (John Milton short), The Cleaner, Saint Death, The Driver, Ghosts, The Sword of God, Salvation Row, Headhunters, The Ninth Step, The Jungle, Blackout, The Alamo, Redeemer, Little Sister (novella), Sleepers, Twelve Days

Day, Maddie:
Flipped for Murder, Grilled For Murder, When the Grits Hit the Fan, Biscuits and Slashed Browns, Death over Easy, Murder on Cape Cod

Dazieri Sandrone:
Kill the Father, Kill the Angel

De Castrique, Mark:
The Fitzgerald Ruse, The 13th Target, Blackman's Coffin, A Conspiracy of Genes, The Sandburg Connection, Fatal Undertaking, Final Undertaking, Death on A Southern Breeze

De Feo, Ronald:
Calling Mr. King

de Giovanni, Maurizio:
I Will Have Vengeance, Blood Curse, Everyone In Their Place

de Hahn, Tracee:
Swiss Vendetta

de Jonge, Peter:
Shadows Still Remain

de la Cruz, Melissa (see also Scifi/Fantasy/Horror & Romance Audiobooks by Author lists):
The Birthday Girl

de la Motte, Anders:
MemoRandom, Ultimatum, The Silenced

de Muriel, Oscar:
The Strings of Murder, A Fever of the Blood, A Mask of Shadows

De Shalit, Jonathan:
Traitor, A Spy in Exile

de Villiers, Gerard:
The Madmen of Benghazi, Chaos in Kabul

Dearman, Lara:
The Devil’s Claw, Dark Sky Island

Deaver, Jeffery:
Shallow Graves, The Bone Collector, Bloody River Blues, The Devil's Teardrop: A Novel of the Last Night of the Century, The Blue Nowhere, Garden of Beasts,  The Cold Moon, The Coffin Dancer, The Vanished Man,  Roadside Crosses, Nocturne And Other Unabridged Twisted Stories, Twisted, More Twisted Vol.2, Hard News, Broken Window, The 12th Card, The Burning Wire, The Bodies Left Behind, Garden of Beasts, The Sleeping Doll, The Empty Chair, The Chopin Manuscript, XO, The Kill Room, An Acceptable Sacrifice (short), The October List, Trouble in Mind: The Collected Stories Volume 03, The Skin Collector, The Starling Project: An Audible Drama, Solitude Creek, The Twelfth Card, The Stone Monkey, The Steel Kiss, Where the Evidence Lies (short), A Textbook Case (short/novella), Speaking in Tongues, The Burial Hour, Mistress of Justice, Manhattan Is My Beat, Death of a Blue Movie Star, Surprise Ending, The Cutting Edge, The Victims' Club (short), Ninth and Nowhere (short), The Never Game, The Debriefing (short), The Second Hostage (short), Deaver Hell's Kitchen

DeBoard, Paula Treick:
The Drowning Girls

Deering, Julianna:
Rules of Murder

DeFelice, Jim:
The Helios Conspiracy

Deighton, Len:
The Ipcress File, Funeral in Berlin, Billion Dollar Brain, Spy Story; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Spy; Berlin Game, Mexico Set, London Match, Spy Hook, Spy Line, Spy Sinker, Faith, Hope, Charity, Bomber, Yesterday's Spy, SS-GB: Nazi-Occupied Britain 1941, City of Gold, Violent Ward, Declarations of War (non-fiction)

Delaney, J. P.
The Girl Before, The Perfect Wife

Delaney, Luke:
Cold Killing, The Keeper, The Toy Taker, The Jackdaw, A Killing Mind

Delany, Vicki:
Burden of Memory, Negative Image, Among the Departed, In the Shadow of the Glacier, Valley of the Lost, Winter of Secrets, More Than Sorrow, A Cold White Sun, Under Cold Stone, Elementary She Read, Body on Baker Street, The Cat of the Baskervilles, A Scandal in Scarlet, There's a Murder Afoot

DeLargy, James:

DeLeon, Jana:
The Helena Diaries (temp), Trouble in Mudbug (temp), Mischief in Mudbug (temp), Showdown in Mudbug (temp), Resurrection in Mudbug (temp), Missing in Mudbug (temp), Chaos in Mudbug (temp), Rumble on the Bayou (temp)

Demille, Nelson:
Spencerville, The General's Daughter, The Talbot Odyssey, Mayday, Up Country, Gold Coast, Word of Honour, The Gate House, Night Fall, By the Rivers of Babylon, Wild Fire, By The Rivers of Babylon, The Charm School, Cathedral, The Lion, The Quest, The Book Case (short), Radiant Angel, The Cuban Affair, Plum Island, The Lion's Game, Wild Fire, The Deserter

Denfeld, Rene:
The Child Finder

Denning, G. S.
Warlock Holmes:  A Study in Brimstone, The Hell-Hound of the Baskervilles, My Grave Ritual, The Sign of Nine

Dennis, Mike:
Setup On Front Street

Dennison, Hannah:
Murder at Honeychurch Hall, Deadly Desires at Honeychurch Hall, A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall, Murderous Mayhem at Honeychurch Hall

Depp, Daniel:
Loser's Town

DeSilva, Bruce:
Rogue Island, Cliff Walk, Providence Rag

Deutermann, P. T.
The Edge of Honor, Official Privilege, Sweepers, Zero Option, Train Man, Hunting Season, Darkside, The Firefly, The Cat Dancers, Spider Mountain, The Moonpool, Nightwalkers, Scorpion in the Sea (okay quality), Pacific Glory, Ghosts of Bungo Suido, Cold Frame, The Commodore, Sentinels of Fire, Red Swan, The Iceman

Deveraux, Jude (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Dexter, Colin:
Last Bus to Woodstock, Last Seen Wearing, The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn, Service of All the Dead, The Dead of Jericho, The Riddle of the Third Mile, The Secret of Annexe, The Wench is Dead, The Jewel That Was Ours, The Way Through the Woods, The Daughters of Cain, Death is Now My Neighbour, The Remorseful Day, Morse's Greatest Mystery and Other Stories

Diamond, Katerina:
Truth or Die

Dicker, Joel:
The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair

Dickey, Eric Jerome (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
Sleeping With Strangers, Waking With Enemies, Dying for Revenge, Resurrecting Midnight, A Wanted Woman

Diehl, William:
Chameleon, Thai Horse, Primal Fear, Show of Evil, Reign in Hell, Eureka

Dietrich, William:
Napoleon's Pyramid, The Rosetta Key, Blood of the Reich, The Barbary Pirates, The Emerald Storm, The Barbed Crown, The Three Emperors

Dilts, Tyler:
A Cold and Broken Hallelujah

Dimberg, Kelsey Rae:
Girl in the Rearview Mirror

Dimon, HelenKay (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Dionne, Karen:
The Marsh King's Daughter

Disher, Garry:
The Dragon Man, Kittyhawk Down, Snapshot, Chain of Evidence, Blood Moon, Hell to Pay, Signal Loss

Diskin, E.C.
The Green Line, Broken Grace

Dixon, Franklin W.
Tower Treasure

Dixon, John:
Phoenix Island

Dobbs, Leighann:
Ghostly Paws, A Spirited Tail, A Mew to Kill, Paws and Effect, Probable Paws, An Invitation to Murder, The Baffling Burglaries of Bath, Murder at the Ice Ball (w/Harmony Williams), No Scone Unturned, Shear Magic, A Murderous Affair

Dobson, Joanne:
Death without Tenure

Dobyns, Stephen:
The Church of Dead Girls

Dodd, Christina (see Romance Audiobooks by Author lost)

Doering, Marjorie:
Dear Crossing

Doherty, Paul:
The White Rose Murders, Grail Murders, Spy in Chancery, The Angel of Death, The Midnight Man, Bloodstone, The Straw Men, The Waxman Murders, A Brood of Vipers, The Great Revolt, Death's Dark Valley

Doiron, Paul:
The Poacher's Son, Tresspasser, Bad Little Falls, Massacre Pond, The Bone Orchard, Widowmaker, The Precipice, Knife Creek, The Precipice, Widowmaker, Stay Hidden, Almost Midnight

Dolan, Eva:
This Is How It Ends

Dolan, Harry:
The Good Killer

Donache, David (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Donlay, Philip:
Pegasus Down

Donlea, Charlie:
The Girl Who Was Taken, Don't Believe It, Some Choose Darkness

Donnelly, Jennifer:
These Shallow Graves

Donoghue, Clare:
Never Look Back, No Place to Die, Trust No One, The Night Stalker

Dorsey, C. Michele:
No Virgin Island

Dorsey, Tim:
Atomic Lobster, Torpedo Juice, Nuclear Jellyfish, Hurricane Punch, Cadillac Beach, The Big Bamboo, Pineapple Grenade, When Elves Attack, The Riptide Ultra-Glide, Tiger Shrimp Tango, Shark Skin Suite, Coconut Cowboy, Clownfish Blues, The Pope of Palm Beach

Doss, James D.
The Shaman's Bones, The Night Visitor, White Shell Woman

Doughty, Louise:
Apple Tree Yard

Douglas, Carole Nelson:
Cat in an Indigo Mood, Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit, Cat in a White Tie and Tails, Good Night Mr. Holmes, Irene at Large, Irene's Last Waltz, Cat in a Yellow Spotlight, Cat On a Hyacinth Hunt (novella), Cat in an Alien X-Ray, Cat in a Zebra Zoot Suit, Cat in an Alphabet Endgame

Douglas, Claire:
Last Seen Alive

Douglas-Home, Mark:
The Sea Detective, The Woman Who Walked Into The Sea, The Malice of Waves

Downie, Ruth:
Medicus, Terra Incognita, Persona Non Grata, Tabula Rasa, Vita Brevis

Downing, David:
Jack of Spies, One Man's Flag, Lenin's Roller Coaster, The Dark Clouds Shining, Diary of a Dead Man on Leave

Downing, Samantha:
My Lovely Wife

Doyle, Arthur Conan:
A Study in Scarlet, His Last Bow, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Casebook of Sherlock Homes, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of Four, The Valley of Fear, Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (written by Bert Coules, inspired by original stories by Doyle), Tales of Terror, Tales of Mystery, The Land of Mist, The Complete Sherlock Holmes: The Heirloom Collection (counts as two), The Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes (counts as two)

Drake, Rebecca:
Only Ever You, Just Between Us

Draker, Paul:
New Year Island

Dreiser, Theodore:
An American Tragedy

Dressler, M. (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Drinkwater, Carol:
The House on the Edge of the Cliff

Driscoll, Sara:
Lone Wolf, Before It's Too Late, Storm Rising

Driscoll, Teresa:
The Promise

Du Brul, Jack:
Vulcan's Forge, Charon's Landing, The Medusa Stone, Pandora's Curse, River of Ruin, The Lightning Stones

du Maurier, Daphne:
The Scapegoat

Duffy, Brendan:
House of Echoes, The Storm King

Dugoni, Robert:
Murder One, My Sister's Grave, The Conviction, Her Final Breath, In the Clearing, The 7th Canon, The Trapped Girl, Close to Home, A Steep Price, The Eighth Sister

Duncan, Alice:
Strong Spirits, Fine Spirits

Duncan, Elizabeth J.
Murder on the Hour, Untimely Death, Ill Met by Murder, Murder is for Keeps, The Marmalade Murders

Duncan, Francis:
Murder Has a Motive, Murder for Christmas, So Pretty a Problem, In at the Death, Behold a Fair Woman, Behold a Fair Woman

Duncan, Lois (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Dunford, Caroline:
A Death in the Family

Dunn, Carola:
Death at Wentwater Court, Fall of a Philanderer, The Winter Garden Mystery, Requiem for a Mezzo, Dead in the Water, Murder on the Flying Scotsman, Styx and Stones, Mistletoe and Murder, Rattle His Bones, To Davy Jones Below, Damsel in Distress, The Case of the Murdered Muckraker, Die Laughing, A Mourning Wedding, Buried in the Country, Gunpowder Plot, Manna from Hades, A Colourful Death, The Bloody Tower, The Valley of the Shadow, Black Ship, Sheer Folly, Anthem for Doomed Youth, Gone West, Heirs of the Body, Superfluous Women, The Corpse at the Crystal Palace

Dunn, Matthew:
Spycatcher, Sentinel, Slingshot, Dark Spies, The Spy House, A Soldier's Revenge, Act of Betrayal: A Will Cochrane Novel, Book 7

Dunne, Steven:
The Reaper, The Disciple, Deity, The Unquiet Grave, A Killing Moon, Death Do Us Part

Dunnett, Kaitlyn:
Kilt at the Highland Games, Crime & Punctuation

Dunning, John:
Deadline, The Holland Suggestions, Two O'Clock Eastern Wartime

Dunphy, S. A.
When She Was Gone

Durbridge, Francis:
The Lawrence Affair, The Spencer Affair, The Vandyke Affair, The Conrad Case, The Gilbert Case, The Margo Mystery, The Jonathan Mystery, The Geneva Mystery, The Alex Affair, The Sullivan Mystery, The Madison Mystery, Paul Temple and Steve, A Case for Paul Temple (a BCC production), Send for Paul Temple, Paul Temple and the Front Page Men, News of Paul Temple, Paul Temple Intervenes, Send for Paul Temple Again!, The Tyler Mystery, East of Algiers, Paul Temple and the Kelby Affair, Paul Temple and the Harkdale Robbery, The Geneva Mystery, The Curzon Case, Paul Temple and the Margo Mystery, Paul Temple and the Madison Case, A Time of Day

Durrant, Sabine:
Under Your Skin, Remember Me This Way

Dyer-Seeley, Kate:
Scene of the Climb

Dymmoch, Michale Allen:
The Man Who Understood Cats

Eason, Lynette (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Easterman, Daniel:
The Judas Testament, Spear of Destiny

Eastland, Sam:
The Beast in the Red Forest, Red Icon, Berlin Red

Easton, Don:
Loose Ends

Eden, Cynthia (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Edmondson, Elizabeth:
A Man of Some Repute, The Frozen Lake

Edwards, Mark:
The Magpies, What You Wish For, Because She Loves Me, Follow You Home, From the Cradle (w/Louise Voss), The Blissfully Dead (w/Louise Voss), The Devil's Work, Catch Your Death (w/Louise Voss), All Fall Down (w/Louise Voss), Killing Cupid (w/Louise Voss), The Lucky Ones, A Murder of Magpies (novella), In Her Shadow, Last of the Magpies (novella)

Edwards, Martin:
The Coffin Trail (some background hiss), The Cipher Garden, The Arsenic Labyrinth, The Serpent Pool, The Hanging Wood, The Frozen Shroud, Waterloo Sunset, The Christmas Card Crime And Other Stories

Edwards, Ruth Dudley:
Corridors of Death, The Saint Valentine's Day, The School of English Murder, Clubbed to Death, Matricide at St. Martha's, Ten Lords A-Leaping, Murder in a Cathedral, Publish and Be Murdered, The Anglo-Irish Murders, Carnage on the Committee, Murdering Americans

Ehrhart, Peggy:
Murder She Knit, Died in the Wool

Eisler, Barry:
Rain Fall (aka A Clean Kill in Tokyo), Hard Rain (aka Blood from Blood/A Lonely Resurrection), Killing Rain, Requiem For An Assassin, Fault Line, The Detachment, A Lonely Resurrection, Winner Take All (aka Rain Storm), Redemption Games, Extremis (aka The Last Assassin), The Killer Ascendant, The Khmer Kill (short), London Twist (novella), Graveyard of Memories, The Lost Coast (short), The God's Eye View, Inside Out, Winner Takes All, Livia Lone, Zero Sum, The Night Trade, All the Devils, Paris Is a Bitch (John Rain short), The Killer Collective

Elgar, Emily:
If You Knew Her

Elkins, Charlotte and Aaron:
A Dangerous Talent, A Cruise to Die For, The Art Whisperer, The Trouble with Mirrors, Lott, Turncoat, A Deceptive Clarity, Old Scores, A Glancing Light, Switcheroo, The Worst Thing, A Wicked Slice, Rotten Lies, Nasty Breaks, Where Have All the Birdies Gone, On the Fringe

Ellicott, Jessica:
Murder in an English Village, Murder Flies the Coop, Murder Cuts the Mustard

Elliot, Kendra:
Hidden, Chilled, Buried, Alone, Vanished, On Her Father's Grave (novella), Her Grave Secrets (novella), Bridged, Veiled (short), Spiraled, Dead in Her Tracks (novella), Known, Targeted, Death and Her Devotion, A Merciful Death, A Merciful Truth, Truth Be Told (novella), A Merciful Secret, A Merciful Silence, A Merciful Fate, A Merciful Promise, Bred in the Bone (novella), Close to the Bone (novella), Bred in the Bone (novella), The Last Sister

Elliott, Lauren:
Murder by the Book, Prologue to Murder, Murder in the First Edition

Elliott, Lexie:
The French Girl

Ellis, Bella:
The Vanished Bride

Ellis, Bret Easton (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)
American Psycho

Ellis, David:
Guilty Wives (w/ James Patterson), Jury of One, Eye of the Beholder, Line of Vision, Life Sentence, In the Company of Liars, The Wrong Man, Breach of Trust, The Last Alibi, The Black Book (w/James Patterson)

Ellis, Joy:
The Murderer's Son, Their Lost Daughters, The Circus Train Conspiracy, The Fourth Friend, The Guilty Ones, The Stolen Boys, The Patient Man, Hunted on the Fens, Hidden on the Fens

Ellis, J. R.
The Body in the Dales, The Quartet Murders, The Murder at Redmire Hall

Ellis, Kate:
The Merchant's House, A Cursed Inheritance, The Marriage Hearse, The Shining Skull, The Blood Pit, A Perfect Death, The Flesh Tailor, The Jackal Man, The Cadaver Game, The Shadow Collector, The Shroud Maker, The Death Seasons, The House of Eyes, Walking by Night, The Armada Boy, An Unhallowed Grave, The Mechanical Devil, The Bone Garden, A Painted Doom, The Skeleton Room, The Plague Maiden, Dead Man's Lane

Ellis, Karen:
A Map of the Dark, Last Night

Ellis, Robert:
City of Fire, The Lost Witness, Murder Season, The Dead Room, City of Echoes, The Love Killings, Access to Power

Ellis, Warren:
Dead Pig Collector

Ellison, J. T.
14, A Deeper Darkness, Edge of Black, So Close the Hand of Death, When Shadows Fall, What Lies Behind, The Cold Room, No One Knows, Field of Graves, Lie to Me, Tear Me Apart, All the Pretty Girls, Judas Kiss, The Immortals, Where All the Dead Lie, Dead Ends, Good Girls Lie

Ellory, R. J.
A Quiet Belief in Angels, The Anniversary Man, A Simple Act of Violence, Bad Signs, Saints of New York, A Dark and Broken Heart, Carnival of Shadows

Ellroy, James:
Blood's A Rover (read by Craig Wasson), L.A. Noir (includes Blood on the Moon, Because the Night, & Suicide Hill, read by Michael Pritchard ), The Black Dahlia (read by Wolfram Kandinsky), White Jazz, The Cold Six Thousand, American Tabloid, My Dark Places, The Big Nowhere, Clandestine, Crime Wave, Blood on the Moon, Brown's Requiem, Perfidia, My Dark Places (True Crime Memoir)

Elo, Elisabeth:
North of Boston

Elsberg, Marc:

Elston, Ashley:
The Lying Woods

Emley, Dianne:
The First Cut, Cut to the Quick, The Deepest Cut

Engberg, Katrine:
The Tenant

Engel, Amy:
The Roanoke Girls

Enger, Thomas:
Burned, Cursed

England, Dara:
Accomplished in Murder (novelette), Accomplished in Detection (novelette)

England, Stephen:
Nightshade, Pandora's Grave

Ephron, Hallie:
There Was an Old Woman, Night Night Sleep Tight, Careful What You Wish For

Epperson, Tom:

Erhardt, Jean:
Small Town Trouble

Erickson, Alex:
Death by Coffee, Death by Tea, Death by Pumpkin Spice, Death by Vanilla Latte, Death by Eggnog, Death by Espresso

Eriksson, Kjell:
Black Lies Red Blood

Ernst, Kathleen:
Old World Murder

Erskine, Fiona:
The Chemical Detective

Eskens, Allen:
The Life We Bury, The Heavens May Fall, The Deep Dark Descending, Nothing More Dangerous

Esposito, Shannon:
Karma's a Bitch, Lady Luck Runs Out

Eustis, Helen:
The Horizontal Man

Evanovich, Janet (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
The Grand Finale, Wife for Hire, Metro Girl, Motor Mouth, Full House (w/Charlotte Hughes), Full Tilt (w/Charlotte Hughes), Full Speed (w/Charlotte Hughes), Full Blast (w/Charlotte Hughes), Full Bloom (w/Charlotte Hughes), Full Scoop (w/Charlotte Hughes), Wicked Appetite, One for the Money, Two for the Dough, Three to Get Deadly, Four to Score, High Five, Hot Six, Seven Up, Hard Eight, Visions of Sugar Plums, To the Nines, Ten Big Ones, Eleven on Top, Twelve Sharp, Plum Lovin', Lean Mean Thirteen, Plum Lucky, Fearless Fourteen, Plum Spooky, Finger Lickin' Fifteen, Sizzling Sixteen, Smokin' Seventeen, Explosive Eighteen, Love in a Nutshell, Wicked Business, Notorious Nineteen, The Heist (w/Lee Goldberg), Takedown Twenty, The Chase (w/Lee Goldberg), Top Secret Twenty-One, The Shell Game (short story w/Lee Goldberg), The Job (w/Lee Goldberg), Pros and Cons (short story w/Lee Goldberg), Wicked Charms, The Scam (w/Lee Goldberg), Tricky Twenty-Two, The Pursuit (w/Lee Goldberg), Curious Minds, Turbo Twenty-Three, Dangerous Minds, Hardcore Twenty-Four, Look Alive Twenty-Five, The Big Kahuna (w/Peter Evanovich)

Evans, Mary Anna:
Floodgates, Strangers, Plunder, Effigies, Findings, Artifacts, Relics, Rituals, Isolation

Ewan, Chris:
The Good Thief's Guide to Paris, The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam, The Good Thief's Guide to Vegas, The Good Thief's Guide to Venice, Safe House, The Good Thief's Guide to Berlin, Dead Line, Long Time Lost

Fagan, Jenni:
The Panopticon

Fairstein, Linda:
Final Jeopardy, Likely to Die, Cold Hit,  The Deadhouse, The Bone Vault, The Kills, Entombed, Death Dance, Bad Blood, Killer Heat, Lethal Legacy, Silent Mercy, Hell Gate, Night Watch, Death Angel, Terminal City, Devil's Bridge, Killer Look, Deadfall, Blood Oath

Falco, Ed:
The Family Corleone

Fallada, Hans:
Alone in Berlin (aka Every Man Dies Alone)

Farjeon, J. Jefferson:
Mystery in White

Farnsworth, Christopher (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Faye, Lyndsay:
Dust and Shadow, The Gods of Gotham, Seven for a Secret, The Fatal Flame, Jane Steele, The Whole Art of Detection: Lost Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes

Feeney, Alice:
I Know Who You Are

Feliz, Mary:
Address to Die For

Fellowes, Jessica:
The Mitford Murders, Bright Young Dead

Fenech, Karen (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Fenton, Liz:
The Good Widow (w/Lisa Steinke)

Ferencik, Erica:
The River at Night

Ferraris, Zoe:
Finding Nouf

Ferrars, Elizabeth:
Frog in the Throat, Sleep of the Unjust, Beware of the Dog, Something Wicked, The Sleeping Dogs, Thy Brother Death, Murder In Time, Drowned Rat, The Seven Sleepers, Danger From The Dead, Death of a Minor Character, Frog in the Throat, The Pretty Pink Shroud, The Wandering Widows, The Swaying Pillars, Murder Moves, Milk of Human Kindness, March Hare Murders, Murders Anonymous, Skeleton Staff, The Clock That Wouldn't Stop, Last Will and Testament, Thinner Than Water, I Met Murder, Woman Slaughter, Give a Corpse a Bad Name, Remove the Bodies (aka Rehearsals for Murder), Murder of a Suicide (aka Death in Botanist's Bay), Don't Monkey with Murder, Neck in a Noose, Come and be Killed, Ninth Life, Zero at the Bone, Fear the Light, Hanged Man's House, No Peace for the Wicked, Murder Among Friends, Answer Came There None, A Legal Fiction, The Doubly Dead, A Thief in the Night, Furnished for Murder, Witness Before the Fact, Root of all Evil, The Crime and the Crystal, The Other Devil's Name, A Murder Too Many, Smoke Without Fire, A Hobby of Murder, Choice of Evils, A Breath of Suspicion (background tape hiss but clear)

Ferrigno, Robert (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Ferris, Monica:
Sins and Needles, Knitting Bones, Thai Die, Framed In Lace, A Murderous Yarn, Crewel Yule, Buttons and Bones, Embroidered Truths, Threadbare, Cutwork, And Then You Dye, The Drowning Spool, Darned If You Do, Knit Your Own Murder

Fesperman, Dan:
The Arms Maker of Berlin, Unmanned, The Letter Writer

Fielden, TP:
The Riviera Express: A Miss Dimont Mystery, Book 1

Fielding, Joy:
Shadow Creek, Don't Cry Now, She's Not There, Someone Is Watching, The Bad Daughter, All the Wrong Places

Fields, Helen:
Perfect Prey, Perfect Remains, Perfect Death, Perfect Silence, Perfect Crime

Finch, Charles:
A Beautiful Blue Death, A Death in the Small Hours, The September Society, A Stranger in Mayfair, A Burial at Sea, An Old Betrayal, The Laws of Murder, The Fleet Street Murders, Home by Nightfall, The Inheritance, The Vanishing Man, The Last Passenger

Finch, Kay:
Black Cat Crossing, The Black Cat Knocks on Wood, The Black Cat Sees His Shadow

Finch, Paul:
Stalkers, Sacrifice, The Killing Club, Dead Man Walking, Hunted, Don't Read Alone, Strangers, Ashes to Ashes, Shadows, Stolen

Finder, Joseph:
Vanished, Company Man, Killer Instinct, Power Play, High Crimes, Paranoia, The Moscow Club, The Zero Hour, Suspicion, The Fixer, Guilty Minds, The Switch, Judgment, House on Fire

Finlay, Mick:
Arrowood, The Murder Pit

Finn, A. J.
The Woman in the Window

Fisher, Tarryn (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Mud Vein, The Wives

Fishman, J. E.
The Dark Pool

Fitzek, Sebastian:
The Child, Splinter

Fitzgerald, Conor:
The Dogs of Rome, The Fatal Touch, The Namesake, Bitter Remedy

Fitzpatrick, Becca (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks and Romance Audiobooks):
Dangerous Lies

Flanders, Judith:
A Cast of Vultures

Flanagan, Joe:
Lesser Evils

Fleet, Rebecca:
The House Swap

Fleishman, Jeffrey:
My Detective

Flint, Emma:
Little Deaths

Flint, Shamini:
A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder,  A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul, Singapore School of Villainy

Florio, Gwen:

Flower, Amanda:
Crime and Poetry, Prose and Cons, Assaulted Caramel, Lethal Licorice, Flowers and Foul Play, Premeditated Peppermint, Death and Daisies, Murder and Metaphors

Fluke, Joanne:
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder, Strawberry Shortcake Murder, Blueberry Muffin Murder, Lemon Meringue Pie Murder, Fudge Cupcake Murder, Sugar Cookie Murder, Peach Cobbler Murder, Cherry Cheesecake Murder, Key Lime Pie Murders, Carrot Cake Murder, Cream Puff Murder, Plum Pudding Murder, Gingerbread Cookie Murder, Devil’s Food Cake Murder, Devil’s Food Cake Murder, Cinnamon Roll Murder, Red Velvet Cupcake Murder, Video Kill, Blackberry Pie Murder, Dead Giveaway, Wedding Cake Murder, Eyes, Christmas Caramel Murder, Deadly Memories, Banana Cream Pie Murder, The Stepchild, Raspberry Danish Murder, Christmas Cake Murder, Chocolate Cream Pie Murder, Coconut Layer Cake Murder

Flynn, Gillian:
Gone Girl, Dark Places, Sharp Places

Flynn, Vince:
Transfer of Power, The Third Option, Separation of Power, Executive Power, Memorial Day, Consent to Kill, Act of Treason, Protect and Defend, Extreme Measures, Pursuit of Honor, Term Limits, American Assassin, Kill Shot, The Last Man, The Survivor, Order to Kill (Mitch Rapp novel written by Kyle Mills), Enemy of the State (Mitch Rapp novel written by Kyle Mills), Red War (Mitch Rapp novel written by Kyle Mills)

Foley, Lucy:
The Hunting Party

Follett, Ken (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
A Dangerous Fortune, Eye of the Needle, Code to Zero, The Man from St. Petersburg, Paper Money, The Third Twin, Jackdaws, Night over Water, The Hammer of Eden, Triple, Paper Money

Folsom, Allan:
The Hadrian Memorandum, The Machiavelli Covenant, The Exile, The Day After Tomorrow, Day of Confession

Fontainne, Ashley:
Number Seventy-Five

Force, Marie (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Fatal Affair, Fatal Justice, Fatal Consequences, Fatal Destiny, Fatal Flaw, Fatal Deception, Fatal Mistake, Fatal Jeopardy, Fatal Scandal, The Wreck (2013), Fatal Frenzy, Fatal Identity, Fatal Threat, Fatal Chaos, Fatal Invasion, Fatal Reckoning, Fatal Accusation

Ford, G. M.
Who in the Hell is Wanda Fuca, Cast in Stone, The Bum's Rush, Slow Burn, Last Ditch, The Deader the Better, Thicker than Water, Fury, Black River, A Blind Eye, Red Tide, No Man's Land, Blown Away, Nameless Night, Chump Change, Salvation Lake, Soul Survivor

Ford, Richard:

Forman, Gayle (see Mysteries & Thrillers Audiobooks by Author list)

Forrester, James:
Sacred Treason, The Roots of Betrayal, The Final Sacrament

Forsyth, Frederick:
Avenger, Day of the Jackal, Fist of God (so-so quality), The Fourth Protocol (poor quality but listenable for the very tolerant), The Afghan, The Devils Alternative, The Dogs of War, The Emperor (short), The Odessa File, The Veteran, The Deceiver (background hiss), The Cobra, Icon (some background hiss), The Fist of God, The Outsider: My Life in Intrigue (autobiography), The Fox

Fortin, Sue:
Schoolgirl Missing

Fossum, Karin:
Black Seconds, Don't Look Back, He Who Fears the Wolf, When the Devil Holds the Candle, Calling Out For You (aka The Indian Bride), The Murder of Harriet Krohn, The Drowned Boy

Foster, Lori (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Fowler, Christopher:
Full Dark House , The Water Room, Seventy-Seven Clocks, Ten Second Staircase, White Corridor, The Victoria Vanishes, Bryant and May on the Loose, Off the Rails, Bryant and May and the Memory of Blood, Bryant and May and the Invisible Code, The Bryant & May and The Bleeding Heart, The Burning Man, London's Glory (Bryant & May Short Stories), Bryant & May: Strange Tide, Bryant & May: Wild Chamber, Hall of Mirrors, The Lonely Hour, England's Finest

Fowler, Earlene:
The Saddlemaker's Wife, Broken Dishes

Fox, Angie (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Fox, Candice:
Hades, Crimson Lake, Redemption Point, Eden, Fall, Gone by Midnight, Gathering Dark

Francis, Dick:
Dead Cert, Nerve, For Kicks, Flying Finish, Blood Sport, Forfeit, Enquiry, Rat Race, Bonecrack, Smokescreen, Slay Ride, Knock Down, High Stakes, In the Frame, Risk, Trial Run, Whip Hand, Reflex, Twice Shy, Banker, The Danger, Proof, Break In, Bolt, Hot Money, The Edge, Straight, Longshot, Comeback, Driving Force, Decider, Wild Horses, Come to Grief, To the Hilt, 10 lb Penalty, Field of 13, Second Wind, Shattered, Under Orders, Dead Heat, Even Money (w/ Felix Francis), Crossfire (w/Felix Francis), Dick Francis' Refusal (Written by Felix Francis), Bloodline, Bolt, Odds Against

Francis, Felix (see Francis, Dick above):
Dick Francis' Gamble, Bloodline, Refusal, Damage, Front Runner, Triple Crown, Pulse, Crisis, Guilty Not Guilty

Francome, John:
Eavesdropper, Blood Stock, Dead Ringer, False Start, High Flyer, Safe Bet, Winner Takes All (short story)

Frank, Matthew:
If I Should Die

Frank, Scott:

Franklin, Ariana (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
Mistress of the Art of Death, The Serpent's Tale (aka The Death Maze), Grave Goods (aka Relics of the Dead), A Murderous Procession (aka The Assassin's Prayer)

Franscell, Ron:
The Darkest Night: Two Sisters, a Brutal Murder, and the Loss of Innocence in a Small Town (True Crime)

Franze, Anthony:
The Outsider

Fraser, Anthea:
The Gunpowder Plot, Jigsaw, Next Door to Murder, Eleven That Went To Heaven

Frasier, Anne:
Play Dead, Stay Dead, Pretty Dead, The Body Reader, Truly Dead, The Body Counter, The Body Keeper

Fraley, Craig and Laura:
Legend of Chawkaterro, In the Days of Winter Wolf, Awakening the Rage, Crystal Gazer, Chawkaterro Uprising

Frances, Michelle:
The Girlfriend

Frazer, Andrea:
Strangeways to Oldham, White Christmas with a Wobbly Knee, Snowballs and Scoth Mist, Old Moorhen's Shredded Sporran, Caribbean Sunset with a Yellow Parrot, Death of an Old Git, Tightrope

Frazer, Margaret:
The Sempster's Tale, The Traitor's Tale

Frear, Caz:
Sweet Little Lies

Fredericks, Mariah:
A Death of No Importance

Freed, David:
Flat Spin, Fangs Out, Voodoo Ridge, The Three-Nine Line, Hot Start

Freedman, S. M.
The Faithful

Freeman, Brian:
Immoral, Stripped, Stalked, In the Dark (aka The Watcher), The Burying Place, The Bone House, Spilled Blood, The Cold Nowhere, Turn to Stone, Season of Fear, Spitting Devil (short/novella), Goodbye to the Dead, The Night Bird, Marathon, Alter Ego, The Crooked Street, The Deep Deep Snow, Thief River Falls

Freemantle, Brian:
Charlie M, Here Comes Charlie M, Inscrutable Charlie Muffin, Charlie Muffin U. S. A., Madrigal for Charlie Muffin, Blind Run, See Charlie Run, Run Around, Comrade Charlie, Charlie's Apprentice, Bomb Grade

French, Nicci:
Blue Monday, Waiting for Wednesday, Thursday's Children, The Memory Game, Secret Smile, Complicit (aka The Other Side of the Door), Land of the Living, What to do when Someone Dies, Friday on My Mind, Thursday Children, Saturday Requiem, Dark Saturday, Sunday Morning Coming Down (aka Sunday Silence), Day of the Dead, The Lying Room, Losing You

French, Paul:
Midnight in Peking: How the Murder of a Young Englishwoman Haunted the Last Days of Old China (nonfiction)

French, Tana:
In the Woods, The Likeness, Faithful Place, Broken Harbor, The Secret Place, The Trespasser, The Witch Elm, Broken Harbor

Freudberg, Frank:
Find Virgil

Frey, Stephen:
Artic Fire, Red Cell Seven, Heaven's Fury, Forced Out, Kodiak Sky, Jury Town

Friedman, Daniel:
Don’t Ever Get Old, Don't Ever Look Back

Friis, Agnete:
What My Body Remembers, The Summer of Ellen

Froest, Frank:
The Grell Mystery

Frost, Jacqueline:
Twelve Slays of Christmas, 'Twas the Knife Before Christmas

Fukuda, Andrew Xia:

Fuller, Claire:
Bitter Orange

Fullerton, Alexander (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Furlong, Susan:
Splintered Silence

Furst, Alan:
The Polish Officer, The Foreign Correspondent, Night Soldiers, Red Gold, The World at Night, Dark Star, Spies of the Balkans, Blood of Victory, Dark Voyage, Kingdom of Shadows, Mission to Paris, Midnight in Europe, A Hero of France, Under Occupation

Fury, Dalton:
Full Assault Mode

Fusilli, Jim:
Closing Time, A Well-Known Secret, Tribeca Blues

Gadol, Peter:
The Stranger Game

Gage, Leighton:
A Vine in the Blood, Perfect Hatred, The Ways of Evil Men

Gagnon, Michelle:
Don't Turn Around

Galbraith, Gillian:
Blood in the Water, Troubled Waters, The End of the Line

Galbraith, Robert:
The Cuckoo's Calling, The Silkworm, Career of Evil, Lethal White

Galdorisi, George:
Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Out of the Ashes, Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Into the Fire, Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Scorched Earth

Gallagher, Stephen:
The Bedlam Detective

Gandt, Robert:
With Hostile Intent, The President's Pilot, Acts of Vengeance, Black Star

Gangsei, Jan:
Zero Day

Garcia-Roza, Luiz Alredo:
Southwesterly Wind

Gardiner, Meg:
China Lake, Mission Canyon, Jericho Point, Kill Chain, Crosscut, The Liar's Lullaby, Ransom River, The Dirty Secrets Club, The Memory Collector, The Nightmare Thief, The Shadow Chaser, Phantom Instinct, The Shadow Tracer, UNSUB, Into the Black Nowhere, The Dark Corners of the Night

Gardner, Ashley:
The Hanover Square Affair, A Regimental Murder, The Glass House, The Sudbury School Murders, The Necklace Affair and Other Stories, A Body in Berkeley Square, A Covent Garden Mystery, A Mystery at Carlton House

Gardner, John:
Moriarty, The Return of Moriarty, The Revenge of Moriarty

Gardner, Lisa:
Alone, Hide, The Third Victim, The Next Accident, The Killing Hour, Gone, Say Goodbye, The Neighbor, The Survivors Club, Love You More, Live to Tell, Catch Me, The Perfect Husband, Touch & Go, Maggie's Man, MacNamara's Woman, Fear Nothing, 3 Truths and a Lie (short), The 4th Man, Right Behind You, The 7th Month (short), Find Her, Crash & Burn, Look for Me, The Other Daughter, Never Tell, The Guy Who Died Twice (short), When You See Me

Garfield, Brian:
Recoil, Deep Cover, Bedfellows

Gaspard, John:
The Ambitious Card, The Bullet Catch, The Miser's Dream, The Linking Rings

Gates, Eva:
By Book or By Crook, Booked for Trouble, Reading Up a Storm, The Spook in the Stacks, Something Read Something Dead, Read and Buried

Garrison, Paul:
Robert Ludlum's The Janson Command, Robert Ludlum's The Janson Option

Gaus, P. L.
Blood of the Prodigal, Broken English, Clouds Without Rain, Cast a Blue Shadow, A Prayer for the Night, Separate from the World, Harmless as Doves, Whiskers of the Lion

Gavin, Rick:

Gaylin, Alison:
And She Was, Into the Dark, What Remains of Me

Gazan, S. J.
The Dinosaur Feather, The Arc of the Swallow

Gear, Kathleen O'Neal:
Maze Master

Gellis, Roberta:
A Personal Devil, A Mortal Bane, Bone of Contention, Chains of Folly

Gemmel, David (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
White Knight/Black Swan

Gentry, Amy:
Last Woman Standing

George, Anne (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
Murder on a Girl's Night Out, Murder on a Bad Hair Day, Murder Runs in the Family, Murder Gets A Life, Murder Boogies with Elvis, Murder Makes Waves, Murder Shoots the Bull (recording has some background hiss), Murder Carries A Torch

George, Elizabeth:
What Came Before He Shot Her (Unabridged), Deception on His Mind (Unabridged), Two of the Deadliest (Edited by Elizabeth George, Unabridged), With No One As Witness (Unabridged), A Great Deliverence (Unabridged), In the Presence of the Enemy (Unabridged), In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner (Unabridged), Careless In Red (Unabridged), This Body of Death (Unabridged), A Great Deliverance, Payment in Blood, Well-Schooled in Murder, A Suitable Vengeance, For the Sake of Elena, Missing Joseph, Playing for the Ashes, Just One Evil Act, Murder Must Advertise, A Traitor to Memory, A Place of Hiding, A Banquet of Consequences, The Edge of Nowhere, The Edge of the Water, The Edge of the Shadows, The Edge of the Light, The Punishment She Deserves

Gerard, Anna:
Peach Clobbered

Gerard, Cindy (See Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Gerber, Daryl Wood:
A Deadly Éclair

Gerhardsen, Carin:
The Gingerbread House, The Last Lullaby

Gerritsen, Tess:
The Bone Garden, The Sinner, The Keepsake, The Mephisto Club, Body Double, The Surgeon, The Apprentice, Vanish, Harvest, Life Support, Girl Missing, Ice Cold, Presumed Guilty, The Silent Girl, Keeper of the Bride, In Their Footsteps, Last to Die, Thief of Hearts (aka Stolen), Die Again, Never Say Die, Playing with Fire, Whistleblower, I Know a Secret, The Shape of Night

Gerst, Angela:
A Crack in Everything

Gervais, Simon:
A Red Dotted Line, Trained to Hunt

Ghelfi, Brent:
Volk's Game

Gibson, Gregory:
The Old Turk's Load

Gilbert, Victoria:
A Murder for the Books, Shelved Under Murder, Past Due for Murder, Bound for Murder

Gilbert, Michael:
Close Quarters, (temp), Smallbone Deceased (temp)

Giles, Jay:

Gilman, David (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Gilman, Dorothy:
The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax, The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax, The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax, A Palm for Mrs. Pollifax, Mrs. Pollifax on Safari, Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station, Mrs. Pollifax and the Hong Kong Buddha, Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle, Mrs. Pollifax and the Whirling Dervish, Mrs. Pollifax and the Second Thief, Mrs. Pollifax Pursued, Mrs. Pollifax and the Lion Killer, Mrs. Pollifax Innocent Tourist, Mrs. Pollifax Unveiled, Thale's Folly, Uncertain Voyage, Caravan, The Tightrope Walker, The Clairvoyant Countess

Gilstrap, John:
No Mercy, Hostage Zeo, Soft Targets: A Jonathan Grave Novella, High Treason, End Game, Against All Enemies, Friendly Fire, Final Target, Scorpion Strike

Gimenez, Mark:
The Abduction, Con Law, The Case Against William, The Absence of Guilt

Giolito, Malin Persson:

Giraldi, William:
Hold the Dark

Girard, Danielle:

Gischler, Victor:
The Pistol Poets, The Deputy, Stay

Giordano, Adrienne (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Gitsham, Paul:
The Last Straw, No Smoke Without Fire, Silent as the Grave, The Common Enemy

Glatzer, Hal:
Too Dead to Swing, A Fugue in Hell's Kitchen

Gleason, C. M.
Murder in the Lincoln White House

Gleason, Robert:
The Evil That Men Do

Glynn, Alan:
Limitless, Graveland, Paradime, Receptor, Under the Night

Goddard, Robert:
Past Caring, In Pale Battalions, Painting the Darkness, Into the Blue, Take No Farewell, Hand in Glove, Closed Circle, Borrowed Time, Out of the Sun, Beyond Recall, Caught in the Light, Set in Stone, Sea Change, Dying to Tell, Days Without Number, Play to the End, Sight Unseen, Sight Unseen, Never Go Back, Name to a Face, Found Wanting, Long Time Coming, Blood Count, Fault Line, The Ways of the the World, The Corners of the Globe, The Ends of the Earth, Never Go Back

Goff, Chris:
Dark Waters

Goldberg, Lee (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Mr. Monk Goes to The Firehouse, Mr. Monk is Miserable, Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop, Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii, The Walk, Watch Me Die, The Heist (w/Janet Evanovich), The Shell Game (short story w/Janet Evanovich), The Job (w/Janet Evanovich), Pros and Cons (short story w/Janet Evanovich), King City, Mr. Monk Goes to Germany, The Scam (w/Janet Evanovich), The Pursuit (w/Janet Evanovich), Killer Thriller, Lost Hills, Fake Truth

Goldberg, Leonard:
The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Treason

Goldenbaum, Sally:
Death by Cashmere, Patterns in the Sand, Moon Spinners, A Holiday Yarn, The Wedding Shawl, A Fatal Fleece, Angora Alibi, Murder at Lambswool Farm, Trimmed with Murder, A Finely Knit Murder, Murder Wears Mittens, How to Knit a Murder, A Murderous Tangle

Goldin, Megan:
The Escape Room

Golding, Melanie:
Little Darlings

Goldman, Joel:
Motion to Kill, The Last Witness, Cold Truth, Deadlocked, Final Judgment, The Dead Man

Goldman, Matt:
Gone to Dust, Broken Ice

Goodhind, J. G.
Something in the Blood, A Taste to Die For

Goodkind, Terry (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):

Goodman, Carol:
The Lake of Dead Languages, The Seduction of Water, The Night Villa, The Sonnet Lover, The Widow's House, River Road, The Other Mother, The Night Visitors, The Sea of Lost Girls

Goodwillie, David:
American Subversive

Goodwin, Jason:
The Janissary Tree, The Snake Stone, The Bellini Card, An Evil Eye, The Baklava Club

Gordon, Alexia:
Murder in G Major, Death in D Minor, Killing in C Sharp, Fatality in F

Gordon, David:
The Serialist, Mystery Girl

Gordon-Smith, Dolores:
A Fete Worse Than Death, Mad About The Boy?, A Hundred Thousand Dragons, Off the Record, Trouble Brewing

Gores, Joe:
Spade & Archer: The Prequel to Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon

Gorman, Ed:
Bad Moon Rising

Gortner, C. W. (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Goudge, Eileen:
Woman in Red

Gould, Howard Michael:
Last Looks

Grabenstein, Chris:
Tilt A Whirl, Mad House, Whack A Mole, Hell Hole, Mind Scrambler, Rolling Thunder, Fun House, The Crossroads, Hell for the Holidays, Slay Ride

Grady, James:
Six Days of the Condor

Grafton, Sue:
A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar, C is for Corpse, D is for Deadbeat, E is for Evidence, F is for Fugitive, G is for Gumshoe, H is for Homicide, I is for Innocent, J is for Judgment, K is for Killer, L is for Lawless, M is for Malice, N is for Noose, O is for Outlaw, P is for Peril, Q is for Quarry, R is for Ricochet, S is for Silence, T is for Trespass, U Is for Undertow, V is for Vengeance, W is for Wasted, Kinsey and Me: Stories, X

Gragg, Walt:
The Red Line

Graham, Caroline:
The Killings at Badger's Drift, A Place of Safety, A Ghost in the Machine, Faithful Unto Death

Graham, Heather (see also Scifi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks & Romance Audiobooks by Author lists):
The Last Noel, Strangers in Paradise, Flawless, The Rising (w/Jon Land), A Perfect Obsession, American Drifter (w/Chad Michael Murray), A Lethal Legacy, The Final Deception

Gran, Sara:
Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead, Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway, The Infinite Blacktop

Granger, Ann:
Asking for Trouble, Keeping Bad Company, Running Scared, Risking It All, Watching Out, Mixing with Murder, Rattling the Bones, Beneath These Stones, Call the Dead Again, A Rare Interest in Corpses, Say It With Poison, A Season for Murder, Cold in the Earth, Murder Among Us, Where Old Bones Lie, A Fine Place for Death, Flowers for His Funeral, Candle for a Corpse, A Touch of Mortality, A Word After Dying, Beneath These Stones, Shades Of Murder, A Restless Evil, That Way Murder Lies, A Mortal Curiosity, A Better Quality of Murder, The Testimony of the Hanged Man, Mud Muck and Dead Things, Rack Ruin and Murder, Bricks and Mortality, Dead in the Water, The Dead Woman of Deptford, Mud Muck and Dead Things

Grann, David:
Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI

Grant, Andrew:
Even, Die Twice, False Witness

Grant, Teresa:
Vienna Waltz, Imperial Bride, His Spanish Bride (novella)

Grant, Rachel (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Graves, Sarah:
Wreck the Halls, Trap Door, Wicked Fix, Tool & Die, Repair to Her Grave, Unhinged, Nail Biter, Mallets Aforethought, The Book of Old Houses, Winter at the Door, Knockdown, The Girls She Left Behind, Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake, Death by Chocolate Malted Milkshake, Death by Chocolate Frosted Doughnut

Gray, Alex:
The Riverman, Pitch Black, Glasgow Kiss, Five Ways to Kill a Man, Sleep Like the Dead, A Pound of Flesh, The Swedish Girl, The Bird That Did Not Sing, Keep the Midnight Out, The Darkest Goodbye, Pitch Black, Five Ways to Kill a Man, Still Dark, Never Somewhere Else, A Small Weeping, Shadows of Sound, The Stalker

Gray, Shelley:
Secrets of Sloane House, Deception on Sable Hil, Whispers in the Reading Room

Greanias, Thomas (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Greaney, Mark:
The Gray Man, Dead Eye, Tom Clancy's Support and Defend, Tom Clancy's Full Force and Effect, On Target, Ballistic, Back Blast, Tom Clancy's True Faith and Allegiance (Jack Ryan Book 17), Gunmetal Gray, Agent in Place, Mission Critical, Red Metal, One Minute Out

Greaves, Chuck:
Hush Money, Green-Eyed Lady, The Last Heir

Grebe, Camilla:
Some Kind of Peace (w/ Asa Traff), The Ice Beneath Her

Grecian, Alex:
The Yard, The Black Country, The Devil's Workshop, The Harvest Man, Lost and Gone Forever

Green, Amy K.
The Prized Girl

Green, Cass:
In a Cottage in a Wood, The Woman Next Door, Don’t You Cry

Green, Layton:
The Summoner, The Egyptian, The Diabolist, The Shadow Cartel

Green, Marti:
Presumption of Guilt, The Price of Justice, First Offense, Justice Delayed

Green, S. E.
Killer Instinct, Killer Within

Greenburg, Dan:
Love Kills, Exes, Fear Itself

Greene, Amy:
Long Man

Greene, Graham:
Stamboul Train, The Honorary Consul, The Power and the Glory, The Quiet American, This Gun for Hire, The Human Factor, Brighton Rock, The Third Man (novella)

Greener, Richard:
The Knowland Retribution, The Lacey Confession

Greenlaw, Linda:
Slipknot, Fisherman's Bend, Shiver Hitch, Bimini Twist

Greenwood, Kerry:
Cocaine Blues, Flying Too High, Murder on the Ballarat Train, Death at Victoria Dock, The Green Mill Murder, Blood and Circuses, Ruddy Gore, Urn Burial, Raisins and Almonds, Death Before Wicket, Away with the Fairies, Murder in Montparnasse, The Castlemaine Murders, Queen of Flowers, Death by Water, Murder in the Dark, Murder on a Midsummer Night, Dead Man's Chest, Earthly Delights, Devil's Food, Trick or Treat, Queen of the Flowers, A Question of Death (Phryne Fisher short stories), Unnatural Habits, Earthly Delights (2013), Murder and Mendelssohn, Cooking the Books

Greenwood, Ross:
The Snow Killer

Greenwood, T.
Rust & Stardust

Gregory, Susanna:
A Conspiracy of Violence, Blood on the Strand, The Butcher of Smithfield, The Westminster Poisoner, The Tarnished Chalice, A Murder on London Bridge, The Body in the Thames, The Lost Abbot, The Piccadilly Plot, Death of a Scholar, Death in St James's Park, Murder on High Holborn, A Poisonous Plot, The Chelsea Strangler, The Cheapside Corpse, A Grave Concern, The Executioner of St Paul's, A Plague on Both Your Houses, An Unholy Alliance, A Bone of Contention, A Killer in Winter, The Hand of Justice, To Kill or Cure, The Killer of Pilgrims, Mystery in the Minster, The Habit of Murder, A Masterly Murder, An Order for Death, Intrigue in Covent Garden

Gregson, J. M.
Something is Rotten, Final Act, Skeleton Plot

Grey, Isabelle:
Good Girls Don't Die, Shot Through the Heart, The Special Girls, Wrong Way Home

Grey, S. L.
The Apartment

Griffin, Laura (See Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Griffin, W.E.B.
The Traffickers, The Fighting Agents, Retreat, Hell!, Men in Blue, Special Operations, The Victim, The Witness, The Assassin, The Murderers, The Investigators, Final Justice, The Berets, The Generals, The New Breed, The Aviators, Special Ops, Secret Warriors, Under Fire, In Dangers Path, Behind the Lines, By Order of the President, The Hunters, Black Ops, Semper Fi, Call to Arms, Counterattack, Battleground, Close Combat, The Soldier Spies, The Saboteurs, The Last Heroes, The Colonels, The Majors, Line of Fire, The Captains, The Shooters, The Double Agents, The Hostage, The Lieutenants, Blood and Honor, Honor Bound, Secret Honor, The Outlaws, Victory and Honor, The Last Witness, Hazardous Duty, Top Secret, Deadly Assets (w/William E. Butterworth), Broken Trust (w/William E. Butterworth), The Assassination Option (w/William E. Butterworth), The Enemy of My Enemy

Griffith, Kathryn Meyer:
Scraps of Paper

Griffiths, Elly:
The Zig Zag Girl, Smoke and Mirrors, The Blood Card, The Vanishing Box, The Crossing Places, The Janus Stone, The House at Sea's End, A Room Full of Bones, Dying Fall, The Putcast Dead, The Ghost Fields, The Woman in Blue, The Chalk Pit, The Dark Angel, The Stranger Diaries, The Stone Circle, Now You See Them

Griffo, J. D.
Murder on Memory Lake

Grimes, Martha:
The Old Wine Shades, Dust, The Train Now Departing, Cold Flat Junction, Rainbow's End, Biting the Moon, The Stargazey, The Old Contemptibles, The Old Silent, Dakota, The End of the Pier, The Blue Last, The Lamorna Wink, The Black Cat, The Deer Leap, Jerusalem Inn, Help the Poor Struggler, I Am the Only Running Footman, The Fadeaway Girl, Vertigo 42, The Case has Altered, The Horse You Came in On, Belle Ruin, The Man with a Load of Mischief, The Old Fox Deceiv'd, The Anodyne Necklace, The Dirty Duck, The Grave Maurice, The Five Bells and Bladebone, Belle Ruin, The Knowledge, The Old Success

Grimsdale, Peter:
Just Watch Me

Grimwood, Jack:

Grindle, Lucretia:
The Villa Triste, The Lost Daughter

Grippando, James:
The Pardon, Beyond Suspicion, Last to Die, Hear No Evil, Got the Look, When Darkness Falls, Last Call, Born to Run, A King's Ransom, Lying with a Stranger, Money to Burn, The Informant, Under Cover of Darkness, Found Money, Intent to Kill, The Abduction, Black Horizon, Cane and Abe, Cash Landing, Gone Again, Most Dangerous Place, A Death in Live Oak, The Girl in the Glass Box, The Big Lie

Grisham, John:
The Chamber, The Associate, The Street Lawyer,  The Brethren, The King of Torts, The Pelican Brief, The Partner, The Appeal, Skipping Christmas, The Runaway Jury, The Innocent Man, The Broker, A Time to Kill, The Firm, The Client, The Rainmaker, The Summons, The Last Juror, A Painted House, Bleachers, Playing for Pizza, Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer, The Confession, The Litigators, The Testament, The Accused, The Racketeer, The Activist, Sycamore Row, Gray Mountain, The Fugitive, Rogue Lawyer, Theodore Boone: The Scandal, The Whistler, Camino Island, Ford County: Stories, Witness to a Trial (short), Partners: A Rogue Lawyer Short Story, The Rooster Bar, The Reckoning, The Accomplice, The Guardians

Grose, Jessica:

Gross, Andrew:
Killing Hour (aka Eyes Wide Open), The Dark Tide, Don't Look Twice, Reckless, 15 Seconds, Everything to Lose, One Mile Under, The One Man, The Saboteur, Button Man, The Fifth Column

Grossman, Gary:
Old Earth

Grossman, Paul:
The Sleepwalkers, Children of Wrath

Gruber, Michael:
Tropic of Night, The Book of Air and Shadows, Night of the Jaguar, The Good Son

Grumley, Michael C.
Through the Fog, Breakthrough, Leap

Grundler, C. E.
Last Exit in New Jersey

Grylls, Bear:
Ghost Flight

Gudenkauf, Heather:
One Breath Away, Missing Pieces, Not a Sound, Before She Was Found

Guignard, Lars:
Lethal Circuit, Blown Circuit

Guild, Nicholas:
Blood Ties

Guillaume, Laurent:
White Leopard (aka Black Cocaine)

Guinn, Jeff:
Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson

Guinn, Matthew:
The Scribe

Gundar-Goshen, Ayelet:
Waking Lions

Gunhus, Jeff:
Killer Within

Gustav, G. F.
Jeremy's Run (novella), Blood Loss

Gutcheon, Beth:
Death at Breakfast, The Affliction

Guthrie, R. S.
Blood Land

Gutteridge, Rene:
Misery Loves Company

Haddam, Jane:
Fighting Chance

Haddon, Mark:
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Hahn, Beth:
The Singing Bone

Haig, Brian:
President's Assassin, Secret Sanction, The Capitol Game, The Night Crew, Mortal Allies, Private Sector

Haines, Carolyn:
Revenant, Them Bones, Crossed Bones, Hallowed Bones, Bones to Pick, Wishbones, Greedy Bones, Bone Appetit, Ham Bones, Wish Bones, Bones of a Feather, Splintered Bones, Buried Bones, Booty Bones, Bone to Be Wild, The Darkling (written as R. B. Chesterton), Guru Bones (short), Jingle Bones (short), Rock-a-Bye Bones, The Book of Beloved, The House of Memory, Charmed Bones, A Gift of Bones, Familiar Trouble, Game of Bones

Hall, Adam (pseudonym for Trevor Dudley-Smith):
Quiller Bamboo, Quiller Salamander, Quiller Solitaire, The Mandarin Cypher, The Quiller Memorandum (aka The Berlin Memorandum), The Scorpion Signal, Quiller KGB, The Striker Portfolio, The Tango Briefing, Quiller Balalaika, Quiller Meridian, The Warsaw Document

Hall, Alexis:
The Affair of the Mysterious Letter

Hall, Elizabeth (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Hall, James W.
Forests of the Night, Off the Chart, Rough Draft, Body Language, Buzz Cut, Going Dark, Magic City, The Big Finish

Hall, Karen:
Dark Debts

Hall, M. R.
The Coroner, The Disappeared, The Redeemed

Hall, Maggie:
The Conspiracy of Us, Map of Fates, The Ends of the World

Hall, Tarquin:
The Case of the Missing Servant, The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing, The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken, The Case of the Love Commandos

Hall, Rachel Howzell:
Land of Shadows, Skies of Ash, Trail of Echoes, City of Saviors

Halliday, Gemma:
Spying in High Heels, Hollywood Scandals (aka Scandal Sheet), Hollywood Secrets (aka The Perfect Shot), Hollywood Confessions

Hallinan, Timothy:
A Nail Through the Heart, Crashed, Little Elvises, Herbie's Game, The Fame Thief, The Fourth Watcher, Breathing Water, The Queen of Patpong, The Fear Artist, For the Dead, The Four Last Things, Incinerator, The Bone Polisher, King Maybe, Fields Where They Lay, Everything but the Squeal, The Man with No Time, Pulped, Fools' River, Nighttown

Hamer, Bob:
Enemies Among Us

Hamer, Kate:
The Girl in the Red Coat

Hamill, Pete:
A Killing for Christ

Hamilton, Denise:
Damage Control

Hamilton, Donald:
Death of a Citizen, The Wrecking Crew, The Removers, The Silencers, Murderer's Row, The Ambushers, The Shadowers, The Ravagers, The Betrayers, The Menacers, The Intriguers, The Terminators, The Retaliators, The Terrorizers

Hamilton, Glen Erik:
Past Crimes, Hard Cold Winter, Every Day Above Ground

Hamilton, Karen:
The Perfect Girlfriend

Hamilton, Steve:
A Cold Day in Paradise, Winter of the Wolf Moon, Hunting Wind, North of Nowhere, Blood is the Sky, Ice Run, A Stolen Season, The Lock Artist, Die a Stranger, Misery Bay, Night Work, The Hunting Wind, Ice Run, The Second Life of Nick Mason, Exit Strategy

Hamilton, Victoria:
A Deadly Grind, Bowled Over, Freezer I'll Shoot, No Mallets Intended, White Colander Crime, Bran New Death, Muffin but Murder, Death of an English Muffin, Much Ado About Muffin, Muffin to Fear, Leave It to Cleaver, No Grater Danger, Breaking the Mould, A Gentlewoman's Guide to Murder, Muffin but Trouble, Curse of the Gypsy

Hammer, Chris:
Hammett, Dashiell:
The Glass Key, The Maltese Falcon, The Thin Man, Red Harvest

Hammesfahr, Petra:
The Sinner

Hampton, Nell:
Kale to the Queen, Lord of the Pies

Hand, Elizabeth:
Generation Loss, Available Dark, Hard Light

Handler, David:
The Man Who Died Laughing, The Man Who Lived by Night, The Man Who Would Be F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Woman Who Fell from Grace, The Boy Who Never Grew Up, The Man Who Cancelled Himself, The Girl Who Ran Off with Daddy, The Man Who Loved Women to Death, The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes, The Man Who Couldn't Miss, The Man in the White Linen Suit, The Man in the White Linen Suit, Runaway Man

Hankins, James:
Drawn, Jack of Spades, Brothers and Bones, Shady Cross, The Prettiest One

Hannah, Mari:
The Silent Room, The Death Messenger

Hannah, Sophie:
Lasting Damage, Woman with a Secret, A Game for All the Family, Closed Casket: The New Hercule Poirot Mystery, Did You See Melody?, The Next to Die, Perfect Little Children

Hannibal, James R.
Shadow Catcher, Shadow Maker

Hannon, Irene (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Fatal Judgment, Deadly Pursuit, An Eye for an Eye, In Harm's Way, Against All Odds, Lethal Legacy, Vanished, Trapped, Deceived, Buried Secrets, Thin Ice, Dangerous Illusions, Hidden Peril, Dark Ambitions

Hansen, Amy Gail:
The Butterfly Sister

Hanson, Hart:
The Driver

Haohui, Zhou:
Death Notice

Harber, Cristin (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Hardin, Jude:
Pocket 47, Crosscut, Snuff Tag 9, Key Death, Blood Tattoo

Harding, Robyn:
Her Pretty Face

Harman, Dianne:
Murder in Cottage #6

Harmon, Ken (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Harp, Anderson:

Harper, Andrew:
Night Cage

Harper, Elodie:
The Binding Song, The Death Knock

Harper, Jane:
The Dry, Force of Nature, The Lost Man

Harper, Jordan:
She Rides Shotgun

Harper, Karen (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Harrington, Anna:
If the Duke Demands

Harris, C. S.
When Maidens Mourn, What Darkness Brings, Why Kings Confess, Who Buries the Dead, What Angels Fear, When Gods Die, Why Mermaids Sing, Where Serpents Sleep, Where Shadows Dance, What Remains of Heaven, When Falcons Fall, Where the Dead Lie, Why Kill the Innocent, Who Slays the Wicked, Who Speaks for the Damned

Harris, Charlaine (see the Scifi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Harris, Lisa:
Missing, Vendetta, A Secret to Die For

Harris, Robert:
The Ghost, Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome, Enigma, Pompeii, Archangel, Lustrum, The Fear Index, Dictator, Munich, Selling Hitler, The Second Sleep

Harris, Sherry:
Tagged for Death, I Know What You Bid Last Summer, The Gun Also Rises, The Longest Yard Sale, A Good Day to Buy, The Gun Also Rises

Harris, Tessa:
The Anatomist’s Apprentice, The Dead Shall Not Rest, The Devil's Breath, The Lazarus Curse, Shadow of the Raven, Secrets in the Stones, The Sixth Victim, A Deadly Deception

Harris, Thomas:
Red Dragon, The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Hannibal Rising, Black Sunday, Cari Mora

Harrison, A. S. A.
The Silent Wife

Harrison, Mette Ivie:
The Bishop's Wife, His Right Hand

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
Orchestrated Death, Death Watch, Necrochip, Dead End, Blood Lines, Killing Time, Shallow Grave, Blood Sinister, Gone Tomorrow, Dear Departed, Game Over, Fell Purpose, Body Line, Kill My Darling, Star Fall

Hart, Carolyn:
Dare to Die, Dead Days of Summer, Sugarplum Dead, Yankee Doodle Dead, Death Walked In, Ghost At Work, Set Sail For Murder, Death In Paradise, Dead Man's Island, Murder Walks the Plank, Death of the Party, The Christie Caper, Southern Ghost, April Fool Dead, Engaged to Die, Deadly Valentine, Resort To Murder, Death on the River Walk, Death in Lovers' Lane, Scandal in Fair Haven, Malice Domestic Vol. 4 (Anthology edited by Carolyn Hart), Design For Murder, Something Wicked, Mint Julep Murder, Death on Demand, A Little Class on Murder, Dead by Midnight, What the Cat Saw, Honeymoon with Murder, White Elephant Dead, Ghost Gone Wild, Death Comes Silently, Ghost Wanted, Merry Merry Ghost, Don't Go Home, Death at the Door, Ghost to the Rescue, Laughed 'Til He Died, Dead White and Blue, Ghost in Trouble, Ghost Times Two, Walking on My Grave, Ghost on the Case

Hart, Ellen:
Hallowed Murder, Vital Lies, Stage Fright, The Killing Cure, A Small Sacrifice, Faint Praise, Robber's Wine, Wicked Games, A Merchant of Venice, Immaculate Midnight, An Intimate Ghost, The Iron Girl, Night Vision, The Mortal Groove, Sweet Poison, The Mirror in the Mask, The Cruel Ever After, The Grave Soul, Fever in the Dark, Twisted at the Root

Hart, Elsa:
Jade Dragon Mountain, The White Mirror, City of Ink

Hart, Joe (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
The River Is Dark, The Night Is Deep

Hart, John:
The King of Lies, Down River, The Last Child, Iron House, Redemption Road, The Hush

Hart, Liliana (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Catch Me if You Can, Whiskey Rebellion, Whiskey Sour, Kill Shot, Dirty Little Secrets, A Dirty Shame, Whiskey for Breakfast, Dirty Rotten Scoundrel, Down and Dirty, The Darkest Corner, Dirty Laundry, A Tisket a Casket (w/ Scott Silverii)

Hartley, A. J.
Macbeth, Tears of the Jaguar

Haruf, Kent:
Our Souls at Night

Harvey, Michael:
The Chicago Way, The Fifth Floor, The Third Rail, We All Fall Down, The Governor's Wife, Brighton, Pulse

Harwood, John (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Harwood, Seth:
Everyone Pays

Haseldine, Jane:

Hautman, Pete:
Drawing Dead, Short Money, The Mortal Nuts, Ring Game

Havill, Steven:
Blood Sweep, Night Zone, Easy Errors

Hawker, L. S.
The Drowning Game

Hawkins, Paula:
The Girl on the Train, Into the Water

Hawks, John Twelve:

Hawley, Noah:
The Good Father, Before the Fall

Hay, Mavis Doriel:
Death on the Cherwell, The Santa Klaus Murder, Murder Underground

Hayder, Mo:
The Treatment, The Devil of Nanking, Pig Island, Birdman, Tokyo, Skin, Hanging Hill, Gone, Poppet, Ritual, Wolf

Hayes, Samantha:
Until You're MIne

Hayes, Terry:
I Am Pilgrim

Hayman, James:
The Girl in the Glass, The Cutting, Darkness First, The Girl on the Bridge

Haynes, Dana:

Haynes, Elizabeth:
Into the Darkest Corner, Under a Silent Moon, Behind Closed Doors, Never Alone

Haynes, Natalie:
The Furies

Heaberlin, Julia:
Playing Dead, Lie Still, Paper Ghosts

Healey, Emma:
Elizabeth is Missing, Whistle in the Dark

Healey, Tony:
Hope's Peak

Healy, Erin:
Motherless, Hiding Places

Heard, Wendy:
The Kill Club

Heath, Jack:
Just One Bite

Heathcote, Elizabeth:

Hecht, Daniel (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Hechtman, Betty:
Hooked on Murder, Dead Men Don't Crochet, By Hook or by Crook, Yarn to Go, Silence of the Lamb's Wool, Wound Up in Murder, Gone with the Wool, A Tangled Yarn, Inherit the Wool, A Stitch in Crime, You Better Knot Die, Behind the Seams

Heilig, Heidi:
The Girl from Everywhere

Heiter, Elizabeth:
Hunted, Vanished, Seized

Heley, Veronica:
Murder at the Altar, Murder by Suicide, Murder of Innocence, Murder by Accident, Murder in the Garden (sound is "okay"), Murder by Committee, Murder by Bicycle, Murder of Identity, Murder in the Park, Murder in House, Murder by Mistake, Murder My Neighbour, Murder in Mind, False Charity, Murder with Mercy, Murder with Mercy, False Wall, Murder in Time, Murder by Suspicion, Murder in Style, False Pride

Helgason, Hallgrimur:
The Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning

Heller, Mandasue:
The Game, The Front, Shafted, Snatched, Two Faced, The Charmer, Afraid, Run

Heller, Peter:
Celine, The River

Hellmann, Libby Fischer:
ToxiCity, Easy Innocence, Doubleback, Doubleback, A Shot to Die For, An Eye For Murder, An Image of Death, Set the Night on Fire, Nice Girl Does Noir, Havana Lost, The Last Page (w/David J. Walker), A Taste of Noir (short), A Bitter Veil

Helme, Colleen:
Carrots, Fast Money, Lie or Die, Secrets That Kill, Trapped by Revenge

Henderson, Charles:
Terminal Impact

Henderson, Dee (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Danger in the Shadows, The Negotiator, The Guardian, The Truth Seeker, The Protector, The Healer, The Rescuer, True Devotion, True Valor, True Courage (aka Kidnapped), Before I Wake, Full Disclosure, Unspoken, Traces of Guilt, Taken, Threads of Suspicion

Henderson, Tom:
Blood Justice: The True Story of Multiple Murder and a Family's Revenge (True Crime)

Hendricks, Greer:
The Wife Between Us, An Anonymous Girl, You Are Not Alone

Henry, April:
The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

Henry, James:
Blackwater, Pruning the Dead

Henshaw, Mark:
Red Cell, Cold Shot, The Fall of Moscow Station

Heppner, Vaughn (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Herriman, Nancy:
No Comfort for the Lost, No Pity for the Dead

Herron, Mick:
Slow Horses, Nobody Walks, Dead Lions, Real Tigers, The Last Voice You Hear, Spook Street, Reconstruction, The List, This Is What Happened, London Rules, Joe Country

Herron, Rita:
Dying to Tell, Her Dying Breath, Worth Dying For, Dying for Love, All the Beautiful Brides, All the Pretty Faces, All the Dead Girls (temp)

Hess, Joan:
Deader Homes and Gardens, Misery Loves Maggody,, The Merry Wives of Maggody, Murder as a Second Language, Pride v. Prejudice, Much Ado in Maggody, Mortal Remains in Maggody, Madness in Maggody, Maggody in Manhattan, Mummy Dearest

Hesse, Monica:
American Fire

Heubusch, John:
The Shroud Conspiracy

Hewson, David:
Semana Santa, Epiphany, Lucifer’s Shadow, The Promised Land, A Season for the Dead, The Villa of Mysteries, The Sacred Cut, The Lizard’s Bite, The Seventh Sacrament, The Garden of Evil, Dante's Numbers, The Blue Demon, The Fallen Angel, Macbeth: A Novel (w/ A. J. Hartley), The House of Dolls, The Wrong Girl, The Killing, The Killing 2, The Killing 3, Little Sister, The Savage Shore, Devil's Fjord

Heyer, Georgette (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Cotillion, The Masqueraders (some background hiss in parts but mostly fine), The Quiet Gentleman, The Foundling, The Conqueror, The Unknown Ajax, The Reluctant Widow, An Infamous Army, April Lady, Black Moth, Powder and Patch, Bath Tangle, Cousin Kate, Devil's Cub, Simon the Coldheart, Charity Girl, Sprig Muslin, False Colours, The Convenient Marriage, Friday's Child, The Private World Of Georgette Heyer (biography by Jane Aiken Hodge), Footsteps In The Dark, Why Shoot a Butler?, The Unfinished Clue, Penhallow, Death in the Stocks; Behold Here's Poison; They Found Him Dead, These Old Shades, A Blunt Instrument, No Wind of Blame, Envious Casca, Duplicate Death, Detection Unlimited

Hiaasen, Carl:
Hoot, Tourist Season, Double Whammy, Skinny Dip, Strip Tease, Basket Case, Lucky You, Skin Tight, The Downhill Lie, Nature Girl, Sick Puppy, Stormy Weather, Native Tongue, Flush, Team Rodent, Chomp, Trap Line (w/Bill Montalbano), Powder Burn (w/Bill Montalbano), Bad Monkey, Star Island, The Edible Exile (short), No Surrender, Razor Girl, A Death In China (w/Bill Montalbano)

Hickie, Amanda:
Before This Is Over

Higashino, Keigo:
The Devotion of Suspect X, Salvation of a Saint, Malice, A Midsummer's Equation, Newcomer, Under the Midnight Sun

Higgins, George V.
A Change of Gravity

Higgins, Jack:
Eye of the Storm, Thunderpoint, On Dangerous Ground, Drink with the Devil, The President’s Daughter, The White House Connection, Day of Reckoning, Edge of Danger, Midnight Runner, Bad Company, Dark Justice, Without Mercy, The Killing Ground, Rough Justice, A Darker Place, The Wolf at the Door, Luciano's Luck, To Catch a King, Bad Company, Toll for the Brave, Year of The Tiger, In the Hour Before Midnight, Thunder Point, The Graveyard Shift, Brought in Dead, Hell Is Always Today, Night Of The Fox, Cold Harbour, Flight of Eagles, Sheba, Comes the Dark Stranger, Exocet, A Devil is Waiting, The Last Place God Made, The Khufra Run, The Iron Tiger, Sad Wind from the Sea, Pay The Devil (2012), Passage by Night (2012), Solo (2012), Dillinger (aka Thunder at Noon), Dark Side of the Street, East of Desolation, A Fine Night For Dying, The Keys of Hell, Midnight Never Comes, The Death Trade, Rain on the Dead, The Eagle Has Landed, Touch of the Devil, Confessional, The Eagle Has Flown, The Testament of Caspar Schultz (faint tape hiss), Death Run (w/ Justin Richards), The Year of the Tiger, The Keys of Hell, Angel of Death, The President's Daughter

Highsmith, Patricia (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
Strangers on a Train, The Glass Cell, The Blunderer, A Dog's Ransom, The Talented Mr Ripley, Ripley Under Ground, Ripley's Game, The Boy Who Followed Ripley, Ripley Under Water, This Sweet Sickness, Deep Water

Hightower, Lynn S.
Flashpoint (temp), Eyeshot (temp), No Good Deed (temp)

Hilary, Sarah:
Someone Else's Skin, No Other Darkness,  Tastes Like Fear, Never Be Broken

Hileman, John Michael:

Hill, Reginald:
A Clubbable Woman, An Advancement of Learning, Ruling Passion, An April Shroud, A Killing Kindness, Deadheads, Exit Lines, Child's Play, Bones and Silence, Under World, Recalled to Life, Pictures of Perfection, The Wood Beyond, Asking for the Moon (some tape hiss), On Beulah Height, Arms and the Women, Dialogues of the Dead (old cassette source, sound just okay), Death's Jest-Book, Good Morning Midnight, The Death of Dalziel (aka Death Comes for the Fat Man), A Cure for All Diseases (aka The Price of Butcher's Meat), Midnight Fugue, Blood Sympathy, Born Guilty, Killing the Lawyers, Singing the Sadness, The Roar of the Butterflies, Who Guards a Prince, The Stranger House, The Spy's Wife, The Only Game, The Woodcutter,  The Collaborators, A Pinch of Snuff, Dream of Darkness, One Small Step (short/novella)

Hill, Susan (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
The Various Haunts of Men, The Pure in Heart, The Risk of Darkness, The Vows of Silence, The Man in the Picture, The Woman in Black, The Betrayal of Trust, A Question of Identity, The Soul of Discretion, A Breach of Security (short), Shadows in the Street, A Kind Man, Dolly: A Ghost Story (novella), Black Sheep (short), The Beacon (novella)

Hill, Suzette A.
A Little Murder, The Venetian Venture

Hillerman, Anne:
Dance Hall of the Dead, People of Darkness, The Dark Wind, The Ghostway, Talking God, Sacred Clowns, The Fallen Man, Rock with Wings, Spider Woman's Daughter, Rock with Wings, Song of the Lion, Cave of Bones, The Tale Teller

Hillerman, Tony:
The Blessing Way, The Fly on the Wall, Dance Hall of the Dead, Listening Woman, People of Darkness, The Dark Wind, The Ghostway, Skinwalkers, A Thief of Time, Talking God, Coyote Waits (abr.), Sacred Clown, Finding Moon, The Fallen Man, The First Eagle, Hunting Badger, The Wailing Wind, The Sinister Pig, Skeleton Man, The Shape Shifter, The Great Taos Bank Robbery: And Other True Stories of the Southwest (non-fiction), Seldom Disappointed (memoir)

Hillhouse, R. J.

Hillier, Jennifer:
Creep, Freak, The Butcher, Jar of Hearts, Little Secrets

Hilton, L. S.

Hilton, Traci Tyne:
Good Clean Murder, Foreclosed, Eminent Domain

Hines, T. L.
Waking Lazarus

Hinkens, N. L.
The Silent Surrogate

Hinton, Lynne:
Sister Eve and the Blue Nun

Hinze, Vicki:
All Due Respect, Deadly Ties

Hirsch, Reece:
The Adversary, Intrusion

Hitchcock, Jane Stanton:
Social Crimes

Hoag, Tami (see also Romance Audiobooks by Authos list):
Kill the Messenger, Prior Bad Acts, Night Sins, Dark Horse, The Alibi Man, Dust to Dust, Cry Wolf, Ashes to Ashes, A Thin Dark Line (some brief "popping" noise scattered throughout), Secrets to the Grave, Still Waters (2012), Dark Paradise, Guilty as Sin, The 9th Girl, The 1st Victim (short/novella), Ashes to Ashes, The Boy

Hobbs, Roger:
Ghostman, Vanishing Games

Hockensmith, Steve (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Holmes on the Range, On the Wrong Track

Hodel, Fauna:
One Day She'll Darken: The Mysterious Beginnings of Fauna Hodel

Hodge, Sibel:
Look Behind You, Duplicity

Hoffman, Jilliane:
Plea of Insanity, Last Witness, Retribution, The Cutting Room, All The Little Pieces

Hogan, Andrew:
Hunting El Chapo: The Inside Story of the American Lawman Who Captured the World's Most-Wanted Drug Lord (True Crime)

Hogan, Chuck:
The Standoff, The Blood Artists, Devils in Exile, Prince of Thieves, The Killing Moon

Hogan, Cindy M.
Watched, Protected

Hogan, Phil:
A Pleasure and a Calling

Hohenstein, Traci:
Deceptive Measures, Cut and Run

Ho-Kei, Chan:
The Borrowed

Holahan, Cate:
Dark Turns, Lies She Told

Hollis, Lee:
Death of a Kitchen Diva, Death of a Country Fried Redneck, Death of a Coupon Clipper, Death of a Chocoholic, Death of a Christmas Caterer, Death of a Cupcake Queen, Death of a Bacon Heiress, Death of a Pumpkin Carver, Death of a Cookbook Author, Poppy Harmon Investigates, Poppy Harmon and the Hung Jury

Hollon, Cheryl:
Pane and Suffering, Shards of Murder, Cracked to Death, Shattered at Sea

Holsinger, Bruce:
The Invention of Fire

Holm, Chris:
The Killing Kind, Red Right Hand

Holt, Anne:
1222, Fear Not, Blind Goddess, The Final Murder, Punishment (aka What Is Mine), The Lion's Mouth, No Echo, In Dust and Ashes, What Dark Clouds Hide

Holt, Elliott:
You Are One of Them

Honigford, Cheryl:
The Darkness Knows, Homicide for the Holidays

Hood, Joshua:
Clear by Fire

Hooper, Kay (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Hiding in the Shadows, Illegal Possession, Larger Than Life, Out of the Shadows, Stealing Shadows, The Haunting of Josie, If There Be Dragons, Rebel Waltz, Time After Time, Blood Sins, Blood Dreams, Hunting Fear, Chill of Fear, Sleeping With Fear, Sense of Evil, Whisper of Evil, Touching Evil, Once a Thief, Haunting Rachel, C J's Fate, Finding Laura, The Fall of Lucas Kendrick, Haven, Unmasking Kelsey, The First Prophet, Shades of Gray, Hostage, Haunted, A Deadly Web, Fear the Dark, After Caroline, Wait for Dark, Hold Back the Dark, Final Shadows, Hidden Salem
Hopf, G. Michael:

Hopkins, Karen Ann:
Lamb to the Slaughter, Hidden in Plain Sight, Secrets in the Grave, Whispers from the Dead

Hopkins, Vicki:
The Phantom of Valletta

Horsley, Kate:
The American Girl

Horst, Jorn Lier:
Dregs, The Caveman, Ordeal, Closed for Winter, The Hunting Dogs, When It Grows Dark

Houghton, Keith:
Killing Hope, No Coming Back, Before You Leap

Houston, Victoria:
Dead Angler, Dead Creek, Dead Water, Dead Frenzy, Dead Hot Mama, Dead Jitterbug, Dead Boogie, Dead Madonna, Dead Hot Shot, Dead Renegate, Dead Deceiver, Dead Tease, Dead Insider

Horowitz, Anthony (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror & Children's Audiobooks by Author lists):
I Know What You Did Last Wednesday, Trigger Mortis, The House of Silk, Moriarty, Magpie Murders, The Word Is Murder, Forever and a Day, The Sentence Is Death, Nightshade

Howard, Catherine Ryan:
The Liar's Girl

Howard, Linda (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Heart of Fire, Burn, Death Angel, Raintree: Inferno, Bluebird Winter, Cover of Night, Sarah's Child, MacKenzie's Mission, Mackenzie's Pleasure, Mackenzie's Mountain, The Touch of Fire, A Lady of the West, Killing Time, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Dying To Please, To Die For, Open Season, All The Queen’s Men, Up Close And Dangerous, Kiss Me While I Sleep, Cry No More, An Independent Wife, All That Glitters, Dream Man, Mr. Perfect, Now You See Her, Kill and Tell, Ice, Son of the Morning, Shadow Woman

Howell, Katherine:
Frantic, Silent Fear, Cold Justice

Hruska, Alan:
Wrong Man Running

Huang, Christopher:
A Gentleman's Murder

Huber, Anna Lee:
The Anatomist's Wife, Mortal Arts, A Grave Matter, As Death Draws Near, Mortal Arts, A Study in Death, This Side of Murder, A Brush with Shadows, Treacherous Is the Night, An Artless Demise, Treacherous Is the Night, A Stroke of Malice

Humphries, Jessie:
Killing Ruby Rose

Hunsicker, Harry:
The Contractors, Shadow Boys

Hunt, Tom:
One Fatal Mistake

Hunter, Alan:
Gently Does It, Gently By the Shore, Gently Down the Stream, Gently Through the Mill, Gently with the Painters, Gently Where the Roads Go, Gently Floating, Gently to the Summit, Gently in the Sun, Landed Gently, Gently Sahib

Hunter, Cara:
Close to Home, In the Dark, No Way Out

Hunter, Elizabeth (see Romance Audiobooks by Author  list)

Hunter, Gwen:
Delayed Diagnosis, Prescribed Danger, Deadly Remedy, Grave Concerns

Hunter, Jack D.
Spies, Inc., The Ace, One of Us Works for Them, Florida is Closed Today, The Terror Alliance, The Blue Max

Hunter, Maddy:
Alpine For You, Top O' the Mournin', Pasta Imperfect, Hula Done It?, G'Day To Die, Norway to Hide, Dutch Me Deadly, Bonnie of Evidence, Fleur de Lies

Hunter, Stephen:
Point of Impact (Abr.), The 47th Samurai; I, Sniper; Night of Thunder, Hot Springs, Pale Horse Coming, Havana, Dirty White Boys, American Gunfight (non-fiction, w/John Bainbridge Jr.), Dead Zero, Night of Thunder, The Master Sniper, The Third Bullet, Sniper's Honor, I Ripper, Time to Hunt, Black Light, G-Man, Game of Snipers

Huntley, Swan:
We Could Be Beautiful, The Goddesses

Hurley, Graham:
One Under, No Lovelier Death, Beyond Reach

Hurwitz, Gregg:
The Crime Writer, Tell No Lies, Don't Look Back, Orphan X, We Know, The Nowhere Man, Hellbent, The Tower, Do No Harm, The Intern: An Orphan X Short Story, Out of the Dark, The Kill Clause, The Program, Last Shot, Minutes to Burn, Into the Fire

Huston, Charlie:
Caught Stealing, Six Bad Things, Already Dead, No Dominion, The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death, The Shotgun Rule, A Dangerous Man, Sleepless

Huston, James W.
Marine One, Fallout, Flash Point, Secret Justice, The Blood Flag

Hustvedt, Siri:
The Blazing World

Hutchins, Pamela Fagan:
Saving Grace

Hutchison, Dot:
The Butterfly Garden, The Roses of May, The Summer Children, The Vanishing Season

Hutson, Shaun (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Hyzy, Julie:
Grace Under Pressure, Home of the Braised, State of the Onion, All the President's Menus, Deadly Blessings, Artistic License, Grace Interrupted, Hail to the Chef, Eggsecutive Orders, Buffalo West Wing, Affairs of Steak, Fonduing Fathers, Foreign Eclairs, Grace Among Thieves, Grace Takes Off, Grace Against the Clock

Iden, Matthew:
The Winter Over

Ifkovic, Ed:
Old News

Ignatius, David:
The Bank of Fear, The Increment, Blood Money, The Director, Body of Lies, The Increment, A Firing Offence, Siro, The Quantum Spy, Agents of Innocence, The Paladin

Iles, Greg:
24 Hours, Third Degree, True Evil, Turning Angel, Spandau Phoenix, The Devil's Punchbowl, Mortal Fear, Footprints of God, Sleep No More, Dead Sleep, Blood Memory, The Quiet Game, Black Cross, Natchez Burning, The Death Factory (novella), The Bone Tree, Mississippi Blood, Cemetery Road

Inbinder, Gary:
The Devil in Montmartre, The Hanged Man

Indridason, Arnaldur:
Hypothermia, The Draining Lake, Silence of the Grave, Voices, Arctic Chill, Jar City, Outrage, Strange Shores, Black Skies, Reykjavik Nights, Oblivion (Sean Barrett), Into Oblivion (same book as Oblivion but read by George Guidall), The Shadow District, The Shadow Killer

Ingelman-Sundberg, Catharina:
The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules, The Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again!, The Little Old Lady Behaving Badly

Ingolfsson, Viktor Arnar:
The Flatey Enigma, House of Evidence, Daybreak, Sun on Fire

Innes, Hammond:
The Wreck of the Mary Deare

Ireland, D. E.
Wouldn't It Be Deadly

Ireland, Dawn Greenfield:
Hot Chocolate

Ironside, Elizabeth:
A Very Private Enterprise, Death in the Garden

Irving, Terry:

Iyer, Polly:
Mind Games, Murder Deja Vu

Jackson, David:
Marked, A Tapping at My Door

Innes Michael:
Death at the President's Lodging, Hamlet Revenge!, The Secret Vanguard, The Daffodil Affair, The Weight of Evidence, Appleby's End, Appleby at Allington, The Appleby File, Appelby & the Ospreys, Operation Pax, The Long Farewell, Silence Observed, Appleby's Answer, What Happened At Hazelwood, Old Hall New Hall

Ivy, Alexandra (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Jackson, L. M.
A Most Dangerous Woman, The Mesmerist's Apprentice

Jackson, Lee:
A Metropolitan Murder, The Last Pleasure Garden

Jackson, Joshilyn:
Never Have I Ever

Jackson, Lisa (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
If She Only Knew, Devil's Gambit, Zachary's Law, Temptress, Hot Blooded, Cold Blooded, Shiver, Absolute Fear, Almost Dead, Lost Souls, Malice, The Night Before, Left to Die, Deep Freeze, Final Scream, The Morning After, Treasures (aka See How She Dies), Without Mercy, Chosen to Die, Deep Freeze, Fatal Burn, Innocent by Association, Unspoken, Whispers, Devious, Born to Die, Wicked Game (w/Nancy Bush), Afraid to Die, You Don't Want to Know, Tell Me, Ready to Die, Deserves to Die, Close to Home, Wicked Ways (w/Nancy Bush), Never Die Alone, After She's Gone, Most Likely to Die (w/Wendy Corsi Staub and Beverly Barton), Expecting to Die, You Will Pay, Ominous (w/Nancy Bush & Rosalind Noonan), One Last Breath (w/Nancy Bush), Liar Liar, Backlash, Willing to Die, Ruthless, Paranoid

Jacobs, Nova:
The Last Equation of Isaac Severy

Jacobs, R. J.
And Then You Were Gone

Jacobson, Alan:
Inmate 1577, False Accusations, The Hunted, The 7th Victim, Crush, Velocity, The Hunted, Hard Target, No Way Out, The Darkness of Evil

Jahn, Ryan David:
Acts of Violence

James, Aiden (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

James, Delia:
A Familiar Tale, By Familiar Means, Familiar Motives: A Witch's Cat Mystery

James, Ed:
The Hope That Kills, Worth Killing For, What Doesn't Kill You, In for the Kill, Kill with Kindness

James, Miranda:
Out of Circulation, Arsenic and Old Books, Murder Past Due, No Cats Allowed, Digging Up the Dirt, Twelve Angry Librarians, Bless Her Dead Little Heart, Dead with the Wind, Claws for Concern, Fixing to Die, Six Cats a Slayin', The Pawful Truth

James, P. D.
Cover Her Face, A Mind to Murder, Unnatural Causes, Shroud for a Nightingale, The Black Tower, Death of an Expert Witness, A Taste for Death, Devices and Desires, Original Sin, A Certain Justice, Death in Holy Orders, The Murder Room, The Lighthouse, The Private Patient, Unsuitable Job for a Woman, The Skull Beneath the Skin, Innocent Blood, The Children of Men, An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, Death Comes to Pemberley, The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories

James, Peter:
Dead Simple, Not Dead Enough, Looking Good Dead, Dead Man's Footsteps, Dead Like You, Dead Man's Grip,  Dead Tomorrow, Not Dead Yet, Dead Man's Time, Want You Dead, You Are Dead, The House on Cold Hill, Love You Dead, Need You Dead, The Perfect Murder (short/novella), Sweet Heart, Dead If You Don't, Absolute Proof, Host, Dreamer,
Dead at First Sight, Alchemist

James, Rebecca:
Beautiful Malice, Sweet Damage

James, Steven:
The Pawn, The Rook, The Knight, Every Crooked Path, Every Deadly Kiss, Every Wicked Man

Jameson, Hanna:
The Last

Jance, J. A.
Until Proven Guilty, Injustice for All, Trial by Fury, Improbable Cause, A More Perfect Union, Dismissed with Prejudice, Minor in Possession, Payment in Kind, Without Due Process, Failure to Appear, Lying in Wait, Name Withheld, Breach of Duty, Birds of Prey, Long Time Gone, Justice Denied, Web of Evil, Hand of Evil, The Edge of Evil, Don't You Forget About Me, Hour of the Hunter, Day of the Dead, Queen of the Night, Fatal Error, Trial By Fire, Taking the Fifth, Betrayal of Trust, Desert Heat, Tombstone Courage, Shoot/Don't Shoot, Dead to Rights, Skeleton Canyon, Rattlesnake Crossing, Outlaw Mountain, Devil’s Claw, Paradise Lost, Partner in Crime, Exit Wounds, Dead Wrong, Damage Control, Fire and Ice, Cruel Intent, Left for Dead, Judgement Call, Deadly Stakes, Second Watch, Moving Target, The Old Blue Line (novella), Remains of Innocence, A Last Goodbye (novella), Cold Betrayal, Dance of the Bones, Stand Down (novella), No Honor Among Thieves (novella), Clawback, Random Acts (novella), Downfall, Man Overboard, Proof of Life, Duel to the Death, Field of Bones, Sins of the Fathers

Jaynes, Jennifer:
The Stranger Inside

Jecks, Michael:
The Tainted Relic (w/The Medieval Murderers), Sword of Shame (w/The Medieval Murderers),  House of Shadows (w/The Medieval Murderers), The Lost Prophecies (w/The Medieval Murderers), King Arthur's Bones (w/The Medieval Murderers), The Last Templar, The Merchant's Partner, A Moorland Hanging, The Chapel of Bones, The Butcher of St. Peter's, A Friar's Bloodfeud, The Deathship of Dartmouth, The Malice of Unnatural Death, Dispensation of Death; The Templar, The Queen and Her Lover; The Prophecy of Death, King of Thieves, No Law in The Land, The Bishop Must Die, City of Fiends

Jennings, Amanda:
In Her Wake

Jennings, Luke:
Codename Villanelle, Killing Eve: No Tomorrow

Jennings, Maureen:
Does Your Mother Know?, Under the Dragon's Tail, Poor Tom Is Cold, Let Loose the Dogs, Dead Ground in Between

Jensen, Jane:
Kingdom Come

Jentz, Terri:
Strange Piece of Paradise (non-fiction)

Jewell, Lisa (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
The Girls in the Garden, Then She Was Gone, The Third Wife, Before I Met You, Watching You

Jia, Mai:

Jennings, Alex:
Theft of the Master

Jinks, Catherine (see Children's Audiobooks by Author list)

Johansen, Iris (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
The Face of Deception, The Killing Game, The Search, Body Of Lies, Final Target, No One to Trust, Dead Aim, Blind Alley, Chasing the Night, Countdown, Killer Dreams, Stalemate, Pandora's Daughter, Quicksand, Dark Summer, Eight Days to Live, Chasing the Night, Fatal Tide, Everlasting, Silent Thunder, On the Run, Firestorm, The Ugly Duckling, And Then You Die, The Golden Valkyrie, The Wind Dancer, Midnight Warrior, Storm Cycle (w/Roy Johansen), Shadow Zone (w/ Roy Johansen), Capture The Rainbow, And The Desert Blooms, One Touch of Topaz, Touch The Horizon, Magnificent Folly, Tender Savage, Long After Midnight (old cassette source), Notorious, An Unexpected Song, Dark Rider, Eve, Quinn, Bonnie, Blue Velvet, The Bronzed Hawk, Always, A Summer Smile, What Doesn't Kill You, Deadlock (2012), Close Your Eyes, Strong Hot Winds, Sleep No More, Hunting Eve, Taking Eve, Silencing Eve, Live to See Tomorrow, Sight Unseen (w/Roy Johansen), Reap the Wind, The Perfect Witness, Shadow Play, Hide Away, Night and Day, Night Watch (w/Roy Johansen), No Easy Target, Look Behind You, Mind Game, Shattered Mirror, Double Blind, Vendetta, Dark Tribute, With Open Eyes (short w/Roy Johansen), Smokescreen, Hindsight (w/Roy Johansen)

Johnson, Claire M.
Beat until Stiff, Roux Morgue

Johnson, Craig:
Death Without Company, Another Man’s Moccasins, Kindness Goes Unpunished, The Cold Dish, Junkyard Dogs, As the Crow Flies, Hell is Empty, A Serpent's Tooth, Spirit of Steamboat (novella), Any Other Name, Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories, Dry Bones, The Highwayman (novella), An Obvious Fact, The Western Star, Depth of Winter, Land of Wolves

Johnson, Deborah:
The Secret of Magic

Johnson, Jeff:
Lucky Supreme, A Long Crazy Burn

Johnson, Kirk Wallace:
The Feather Thief: Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century (True Crime)

Johnson, Lee Clay:
Nitro Mountain

Johnson, Matt:
Wicked Game

Johnston, Bret Anthony:
Remember Me Like This

Johnston, Linda O.
Pick & Chews

Johnston, Tim:
Descent, The Current

Jonasson, Ragnar:
Snowblind, Nightblind, Blackout, The Darkness, The Island, Rupture

Jones, Holly Goddard:
The Next Time You See Me

Jones, Lisa Renee (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Jones, Philip Gwynne:
The Venetian Masquerade

Jones, Sandie:
The Other Woman

Jones, Stephen Lloyd:
The String Diaries

Jones, Stephen Mack:
August Snow

Jones, Susanna:
The Earthquake Bird

Jones, Tanen:
The Better Liar

Johnson, Maureen (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Truly Devious, The Vanishing Stair, The Hand on the Wall

Johnson-Howe, Melodie:
City of MIrrors, Hold a Scorpion

Jones, Darynda (see also Sc-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
A Bad Day for Sunshine

Jones, Pauline Baird (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Jordan, Chris:
Trapped, Measure of Darkness

Joseph, Alison:
The Darkening Sky, A Violent Act

Joss, Morag:
Puccini's Ghosts

Judson, Daniel:
The Darkest Place, Avenged, The Betrayer

Jungstedt, Mari:
A Darker Sky

Kaaberbol, Lene:
Death of a Nightingale (w/Agnete Friis), Doctor Death, Invisible Murder, The Boy in the Suitcase, The Considerate Killer, A Lady in Shadows: A Madeleine Karno Mystery

Kagen, Lesley:
Tomorrow River

Kallentoft, Mons:
Midwinter Sacrifice, Summertime Death, Savage Spring, The Fifth Season, Water Angels

Kamal, Sheena:
The Lost Ones, It All Falls Down

Kaminsky, Stuart M.
Death of A Dissident (aka Rostnikov's Corpse), Black Knight in Red Square, Red Chameleon, A Cold Red Sunrise, A Fine Red Rain (old cassette source, some background hiss but narration is clear), Rostnikov's Vacation, The Man Who Walked Like a Bear, Death of a Russian Priest, Hard Currency, Blood and Rubles, Tarnished Icons, The Dog Who Bit a Policeman, Fall of a Cosmonaut, Murder on the Trans-Siberian Express, The People Who Walk in Darkness, A Whisper to the Living, Vengeance, The Fala Factor, Bullet for a Star, Down For the Count, Mildred Pierced, Dancing in the Dark, The Melting Clock, The Devil Met a Lady, Tomorrow Is Another Day, Poor Butterfly, Buried Caesars, He Done Her Wrong, Catch a Falling Clown, High Midnight, Never Cross a Vampire, You Bet Your Life, Murder on the Yellow Brick Road, Howard Hughes Affair, Lieberman's Folly, Lieberman's Choice, Lieberman's Day, The Big Silence, Not Quite Kosher, The Last Dark Place, Terror Town, Retribution, Bright Futures, Lieberman's Law, Lieberman's Thief, Rockford Files: The Green Bottle, Rockford Files: Devil on my Doorstep, Midnight Pass, Denial, Always Say Goodbye, Smart Moves, A Fatal Glass of Beer, A Few Minutes Past Midnight, To Catch a Spy, The Rockford Files: Devil on My Doorstep (light tape hiss), Think Fast Mr. Peters

Kandel, Susan:
I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason, Not a Girl Detective, Shamus in a Green Room, Christietown, Dial H for Hitchcock

Kane, Andrea (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Wrong Place Wrong Time, Twisted, Dark Room, Drawn in Blood, I'll Be Watching You, The Line Between Here and Gone, The Girl Who Disappeared Twice, No Way Out, The Stranger You Know, The Silence That Speaks, The Murder That Never Was, Dead in a Week, No Stone Unturned

Kanon, Joseph:
Stardust, Istanbul Passage, Leaving Berlin, Defectors, The Accomplice

Kaplan, Andrew:
Scorpion Betrayal, Scorpion Winter, Scorpion Deception, Saul's Game, Carrie's Run

Kappes, Tonya:
Fixin' To Die

Kara, Lesley:
The Rumor

Kardos, Michael:
Before He Finds Her, The Three-Day Affair

Karlsson, Jonas:
The Room

Karp, Marshall:
The Rabbit Factory, Bloodthirsty, Flipping Out; Cut, Paste, Kill (one title, not three)

Kasasian, M. R. C.
The Mangle Street Murders, Curse of the House of Foskett, Death Descends on Saturn Villa, The Secrets Of Gaslight Lane, Dark Dawn Over Steep House

Kasasian, Martin:
The Mangle Street Murders

Kasischke, Laura:
The Raising, Mind of Winter

Kaufman, Andrew E. (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
While the Savage Sleeps, The Lion The Lamb The Hunted, Darkness & Shadows, Twisted

Katzenbach, John:
What Comes Next, Red 1-2-3, The Dead Student

Kava, Alex:
A Perfect Evil, Split Second (abr.), A Necessary Evil, Exposed, Black Friday, Damaged, One False Move, Fireproof, At the Stroke of Madness, The Soul Catcher, Stranded, Whitewash, Hotwire, Breaking Creed, Silent Creed, Reckless Creed, Before Evil

Kavanagh, Emma:
After We Fall, The Missing Hours, The Killer on the Wall, To Catch a Killer, I Am Watching

Kay, Adam:
This Is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor

Kay, Francesca:
The Long Room

Kaye, M. M. (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
Death in Berlin, Death in the Andamans, Death in Kashmir, Death in Kenya, Death in Cyprus, Death in Zanzibar

Kazinski, A. J.
The Last Good Man

Keane, Jessie:
Stay Dead

Kearsley, Susanna:
Every Secret Thing

Keating, H. R. F.
The Perfect Murder, Inspector Ghote's Good Crusade, A Detective Under Fire, Inspector Ghote Plays a Joker, Inspector Ghote Breaks an Egg, The Murder of the Maharajah, One Man and His Bomb, Under a Monsoon Cloud, The Body in the Billiard Room, Asking Questions, A Small Case for Inspector Ghote, The Hard Detective; Bribery, Corruption Also; A Detective at Death's Door, The Body in the Billiard Room, Inspector Ghote Trusts the Heart, A Detective in Love, The Dreaming Detective, Rules Regs and Rotten Eggs, The Good Detective, The Governess, The Man of Gold, Into the Valley of Death, A Long Walk to Wimbledon, Filmi Filmi, Inspector Ghote's First Case

Keen, Greg:
Soho Dead, Soho Ghosts

Keener, Jessica:
Strangers in Budapest

Keller, Julia:
A Killing in the Hills, Bitter River, Summer of the Dead, Sorrow Road, Last Ragged Breath

Kellerman, Faye:
The Burnt House, The Mercedes Coffin (aka Cold Case), Stone Kiss, Street Dreams, Garden of Eden, Day of Atonement, Grievous Sin, Blindman's Bluff, Sanctuary, Hangman, Gun Games, Prism, Milk and Honey, False Prophet. Justice, Prayers for the Dead, Jupiter's Bones, Stalker, Forgotten, Double Homicide (w/ Jonathan Kellerman), The Beast, Murder 101, The Theory of Death, The Voiceless (short), The Ritual Bath, Sacred and Profane, Serpent's Tooth, Bone Box, Killing Season, Walking Shadows

Kellerman, Jesse:
Sunstroke, Trouble, The Genius, The Executor

Kellerman, Jonathan:
When The Bough Breaks, Silent Partner, Bad Love, The Web, The Murder Book, A Cold Heart, Therapy, Blood Test, Time Bomb, Bones, Evidence, True Detectives (Abr.), The Clinic, Compulsion, Obsession, Victims, Double Homicide (w/ Faye Kellerman), Guilt, Twisted, Killer, Private Eyes (2014), Devil's Waltz (2014), Deception, The Golem of Hollywood, Motive, The Murderer's Daughter, The Golem of Paris, Breakdown, Dr. Death, Heartbreak Hotel, Monster, Crime Scene, Night Moves, A Measure of Darkness, The Wedding Guest, The Museum of Desire

Kelly, Brynn (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Kelly, Diane:
Paw Enforcement, Paw and Order, Laying Down the Paw, Against the Paw, Above the Paw, Enforcing the Paw, Death Taxes and a Skinny No-Whip Latte, Death Taxes and Extra-Hold Hairspray, The Long Paw of the Law, Dead as a Door Knocker, Dead in the Doorway

Kelly, Erin:
He Said/She Said, Stone Mothers

Kelly, Jim:
The Water Clock, The Fire Baby, The Moon Tunnel, The Coldest Blood, The Skeleton Man, Nightrise, The Funeral Owl

Kelly, Mary Louise:
The Bullet

Kelly, Sofie:
Curiosity Thrilled the Cat, Sleight of Paw, Copycat Killing, Cat Trick, Final Catcall, A Midwinter's Tail, Paws and Effect, Two Tall Tails (w/Sofie Ryan, contains novellas The Cat Burglar & No More Pussyfooting Around), A Tale of Two Kitties, The Cats Came Back, A Night’s Tail

Kelly, Susan:
Out of the Darkness

Kendal, Claire:
The Second Sister

Kendall, Claire:
The Book of You

Kendrick, Patrick:
Extended Family

Kennedy, Elle (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Kent, Alexander (see General Fiction Audio Book by Author list)

Kent, Christobel:
The Dead Season, The Crooked House, The Loving Husband, The Day She Disappeared

Kent, Hannah:
Burial Rites

Kent, Kathleen:
The Dime

Kent, Minka:
When I Was You, Stillwater Girls

Kepler, Lars:
The Hypnotist, The Nightmare, The Fire Witness, The Sandman, Stalker, The Rabbit Hunter, The Fire Witness, Stalker, Lazarus

Kepnes, Caroline:
You, Hidden Bodies, Providence

Kerley, Jack:
The Hundredth Man, The Death Collectors, The Broken Souls, Buried Alive, Her Last Scream, The Death Box, The Memory Killer, In the Blood, Little Girls Lost, The Apostle

Kernick, Simon:
Target, Relentless, Severed, Deadline, The Last 10 Seconds, The Crime Trade, The Payback, The Murder Exchange, The Business of Dying, A Good Day To Die, Siege, Ultimatum, Stay Alive, Dead Man's Gift (novella), The Final Minute, The Witness, The Bone Field, The Murder Exchange, The Hanged Man, Die Alone

Kerr, Lucy:
Time of Death

Kerr, Philip:
March Violets, The Pale Criminal, A German Requiem, The One from the Other, A Quiet Flame, If the Dead Rise Not, Field Grey, Dark Matter: The Private Life of Sir Isaac Newton, Prague Fatale, The One from the Other, A Five-Year Plan, Research, The Lady from Zagreb, January Window, The Hand of God, The Other Side of Silence, False Nine, Prussian Blue, Greeks Bearing Gifts, Metropolis, A Man Without Breath

Kessler, Kate:
It Takes One, Two Can Play, Three Strikes

Ketchum, Jack (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
The Secret Life of Souls, Cover

Khan, Ausma Zehanat:
The Unquiet Dead, Language of Secrets, Among the Ruins, A Dangerous Crossing, A Deadly Divide, No Place of Refuge

Khan, Vaseem:
The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra, The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown, The Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star, Murder at the Grand Raj Palace

Khoury, Raymond:
The End Game, Rasputin's Shadow, Empire of Lies

Kidd, Cornelia:
Death and a Pot of Chowder

Kidd, Jess:
Things in Jars

Kiefer, Christian:
The Animals

Kier, Linda:
Drowning with Others

Kiernan, Olivia:
Too Close to Breathe, The Killer in Me

Kies, Thomas:
Darkness Lane

Kilpack, Josi S.
Fortune Cookie

Kimball, Michael:
Mouth to Mouth

Kincaid, Harper:
To Kill a Mocking Girl

King, Jonathon:
The Blue Edge of Midnight, A Visible Darkness, Shadow Men, A Killing Night, Acts of Nature, Midnight Guardians, Don’t Lose Her

King, Laurie:
A Grave Talent, To Play the Fool, With Child, The Art of Detection, Locked Rooms, Keeping Watch, The Beekeeper's Apprentice, The Game, The Language of Bees, A Monstrous Regiment of Women, The God of the Hive, Night Work, The Moor, A Letter of Mary, O Jerusalem, Folly, Califias Daughters,The Moor, Folly, Pirate King, Beekeeping for Beginners (short), Garment of Shadows, The Bones of Paris, Dreaming Spies, The Marriage of Mary Russell (short/novella), The Murder of Mary Russell, Mary Russell's War: And Other Stories of Suspense, Echoes of Sherlock Holmes: Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon (stories by various authors, edited by Laurie R. King & Leslie S. Klinger), Lockdown, Justice Hall, The Murder of Mary Russell, Beginnings

King, Lisa:
Death in a Wine Dark Sea

King, Samantha:
The Perfect Family

Kinnings, Max:

Kinsey, T. E.
A Quiet Life In The Country, In the Market for Murder, Death Around the Bend, The Burning Issue of the Day, Death Beside the Seaside

Kirino, Natsuo:

Kirman, Robins:
Bradstreet Gate

King, Maggie:
Murder at the Book Group

Kingsbury, Karen (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Kingsbury, Kate:
Dead and Breakfast, Doom with a View, Be Our Ghost

Klavan, Andrew (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Empire of Lies, Dynamite Road, Shotgun Alley, Damnation Street, A Killer in the Wind, Mindwar, The Look on Her Face (short), The Identity Man

Klehfoth, Elizabeth:
All These Beautiful Strangers

Klein, Libby:
Class Reunions Are Murder

Klein, Matthew:
No Way Back

Klempner, Joseph T.
Fogbound, Felony Murder, Flat Lake in Winter

Kling, Christine:
Circle of Bones, Dragon's Triangle, Surface Tension, Cross Current, Bitter End, Knight's Cross

Knebel, Fletcher:
Night of Camp David

Knight, Alanna:
Murder in the Regency Brighton, In the Shadow of the Minster, Ghost Walk, The Stuart Sapphire, Murder In Paradise, Destroying Angel, Quest for a Killer, The Inspector's Daughter, Dangerous Pursuits, An Orkney Murder, Deadly Legacy, The Balmoral Incident

Knight, Ali:
The Silent Ones

Knight, Bernard:
The Manor of Death, Fear in the Forest, The Elixir of Death, The Witch Hunter, The Tinner's Corpse, Noble Outlaw, The Grim Reaper, Figure of Hate, Crowner Royal, Where Death Delights, Grounds for Appeal

Knight, Renee:

Knoll, Jessica:
Luckiest Girl Alive, The Favorite Sister

Knopf, Chris:
The Last Refuge, Two Time, Short Squeeze, Hard Stop, Black Swan, Elysiana, Head Wounds, Dead Anyway, Cries of the Lost, A Billion Ways to Die, Cop Job, Back Lash, Tango Down

Knott, Robert:
Robert B. Parker's Blackjack, Robert B. Parker's Revelation, Robert B. Parker's Buckskin

Knox, Joseph:
Sirens, The Smiling Man, The Sleepwalker

Knox, Tom:
The Babylon Rite

Kohnstamm, Thomas:
Lake City

Kolker, Robert:
Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery (non-fiction)

Konkoly, Steven:
Black Flagged, Redux, Event Horizon, Point of Crisis, Fractured State, The Rescue, The Raid

Konrath, J. A. (see also Scifi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list for Konrath, J. A. & Kilborn, Jack):
Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary,  Rusty Nail, Dirty Martini, Fuzzy Navel, Cherry Bomb, Shaken, Jack Daniels Stories, Shot of Tequila, The List, Stirred, Crime Stories: Twenty Thriller Tales, Planter's Punch (short w/Tom Schreck), Fuzzy Navel, Floaters (short stories, w/Henry Perez), Babe on Board (short story w/Ann Voss Peterson), Codename: Chandler Trilogy (includes Flee, Spree, & Three), Naughty (novella, w/Ann Voss Peterson), Rum Runner, Webcam, Last Call, The List, White Russian, Chaser

Koontz, Dean (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Kope, Spencer:
Collecting the Dead, Whispers of the Dead

Koryta, Michael
Sorrow's Anthem, The Silent Hour, A Welcome Grave, Those Who Wish Me Dead, Last Words, Rise the Dark, How It Happened, Envy the Night, If She Wakes

Kornher-Stace, Nicole:
Archivist Wasp

Kovac, Christina:
The Cutaway

Kramer, Julie:
Stalking Susan, Missing Mark, Silencing Sam, Shunning Sarah

Kramon, Justin:
The Preservationist

Kraus, Harry:
A Heartbeat Away

Krentz, Ann Jayne (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Kretser, Michelle de:
The Hamilton Case

Kroese, Robert:
The Big Sheep, The Last Iota

Krueger, William Kent:
Iron Lake, Boundary Waters, Purgatory Ridge, Blood Hollow, Mercy Falls, Copper River, Thunder Bay, Red Knife, Heaven's Keep, Vermilion Drift, Trickster's Point, Ordinary Grace, Tamarack County, Windigo Island, Manitou Canyon, Sulfur Springs, Desolation Mountain

Kubica, Mary:
The Good Girl, Pretty Baby, Don't You Cry, Every Last Lie, When the Lights Go Out, The Other Mrs.

Kuhn, Shane:
The Intern's Handbook, The Asset

Kuhns, Eleanor:
A Simple Murder, Death of a Dyer, Cradle to Grave, Death in Salem, The Devil's Cold Dish

Kusler, Rex:
Desert Drop, Punctured, Smashed, Family, Snow Adrift

Kuzneski, Chris:
The Plantation, Sign of the Cross, Sword of God, The Lost Throne, The Prophecy, The Einstein Pursuit, The Hunters, The Forbidden Tomb, The Death Relic, The Prisoner's Gold, The Secret Crown


Kyle, C. J.
Silent Night

La Farge, Paul:
The Night Ocean

La Plante, Lynda:
Cold Heart, Above Suspicion, The Red Dahlia, Clean Cut, Deadly Intent, Silent Scream, Blind Fury, Civvies, Sleeping Cruelty, Royal Flush (aka Royal Heist), Trial and Retribution, Entwined, Bloodline, Mantis, Prime Suspect, Backlash, A Face in the Crowd, Wrongful Death, Tennison, Hidden Killers, Good Friday, Murder Mile, The Dirty Dozen, Cold Shoulder, Cold Blood, Buried

La Seur, Carrie:
The Home Place

Lackberg, Camilla:
The Ice Princess, The Preacher, The Stonecutter, The Gallows Bird (aka The Stranger, read by Eamonn Riley), The Hidden Child, The Drowning, The Stranger (aka The Gallows Bird, read by Simon Vance), The Lost Boy, The Hidden Child, Buried Angels, The Ice Child, The Girl in the Woods, The Gilded Cage

Lagercrantz, David:
The Girl in the Spider's Web, The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye, The Girl Who Lived Twice

Lansdale, Joe R. (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Bad Chili, The Two-Bear Mambo, The Bottoms, Vanilla Ride, Mucho Mojo, Savage Season, A Fine Dark Line, Edge of Dark Water, Captains Outrageous, Dead Aim (novella), The Thicket, Honky Tonk Samurai, Rusty Puppy, The Elephant of Surprise

Lake, Deryn:
The Mills of God, Death at the Devil's Tavern, Death at Apothecaries' Hall, Death at St. James's Palace, Death and the Cornish Fiddler, Death in Hellfire, Death and the Black Pyramid, Death at the Wedding Feast, Death in the West Wind

Lamb, Kristi:
Karma's Law

Lancet, Barry:

Land, Ali:
Good Me Bad Me

Land, Jon:
Labyrinth, The Omega Command, The Ninth Dominion, The Doomsday Spiral, The Eighth Trumpet, The Gamma Option, The Omicron Legion, The Vengeance of the Tau, Vortex, Pandora's Temple

Landay, William:
Defending Jacob, Mission Flats, The Strangler

Lane, J. C.
Tag You're Dead

Lang, Essie:
Trouble on the Books, Death on the Page

Lanyon, Josh:
So This Is Christmas (novella), The Magician Murders, Seance on a Summer’s Night

Lape, A. J.
Grade A Stupid

Lapena, Shari:
The Couple Next Door, A Stranger in the House, An Unwanted Guest, Someone We Know

Lapidus, Jens:
Stockholm Delete

Larbalestier, Justine (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
My Sister Rosa

Larsen, K.J.
Liar Liar, Sticks and Stones

Larsen, Ward:
Fly by Wire, Assassin's Silence, Fly by Night, Assassin's Code, Assassin's Run

Larsson, Asa:
Until Thy Wrath Be Past, The Second Deadly Sin, The Blood Spilt

Larsson, Asa:
The Blood Spilt

Larsson, Stieg:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Lasdun, James:
The Fall Guy

Lashner, William:
The Barkeep, Bagmen, The Four-Night Run, Guaranteed Heroes, A Filthy Business, Freedom Road

Laskowski, Tara:
One Night Gone

Latimer, Jonathan:
Solomon's Vineyard

Laukkanen, Owen:
The Professionals, Criminal Enterprise, Kill Fee, The Stolen Ones, The Forgotten Girls, Deception Cove

Laurie, Hugh:
The Gun Seller

Laurie, Victoria (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Laurin, Nina:
Girl Last Seen, What My Sister Knew

LaFevers, Robin:
Courting Darkness

Lavrisa, Lois:
Dying for Dinner Rolls

Lawhon, Ariel:
Flight of Dreams

Lawrence, Lucy:
Stuck on Murder

Lawrence, Margaret:
Blood Red Roses, The Iceweaver, The Burning Bride, Hearts and Bones

Lawson, M. A.
Rosarito Beach

Lawson, Mike:
The Inside Ring, The Second Perimeter, House Rules, House Secrets, House Justice, House Divided, House Blood, House Odds, House Reckoning, House Revenge, House Witness, House Arrest

Lawton, John:
Then We Take Berlin, The Unfortunate Englishman, Riptide, Black Out, Old Flames, Second Violin, A Lily of the Field, Friends and Traitors, Flesh Wounds

Lawson, Mike:
The Inside Ring, The Second Perimeter, House Rules, House Secrets, House Justice, House Divided, House Blood, House Odds, House Reckoning, House Rivals, House Revenge, House Witness

Le Carre, John:
Our Kind of Traitor, Russia House, The Looking Glass War, Single and Single, The Constant Gardener, The Little Drummer Girl, The Tailor of Panama, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, Absolute Friends, A Small Town in Germany, Our Game, A Perfect Spy, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Smiley's People, A Murder of Quality, A Most Wanted Man, The Honourable Schoolboy, Call for the Dead, A Legacy of Spies, The Pigeon Tunnel: Stories from My Life (Nonfiction/Memoir), Agent Running in the Field

Lealos, Ron:
Pashtun: A Military Thriller

Leather, Stephen (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Cold Kill, Dead Men, Fair Game, Hard Landing, Hot Blood, Hungry Ghost, Live Fire, Pay Off, Rough Justice, Soft Target, Tango One, The Birthday Girl, The Bombmaker, The Chinaman, The Double Tap, The Eyewitness, The Fireman, The Long Shot, The Solitary Man, The Stretch, Tunnel Rats, The Basement, False Friends, White Lies, Private Dancer, Warning Order (short), Rough Diamonds (short), Personal Protection (short), Natural Selection (short), Narrow Escape (short), Kill Zone (story), Hostile Territory (short), Friendly Fire (short), Dead Drop (short), Black Ops, True Colors, First Response, The Bestseller, Dark Forces, Take Two, Takedown, Penalties, Light Touch, The Shout, Tall Order, Nightingale, Nightingale 2, Last Man Standing, The Bag Carrier, True Colours, The Runner

Leblanc, Maurice:
The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin: Gentleman Burglar, Arsene Lupin vs. Sherlock Holmes

Lee, Ashton:
The Cherry Cola Book Club, The Reading Circle, The Wedding Circle, A Cherry Cola Christmas, Queen of the Cookbooks, Book Club Babies

Lee, Gregory:
The Nero Degree

Lee, Patrick (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Leeson, Gayle:
The Calamity Cafe, Silence of the Jams, Honey-Baked Homicide

Lee, Tosca (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Lehane, Con:
Murder at the 42nd Street Library

Lehane, Dennis:
Mystic River, A Drink Before the War, Sacred, Gone Baby Gone, Shutter Island, The Given Day, Moonlight Mile, Live by Night, The Drop, World Gone By, Since We Fell

Lehtolainen, Leena:
My First Murder, Her Enemy, Copper Heart, Snow Woman, Death Spiral, Fatal Headwind, Before I Go

Leigh, Lora (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror & Mystery & Thrillers Audiobooks by Author lists)

Leigh, Melinda:
She Can Run, Midnight Exposure, Midnight Sacrifice, She Can Tell, She Can Scream, She Can Hide, Gone to Her Grave (novella), Walking on Her Grave (novella), Midnight Betrayal, Hour of Need, He Can Fall (short), Minutes to Kill, Tracks of Her Tears (novella), She Can Kill, Seconds to Live, Midnight Obsession, Say You're Sorry, Her Last Goodbye, Bones Don't Lie, Secrets Never Die, Save Your Breath, A Bone to Pick (novella), Whisper of Bones (novella), Cross Her Heart

Lelic, Simon:
The New Neighbors

Lemaitre, Pierre:
Alex, Irene, Blood Wedding, Three Days and a Life, Three Days and a Life

Lender, David:
Trojan Horse, Vaccine Nation, Arab Summer, Mickey Outside, The Gravy Train

Lennon, Christine:
The Drifter

Lennon, J. Robert:
Broken River

Leon, Donna:
Blood from a Stone, Death and Judgement, Suffer the Little Children, Blood from a Stone, Death in a Strange Country, Death at La Fenice, Doctored Evidence, About Face, Wilful Behaviour, Dressed for Death (aka The Anonymous Venetian), Acqua Alta, The Death of Faith (aka Quietly in Their Sleep),  Blood from a Stone, Friends in High Places, Drawing Conclusions, The Girl of His Dreams, Through a Glass Darkly, A Noble Radiance, Uniform Justice, A Sea of Troubles, Fatal Remedies, A Question of Belief, Beastly Things, Wilful Behavior, The Golden Egg, By Its Cover, Falling in Love, The Waters of Eternal Youth (David Rintoul), Earthly Remains, The Temptation of Forgiveness, Acqua Alta, Unto Us a Son Is Given, Trace Elements

Leonard, Elmore:
City Primeval, The Big Bounce, Up in Honey’s Room, Rum Punch, The Switch, Freaky Deaky, The Hunted, The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard, Tishomingo Blues, Gold Coast, Split Images, Killshot, Cuba Libre, Cat Chasers, Road Dogs, Be Cool, Touch, Swag, When The Women Come Out To Dance, Mr. Majestyk, Mr Paradise, The Moonshine War, 52 Pickup (short story), Pagan Babies, Get Shorty, The Hot Kid, Djibouti, Pronto

Leonard, Peter:
Voices of the Dead

Leotta, Allison:
Law of Attraction, Speak of the Devil, Discretion, A Good Killing, The Last Good Girl

Leovy, Jill:
Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America

Lepionka, Kristen:
The Last Place You Look, What You Want to See

Les Becquets, Diane:
The Last Woman in the Forest

Lescroart, John:
The Hunt Club, Treasure Hunt, A Certain Justice, Guilt, Damage, Dead Irish, The Vig, Hard Evidence, The 13th Juror, The Mercy Rule, Nothing But the Truth, The Hearing, The Oath, The First Law, The Second Chair, The Motive, Betrayal, A Plague of Secrets, The Suspect, The Keeper, Son of Holmes, Rasputin's Revenge, Sunburn, The Fall, The Ophelia Cut, Fatal, Poison, The Hunter, The Rule of Law

Lester, Kent:
The Seventh Sun

Lethem, Jonathan:
The Feral Detective

Levien, David:
City of the Sun, Where the Dead Lay, The Contract (aka Thirteen Million a Pop), Signature Kill

Levin, Daniel:
The Last Ember

Levin, Ira:
A Kiss Before Dying

Levine, Laura:
This Pen for Hire, Last Writes, Killer Blonde, Shoes to Die For, The PMS Murder, Killing Bridezilla, Death by Pantyhose, Killer Cruise, Death of a Trophy Wife, Pampered to Death, Death of a Neighborhood Witch, Killing Cupid, Death by Tiara, Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge, Death of a Gigolo

Levine, Paul:
Bum Rap, Illegal, Mortal Sin, Bum Luck, Riptide, Fool Me Twice, Flesh & Bones

Levy, Lawrence H.
Second Street Station, Brooklyn on Fire

Lewis, Beth:
The Wolf Road

Lewis, Joanne:
The Lantern: A Renaissance Mystery

Lewis, Pam:
Perfect Family

Lewis, Roy:
A Question of Degree

Lieberman, Ben:
The Carnage Account, Odd Jobs

Limon, Martin:
Nightmare Range, Mr. Kill, The Iron Sickle, The Ville Rat, The Nine-Tailed Fox, The Line

Lin, Ed:
Ghost Month, Incensed, 99 Ways to Die

Lind, Hailey:
Feint of Art, Shotting Gallery, Brush With Death

Lindgren, Minna:
The Lavender Ladies Detective Agency, Escape from Sunset Grove

Lindley, Maureen:
The Beloveds

Lindsay, Jeff:
Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Dearly Devoted Dexter, Dexter in the Dark, Dexter by Design, Dexter is Delicious, Double Dexterm, Dexter's Final Cut, Dexter is Dead, Just Watch Me

Lindsey, David:
The Face of the Assassin

Lindsey, Erin:
Murder on Millionaires' Row, A Golden Grave

Linnea, Sharon:
Chasing Eden (w/B. K. Sherer)

Linskey, Howard:
The Search, Ungentlemanly Warfare

Liparulo, Robert (see SciFi/Fantasy/Horro Audiobooks by Author list)

Lippert-Martin, Kristen:
Tabula Rasa

Lippman, Laura:
Baltimore Blues, Charm City, Butcher's Hill, In Big Trouble, The Sugar House, In A Strange City, The Last Place, By a Spider's Thread, No Good Deeds, Another Thing To Fall,  The Girl in the Green Raincoat, Hardly Knew Her: Stories, To The Power of Three, What the Dead Know, I'd Know You Anywhere, And When She Was Good, After I'm Gone, Don't Look Back, Life Sentences, Every Secret Thing, Hush Hush, Wilde Lake, Sunburn, Lady in the Lake

Little, Elizabeth:
Pretty as a Picture
Littlewood, Ann:
Did Not Survive, Endangered

Liss, David (see also Sci-Fi-/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
A Spectacle of Corruption, The Devil's Company, The Whiskey Rebels, The Ethical Assassin, A Conspiracy of Paper

Littell, Robert:
The Company, Legends, The Amateur, The Sisters, Vicious Circle, The Once and Future Spy, Young Philby

Little, Elizabeth:
Dear Daughter

Littlefield, Sophie:
A Bad Day for Sorry, A Bad Day for Pretty, A Bad Day for Scandal, A Bad Day for Mercy

Littlewood, Alison:
The Hidden People

Llewellyn, Sam:
Abbot Dagger's Academy and the Quest for the Holy Grail, Death Roll, Blood Knot, Blood Orange, Storm Force From Navarone, Thunderbolt from Navarone

Lloyd, Amy:
The Innocent Wife, One More Lie

Lloyd, Catherine:
Death Comes to the Village, Death Comes to London, Death Comes to Kurland Hall, Death Comes to the Fair, Death Comes to Bath, Death Comes to the Nursery

Lloyd, Sam:
The Memory Wood

Locke, Attica:
Black Water Rising, The Cutting Season, Pleasantville, Bluebird Bluebird, Heaven My Home

Locke, John:
Lethal People, Lethal Experiment, Saving Rachel, Now & Then, Wish List, A Girl Like You, Vegas Moon, The Love You Crave

Locke, M. Louisa:
Maids of Misfortune, Victorian San Franciso Stories

Loder, Vernon:
The Mystery at Stowe (temp)

Lodge, Gytha:
She Lies in Wait

Loehfelm, Bill:
The Devil She Knows

Logan, Kylie:
The Scent of Murder

Logan, T. M.
29 Seconds

Logue, Mary:
Poison Heart

London, Kate:
Post Mortem, Death Message

Longworth, M. L.
Death at the Chateau Bremont, Murder in the Rue Dumas, Death in the Vines, Murder on the Ile Sordou

Lopez, Danny:
The Last Girl, The Last Breath

Lotempio, T. C.
Meow If It's Murder, Claws for Alarm, Crime and Catnip

Lotz, Sarah:
Missing Person

Louth, Nick:
The Body in the Marsh, The Body on the Shore, The Body in the Mist

Love, Melissa Scrivner:

Lovegrove, James:
The Cthulhu Casebooks: Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows

Lovesey, Peter:
The Last Detective, Case of Spirits, Diamond Dust, Diamond Solataire, The Circle, The House Sitter, The Reaper, The Secret Hangman, Upon a Dark Night, Wobble to Death, Cop to Corpse, The Stone Wife, The Tooth Tattoo, Bertie and the Tin Man, Rough Cider (clear but old cassette sound), Bertie and the Tinman, Bertie and the Seven Bodies, Down Among the Dead Men, Another One Goes Tonight, The Vault, Bloodhounds, The Summons, Beau Death, The Detective Wore Silk Drawers, Killing with Confetti

Lovett, Charlie:
The Lost Book of the Grail

Lowe, Daniel:
All That's Left to Tell

Lowe, Katie:
The Furies

Lowe, Tom:
A False Dawn, The 24th Letter, The Butetrfly Forest, The Black Bullet, Blood of Cain, Black Rain, Cemetery Road, A Murder of Crows, Dragonfly

Lowell, Elizabeth (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Always Time to Die, Whirlpool, Winter Fire, The Wrong Hostage, Chain Lighting, The Color of Death, Die in Plain Sight, Lover in the Rough, Moving Target, Eden Burning, Forbidden, Forget Me Not, Pearl Cove, Jade Island, Amber Beach, Midnight in Ruby Bayou, Remember Summer, To The Ends of the Earth, A Woman Without Lies, Innocent As Sin, Running Scared, Autumn Lover, The Wrong Hostage, Reckless Love, Blue Smoke and Murder, Tell Me No Lies, Death Echo, Beautiful Sacrifice, Autumn Lover, Dangerous Refuge, Night Diver

Lowndes, Marie Belloc:
The Lodger

Lowry, Dave:
Chinese Cooking For Diamond Thieves

Luchuk, David:
Lincoln and the Golden Circle, Buchuolz and the Blockade, A Burglar's Fate

Ludlum, Robert (see Lustbader, Eric for more Bourne titles):
The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Ambler Warning, The Osterman Weekend, The Janson Directive, The Aquitaine Progression, The Cassandra Compact, The Paris Option, The Altman Code, The Lazarus Vendetta, The Moscow Vector, The Arctic Event, The Sigma Protocol, The Tristan Betrayal, The Scorpio Illusion, The Icarus Agenda, The Holcraft Covenant, The Chancellor Manuscript, The Rheinman Exchange, The Cry of the Halidon, Trevayne, The Matlock Paper, The Prometheus Deception, The Apocalypse Watch, The Bancroft Strategy, The Scarlatti Inheritance, The Gemini Contenders, The Matarese Circle, The Matarese Countdown, The Parsifal Mosaic, The Road To Gondolfo, The Road To Omaha, The Hades Factor (w/Gayle Lynds), The Ares Decision (written by Kyle Mills), The Janson Command (written by Paul Garrison), Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Imperative (written by Eric Van Lustbader), Robert Ludlum's The Janus Reprisal (written by Jamie Freveletti), Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Retribution (written by Eric Van Lustbader), The Utopia Experiment (written by Kyle Mills), The Bourne Ascendancy (written by Eric Van Lustbader), Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Enigma (written by Eric Van Lustbader)

Luna, Louisa:
Two Girls Down, The Janes

Lupica, Mike:
Robert B. Parker's Blood Feud, Robert B. Parker's Grudge Match

Lupton, Rosamund:
Afterward, Sister, The Quality of Silence

Lustbader, Eric Van:
ALL the Jason Bourne titles (yes, including The Bourne Imperative), The Cage of Nine Banestones, The Ring of Five Dragons, The Veil of a Thousand Tears, Mistress of the Pearl, Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Retribution, The Bourne Ascendancy, First Daughter, Last Snow, Blood Trust, Father Night, Beloved Enemy, Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Enigma, Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Initiative, The Testament, The Fallen

Lutterman, Brian:
Bound to Die

Lutz, John:
Serial, Tropical Heat, Darker Than Night, Frenzy, Night Kills, Slaughter, Endless Road and Other Stories

Lutz, Lisa (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
Spellman Files, Curse of the Spellmans (abr.), Revenge of the Spellmans, The Spellmans Strike Again, Trail of the Spellmans, The Passenger

Lyga, Barry:
I Hunt Killers, Game

Lynds, Gayle:
The Last Spymaster, The Assassins

Lynn, Kendel:
Board Stiff, Whack Job, Swan Dive, Pot Luck

Lyons, C. J.
Nerves of Steel, Blind Faith, Black Skeep, Lost in Shadows, Hollow Bones, Broken, Edge of Shadows, Sleight of Hand, Snake Skin, Blood Stained, Kill Zone, Fight Dirty, Face to Face, Eye of the Storm, Farewell to Dreams, A Raging Dawn, Hard Fall, Last Light, After Shock (novella), Bad Break (novella)

Maberry, Jonathan (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Mabry, Samantha:
A Fierce and Subtle Poison

Macallister, Greer:
Girl in Disguise

MacBird, Bonnie:
Art in the Blood, Unquiet Spirits, The Devil’s Due

MacBride, Stuart:
Cold Granite, Dying Light, Broken Skin, Blind Eye, Dark Blood, Shatter the Bones, Halfhead (sf), Close to the Bone, Birthdays for the Dead, A Song For the Dying, Sawbones, The Missing and the Dead, The 45% Hangover (novella), Partners in Crime (short), In The Cold Dark Ground, 22 Dead Little Bodies and Other Stories, A Dark So Deadly, Flesh House, Now We Are Dead, The Blood Road, All That’s Dead

Mackay, Malcolm:
The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter, How a Gunman Says Goodbye, The Sudden Arrival of Violence, The Night the Rich Men Burned, Every Night I Dream of Hell

Maclean, Alistair:
Where Eagles Dare, Guns of Navarone, Ice Station Zebra, Bear Island, South By Java Head, Red Alert, Night Without End, When Eight Bells Toll, Golden Rendezvous, Partisans, The Secret Ways aka The Last Frontier, Caravan to Vaccares, Floodgate, Goodbye California, The Dark Crusader, Santorini, San Andreas, Captain Cook (Non-Fiction), Lawrence of Arabia (Non-Fiction), The Way to Dusty Death,  The Satan Bug, Breakheart Pass, Puppet on a Chain (Don't Know), Circus, HMS Ulysses (Abridged - BBC),  Athabasca, Death Train, Fear Is the Key, The Golden Gate, Puppet on a Chain

MacLeod, Charlotte:
A Pint of Murder, Murder Goes Mumming, A Dismal Thing to Do, Trouble in the Brasses, The Wrong Rite

MacLeod, Shea (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
A Viola Roberts Mystery Collections: Box Set One - Three (includes The Corpse in the Cabana, The Stiff in the Study, The Poison in the Pudding), The Venom in the Valentine, The Remains in the Rectory, The Death in the Drink, Lady Rample Spies a Clue, Lady Rample and the Silver Screen (novella)

MacLeod, Torquil:
Murder in Malmo, Rest You Merry, Meet Me in Malmo

MacMillan, Gilly:
What She Knew, The Perfect Girl, Odd Child Out, I Know You Know, The Nanny

MacNeal, Susan Elia:
Mr. Churchill's Secretary, Princess Elizabeth's Spy, His Majesty's Hope, The Prime Minister's Secret Agent, Mrs. Roosevelt's Confidante, The Queen's Accomplice, The Paris Spy, The Prisoner in the Castle

MacRae, Molly:
Last Wool and Testament, Dyeing Wishes, Spinning in Her Grave, Plagued By Quilt, Plaid and Plagiarism, Knot the Usual Suspects, Scones and Scoundrels

Maden, Mike:
Drone, Blue Warrior, Tom Clancy Point of Contact, Tom Clancy Line of Sight, Tom Clancy Enemy Contact

MacConnell, Michael:

MacDonald, John D. (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)
Nightmare In Pink, Purple Place For Dying, The Quick Red Fox, A Deadly Shade of Gold, Bright Orange For The Shroud, Darker Than Amber, One Fearful Yellow Eye (Unabridged version has some known defects, so please inquire), Pale Gray For Guilt, Girl in Plain Brown Wrapper, Dress Her In Indigo, The Long Lavender Look, Tan Sandy, Scarlet Ruse, Turquoise Lament, The Dreadful Lemon Sky, The Empty Copper Sea Tape, The Green Ripper, Freefall in Crimson, Cinnamon Skin, Lonely Silver Rain, The Deep Blue Good-Bye, The Scarlet Ruse, The Brass Cupcake, A Flash of Green, Cape Fear (aka The Executioners), A Key to the Suite, Condominium

MacDonald, Patricia J.
Stolen in the Night, Married to a Stranger

MacDonald, Ross:
The Moving Target, The Drowning Pool, Far Side of the Dollar, The Ivory Grin, Find a Victim, The Barbarous Coast, The Zebra-Striped Hearse, The Chill, The Far Side of the Dollar, Black Money, The Underground Man, Sleeping Beauty, Meet Me at the Morgue, The Blue Hammer, The Galton Case, The Way Some People Die

MacDonald, Siobhan:
Twisted River

MacInerney, Karen:
Murder on the Rocks, Mother's Day Out, Killer Jam, Fatal Frost, Mother's Little Helper, Murder Most Maine, Deadly Brew, Mistletoe Murder

Mackenzie, Jassy:
Stolen Lives

Mackintosh, Clare:
I Let You Go, I See You, Let Me Lie

Macmillan, Gilly:
I Know You Know

Magee, Doug:
Never Wave Goodbye

Magson, Adrian:
Death on the Marais, No Kiss for the Devil

Maine, Sarah:
The House Between Tides

Maitland, Barry:
Crucifixion Creek, Slaughter Park

Maleeny, Tim:
Beating the Babushka, Stealing the Dragon, Greasing the Pinata

Malfi, Ronald (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Malliet, G. M.
Death and the Lit Chick, Death at the Alma Mater,  Death of a Cozy Writer, Wicked Autumn, A Fatal Winter, Pagan Spring, A Demon Summer, The Haunted Season, Devil's Breath, In Prior's Wood, Weycombe

Malone, Donna:
My Brother's Keeper

Maloney, Leo J.
Termination Orders

Maltman, Thomas:
Little Wolves

Mammay, Michael:

Manchee, William:
Death Pact

Mandel, Emily St. John:
Last Night in Montreal

Mangan, Christine:

Maniscalco, Kerri:
Stalking Jack the Ripper, Hunting Prince Dracula, Escaping From Houdini

Mankell, Henning (see also General Fiction, Nonfiction, & Children's Audiobooks by Author lists):
The Return of the Dancing Master, The Dogs of Riga, The White Lioness, The Man Who Smiled, The Fifth Woman, Sidetracked, The Man from Beijing, Kennedy's Brain, The Troubled Man, The Pyramid, The Eye of the Leopard, Shadows in the Twilight, Depths, One Step Behind, Before the Frost, Italian Shoes, Firewall, Faceless Killers, An Event in Autumn (novella)

Mann, Connie:
Tangled Lies, Beyond Risk

Mann, Don:
SEAL Team Six: Hunt the Wolf (w/Ralph Pezzullo), SEAL Team Six: Hunt the Scorpion (w/Ralph Pezzullo), SEAL Team Six: Hunt the Falcon (w/Ralph Pezzullo), SEAL Team Six: Hunt the Jackal  (w/Ralph Pezzullo)

Manning, Max:
The Victim

Manzini, Antonio:
Black Run, A Cold Death, Out of Season

Mapes, Creston:
Fear Has a Name, Poison Town

Marcic, Dorothy:
With One Shot: Family Murder and a Search for Justice (True Crime)

Marchetta, Melina:
Tell the Truth Shame the Devil

Margolin, Phillip:
Wild Justice, Ties that Bind, Proof Positive, Fugitive, Lost Lake, Executive Privilege, After Dark,  Sleeping Beauty,  The Associate, Wild Justice, Supreme Justice, Capitol Murder, Gone But Not Forgotten, Woman With A Gun, Violent Crimes, The Last Innocent Man, The Jailhouse Lawyer (short story), The Third Victim, The Perfect Alibi, A Reasonable Doubt

Mariani, Scott:
The Babylon Idol, The Moscow Cipher, Valley of Death

Mark, David:
The Dark Winter, Taking Pity

Marks, Mary:
Forget Me Knot

Maron, Margaret:
Bootlegger's Daughter, Southern Discomfort, Winter's Child, Shooting at Loons, Storm Track, Slow Dollar, Uncommon Clay, Rituals of the Season, Home Fires, Killer Market, Up Jumps the Devil, Death's Half Acre, High Country Fall, Hard Row, Christmas Mourning, Three-Day Town, The Buzzard Table, Designated Daughters, Take Out

Marr, Melissa (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Marsh, Ngaio:
A Man Lay Dead, Enter a Murderer, The Nursing Home Murder, Death in Ecstasy, Vintage Murder, Artists in Crime, Death in a White Tie, Overture to Death, Death at the Bar, A Man Lay Dead, Death of a Peer (aka Surfeit of Lampreys), A Man Lay Dead & A Surfeit of Lampreys (one title, BBC Dramatization),  Death and the Dancing Footman, Colour Scheme, Died in the Wool, Final Curtain, A Wreath for Rivera (aka Swing Brother Swing), Opening Night (aka Night at the Vulcan), Opening Night and When in Rome (one title, BBC Dramatization), Spinsters in Jeopardy (aka The Bride of Death), Scales of Justice, Off With His Head, Singing in the Shrouds, False Scent, Hand in Glove, Dead Water, Death at the Dolphin (aka Killer Dolphin), Clutch of Constables, When in Rome, Tied Up in Tinsel, Black as He's Painted, Last Ditch, Grave Mistake, Light Thickens, Death on the Air and Other Stories, Photo-Finish, Money in the Morgue (w/Stella Duffy)

Marshall, Laura:
Friend Request

Marsons, Angela:
Silent Scream, Evil Games, Lost Girls, Play Dead, Blood Lines, Fatal Promise

Marston, Edward (aka Keith Miles):
The Railway Viaduct, The Railway Detective, The Frost Fair, The Excursion Train, Drums of War, The Iron Horse, Soldier of Fortune, A Bespoke Murder, An Instrument of Slaughter, Five Dead Canaries, Peril on the Royal Train, The Nine Giants, The Mad Courtesan, The Silent Woman, The Roaring Boy, Ticket to Oblivion, The Laughing Hangman, Deeds of Darkness, Shadow of the Hangman, The Wanton Angel, The Devil's Apprentice, Dance of Death, The Stationmaster's Farewell, Steps to the Gallows, Timetable of Death, The Bawdy Basket, The Vagabond Clown, Under Attack, Date with the Executioner, Fugitive from the Grave, Points of Danger, The Unseen Hand

Martin, Andrew:
The Necropolis Railway, The Lost Luggage Porter, The Blackpool Highflyer, Murder at Deviation Junction, Death on a Branch Line, The Last Train to Scarborough, Murder on the Brighton Express, The Silver Locomotive Mystery, Railway to the Grave, Blood on the Line

Martin, Faith:
With a Narrow Blade, Murder at the University, A Fatal Obsession, Murder of the Bride, Murder in the Village, Murder in the Family, The Birthday Mystery, The Winter Mystery, The Riverboat Mystery, The Castle Mystery, The Teatime Mystery, The Country Inn Mystery

Martin, Kat (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Martin, Man:
Paradise Dogs

Martin, Nancy:
Our Lady of Immaculate Deception, Little Black Book of Murder, Miss Ruffles Inherits Everything

Martinez, Juan:
Conviction: The Untold Story of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars

Martini, Steve:
Trader of Secrets, Rule of Nine, Guardian of Lies, Compelling Evidence (some background noise, sound is "okay"), Prime Witness, Undue Influence, The Judge, The Attorney, The Jury, The Arraignment, Double Tap, Shadow of Power, The Enemy Inside, Blood Flag

Marton, Dana (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Marwood, Alex:
The Killer Next Door, The Darkest Secret, The Poison Garden

Marzano-Lesnevich, Alexandria:
The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir

Mason, Jamie:
Three Graves Full, Monday's Lie

Mason, Tim:
The Darwin Affair

Massey, Gale:
The Girl from Blind River

Massey, Sujata:
The Salaryman’s Wife, Zen Attitude

Masterman, Becky:
Rage Against the Dying, Fear the Darkness, A Twist of the Knife, We Were Killers Once

Masters, Priscilla:
River Deep, Slip Knot, Frozen Charlotte, Smoke Alarm, The Devil's Chair, Recalled to Death, Bridge of Sighs

Masterton, Graham (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
White Bones (aka A Terrible Beauty), Broken Angels, Red Light, Taken for Dead, Blood Sisters, Living Death, Scarlet Widow, Dead Girls Dancing, Dead Men Whistling

Mathews, Francine:
Too Bad to Die, Death in Rough Water, Death in a Mood Indigo, Death in a Cold Hard Light, Death on Nantucket

Matheson, Richard (see SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Matthews, Jason:
Red Sparrow, Palace of Treason, The Kremlin's Candidate

Matthews, Jeanne:
Bet Your Bones, Bones of Contention, Bonereapers

Matthews, Mark:
On the Lips of Children

Matthews, Owen:
Black Sun

Maxwell, Alyssa:
Murder at the Breakers

Mawer, Simon (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

May, James L.
The Body Outside the Kremlin

May, Peter:
Blacklight Blue, Dry Bones, Freeze Frame, Virtually Dead, Blowback, Entry Island, The Lewis Man, Runaway, Snakehead, The Runner, Chinese Whispers, The Blackhouse, The Chessmen, The Firemaker, The Killing Room, Coffin Road, The Fourth Sacrifice, Cast Iron, I'll Keep You Safe, The Critic, The Man with No Face, The Noble Path

Mayer, Dale (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Tuesday's Child, Hide'n Go Seek, Garden of Sorrow

Mayland, Dan:
The Colonel's Mistake, The Leveling, Spy for Hire, Death of a Spy

Mayle, Peter:
The Vintage Caper, The Marseille Caper, The Corsican Caper, The Diamond Caper

Mayne, Andrew:
Angel Killer, Name of the Devil, Black Fall, Murder Theory

Mazzola, Anna:
The Unseeing

McAllister, Gillian:
Anything You Do Say, Everything but the Truth, The Good Sister

McAneny, Anne:

McBain, Ed:
The Best American Mystery Stories (Editor),  Price of Desire (3 Novellas from Transgressions, including "Merely Hate" by McBain), Hail to the Chief, Bread,  So Long As You Both Shall Live, Blood Relatives, Long Time No See, Calypso, Ghosts, Mischief, Candyland (with Evan Hunter), Killer's Choice, Hark!, The Frumious Bandersnatch, See Them Die; Lady, Lady, I Did It!; Give the Boys a Great Big Hand, 'Til Death, Killer's Wedge, Lady Killer, King's Ransom, Ten Plus One (2012), Like Love (2012), The Empty Hours (2012), He Who Hesitates, Downtown, Tricks, Poison, Cinderella, Cop Hater, The Mugger, Jigsaw, Hail Hail The Gang's All Here, Rumpelstiltskin, The Con Man, Heat, Ice, Money Money Money, Lightning, Shotgun, Jack and the Beanstalk, Snow White and Rose Red, Puss in Boots, Lullaby, Vespers, The Last Dance, Learning to Kill, Alice in Jeopardy, Beauty and the Beast, Eighty Million Eyes, Widows (some slight background noise), Three Blind Mice, Fiddlers, Nocturne, Killer's Payoff, The Pusher, The Heckler, Ax, Doll, Fuzz, Sadie When She Died, Let's Hear It for the Deaf Man, Eight Black Horses

McBain, Tim (see Vargis, L. T. below)

McBeth, Colette:
Precious Thing

McBride, Matthew:
A Swollen Red Sun, Frank Sinatra in a Blender, Burial Ground

McBride, Susan:
To Helen Back, Walk into Silence, Come Helen High Water, Too Pretty to Die

McCafferty, Keith:
The Royal Wulff Murders, The Gray Ghost Murders, Dead Man's Fancy, Crazy Mountain Kiss, Buffalo Jump Blues, Cold Hearted River, A Death in Eden

McCallin, Luke:
The Man From Berlin, The Pale House, The Divided City

McCammon, Robert (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Speaks the Nightbird, The Queen of Bedlam, Mister Slaughter, The River of Souls, Freedom of the Mask, The Listener, Cardinal Black

McCarthy, Cormac (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Blood Meridian, No Country for Old Men, The Sunset Limited, Cities of the Plain, Suttree

McCarthy, Keith:
A Feast of Carrion, The Silent Sleep of the Dying, The Final Analysis, A World Full of Weeping, The Rest Is Silence, With a Passion Put to Use, Soul Seeker, Corpus Delicti

McCauley, Terrence:
A Murder of Crows

McClendon, Lise:
Blackbird Fly, The Girl in the Empty Dress

McClure, James:
The Blood of an Englishman, The Sunday Hangman

McColl, Jack:
Jack of Spies

McCray, Carolyn:
30 Pieces of Silver, Havoc, Shiva, 9th Circle (w/Ben Hopkins)

McCreight, Kimberly:
Where They Found Her, Reconstructing Amelia, The Outliers, The Scattering, The Collide

McCrumb, Sharyn (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
If Ever I Return, Pretty Peggy O; The Rosewood Casket, The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, She Walks These Hills, Ghost Riders, The Ballad of Frankie Silver, The Song Catcher, Highland Laddie Gone, MacPherson's Lament, Missing Susan, Paying the Piper,  Zombies of the Gene Pool, Bimbos of the Death Sun, The Windsor Knot, If I'd Killed Him When I Met Him, The Devil Amongst the Lawyers

McDermid, Val:
Report for Murder, Common Murder, Final Edition, Union Jack (aka Conferences Are Murder), Booked for Murder, Hostage to Murder, Clean Break, Blue Genes, Star Struck, The Mermaids Singing, The Wire in the Blood, The Last Temptation, The Torment of Others, Beneath the Bleeding, Fever of the Bone, A Place of Execution, Killing the Shadows, Trick of the Dark, The Grave Tattoo, The Distant Echo, Cleanskin (novella), The Retribution, A Darker Domain, The Vanishing Point, Cross and Burn, Dead Beat, Kick Back, Crack Down, Northanger Abbey, Stranded, The Skeleton Road, Splinter the Silence, Out of Bounds, Insidious Intent, Broken Ground, How the Dead Speak

McDermott, Alan:
Gray Justice, Gray Resurrection, Gray Redemption, Gray Retribution, Gray Vengeance, Gray Salvation, Trojan, Run and Hide, The Spear of Atlantis, Seek and Destroy, Fight to Survive

McDermott, Andy:
The Hunt for Atlantis, The Tomb of Hercules, The Secret of Excalibur, The Covenant of Genesis, The Cult of Osiris, The Sacred Vault, Empire of Gold, Temple of the Gods, The Pyramid of Doom, The Valhalla Prophecy, Return to Atlantis, The Revelation Code, The Midas Legacy, The Revelation Code, Kingdom of Darkness

McDermott, Julia:

McKevett, G. A.
Murder in Her Stocking, Murder in the Corn Maze

McDonald, Gregory:
Fletch; Confess, Fletch; Fletch's Fortune, Flecth and the Widow Bradley, Fletch's Moxie, Fletch and the Man Who, Fletch Won, Son of Fletch, Fletch Reflected, Skylar, The Brave, Confess Fletch,
Fletch and the Widow Bradley, Fletch's Moxie, Fletch and the Man Who, Carioca Fletch, Fletch Won, Fletch Too, Fletch Reflected, Flynn, The Buck Passes Flynn, Flynn's In, Flynn's World

McElwain, Julie:
A Murder in Time, A Twist in Time

McEwan, Ian:
Sweeth Tooth, The Comfort of Strangers, Nutshell

McEwen, Scott:
One Way Trip, Target America, The Sniper and the Wolf, Ghost Sniper

McFadyen, Cody:
The Face of Death, Shadow Man, Abandoned, The Darker Side

McFate, Sean:
Shadow War, Deep Black

McGarrity, Michael:
Dead or Alive, Nothing But Trouble, Death Song, Hard County, Mexican Hat, The Big Gamble, Tularosa, Everyone Dies, Slow Kill, The Judas Judge, Serpent Gate, Hermit's Peak, Under the Color of Law, Residue

McGeorge, Chris:
Guess Who

McGilloway, Brian:
Borderlands, The Rising, The Nameless Dead, Little Girl Lost, Hurt, Preserve the Dead

McGivern, William P
Rogue Cop, Night of the Juggler, The Big Heat, Odds Against Tomorrow

McGoran, Jon:
Drift, Deadout

McGovern, Cammie:
Eye Contact

McGowan, Claire:
The Silent Dead, Blood Tide

McGrath, Mel:
Give Me the Child

McGrath, Patrick:
Martha Peake, Asylum

McHugh, Laura:
The Weight of Blood, Arrowood, The Wolf Wants In

McInerney, Lisa:
The Glorious Heresies, The Blood Miracles

McIntosh, Pat:
The Harper's Quine

McIsaac, Jodi (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

McKenna, Shannon:
Behind Closed Doors, Standing in the Shadows, Out of Control, Edge of Midnight, Extreme Danger

McKenzie, C. B.
Bad Country

McKenzie, Grant:

McKenzie, Sophie:
You Can Trust Me

McKinlay, Jenn (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Cloche and Dagger, Books Can Be Deceiving, Due or Die, Book Line and Sinker, Read It and Weep, On Borrowed Time, A Likely Story, At the Drop of a Hat, Copy Cap Murder, Sprinkle with Murder, Buttercream Bump Off, Death by the Dozen, Assault and Beret, Better Late Than Never, Red Velvet Revenge, Sugar and Iced, Dark Chocolate Demise, Vanilla Beaned, Caramel Crush, Death in the Stacks, Wedding Cake Crumble, Hitting the Books, Dying for Devil's Food, Word to the Wise, Buried to the Brim

McKinty, Adrian:
Dead I Well May Be, The Dead Yard, The Bloomsday Dead, Hidden River, Fifty Grand, Falling Glass, The Lighthouse Land (sf), The Lighthouse War (sf), The Lighthouse Keepers (sf), The Cold Cold Ground, I Hear the Sirens in the Street, In the Morning I'll Be Gone, Gun Street Girl, Rain Dogs, Police at the Station and They Don’t Look Friendly, The Chain

McLaughlin, James A.

McLinn, Patricia:
Sign Off

McMahon, Jennifer (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
The One I Left Behind, The Night Sister, Promise Not to Tell, Burntown, The Invited

McMahon, John:
The Good Detective

McMann, Lisa (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Dead to You

McManus, Patrick F.
The Blight Way, Avalanche, The Double-Jack Murders,The Huckleberry Murders, The Tamarack Murders, Circles in the Snow

McNab, Andy:
Remote Control, Crisis Four, Firewall, Bravo Two Zero, For Valor, Seven Troop, Deep Black, Silencer, State of Emergency, The Grey Man, The New Recruit, The New Patrol, The New Enemy, Detonator, Street Soldier, For Valour, Cold Blood, Silent Weapon, Line of Fire

McNamara, Michelle:
I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer (True Crime)

McNeill, Fergus:
Eye Contact, Knife Edge

McTiernan, Dervla:
The Ruin, The Scholar, The Sisters (novella)

Meade, Glenn:
The Romanov Conspiracy, Unquiet Ghosts

Medina, Kate:
Fire Damage, Scared to Death

Mefford, John W.
The Ivy Nash Thrillers Books 1-3 (boxset), The Ivy Nash Thrillers Books 4-6 (boxset)

Meier, Leslie:
Easter Bunny Murder, French Pastry Murder, Father's Day Murder, British Manor Murder, Candy Corn Murder, Christmas Carol Murder, St. Patrick's Day Murder, Mother's Day Murder, Silver Anniversary Murder, Yule Log Murder, Haunted House Murder, Invitation Only Murder

Meltzer, Brad:
Divine Justice, The Inner Circle, The Millionaires, The Book of Fate, Dead Even, The Tenth Justice, The President's Shadow, The House of Secrets, The Escape Artist, The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot Against George Washington (nonfiction), The Lincoln Conspiracy (nonfiction)

Melville, Alan:
Quick Curtain (temp)

Memminger, Charley:
Aloha Lady Blue

Menuhin, Karen:
Murder at Melrose Court, The Black Cat Murders

Meredith, Anne:
Portrait of a Murderer

Merrell, Susan Scarf:

Merritt, Stephanie:
While You Sleep

Mertz, Barbara (see Peters, Elizabeth)

Methos, Victor:
Plague, The Neon Lawyer

Meyer, Deon:
Thirteen Hours, Heart of the Hunter, Seven Days, Devil's Peak, Blood Safari, Dead Before Dying, Dead at Daybreak, Cobra, Icarus, Fever, The Woman in the Blue Cloak

Meyer, Stephenie (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
The Chemist

Meyette, Elizabeth:
The Cavanaugh House

Michaelides, Alex:
The Silent Patient

Michaels, Barbara ( see General Fiction by Author page, and Peters, Elizabeth on this page)

Michaels, Fern (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Razor Sharp, Mr. & Miss Anonymous, Vegas Rich, Vegas Heat, Vegas Sunrise, Dear Emily, Fast Track, Family Blessings, Collateral Damage, Charming Lily, Finders Keepers, Weekend Warriors, Payback, Vendetta, The Jury, Sweet Revenge, Lethal Justice, Free Fall, Late Bloomer, Southern Comfort, Final Justice, Cross Roads, The Scoop, Exclusive, Christmas At Timberwoods, Crown Jewel, Deadline, Tuesday's Child, Deadly Deals, Deja Vu, Breaking News, Gotcha!, Blindsided, Kiss and Tell, Countdown, Take Down, Upside Down, Double Down, Fast and Loose, Safe and Sound, Cut and Run, Crash and Burn, Need to Know

Michele, Jamie (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Michelet, Jon:
The Frozen Woman

Milchman, Jenny:
Cover of Snow, Ruin Falls, Wicked River

Miley, Mary:
The Impersonator, Silent Murders

Millar, Margaret:
The Murder of Miranda, A Stranger in My Grave, Wall of Eyes, The Fiend, The Cannibal Heart, The Invisible Worm, The Weak-Eyed Bat, The Devil Love Me, Ask for Me Tomorrow, Fire Will Freeze, Rose's Last Summer, Banshee, An Air that Kills (aka The Soft Talkers), Spider Webs

Miller, Dennis R.
One Woman's Vengeance

Miller, Derek B.
Norwegian by Night, The Girl in Green

Miller, Jeff:
The Bubble Gum Thief

Miller, Melissa F.
Irreparable Harm, Inadvertent Disclosure, Irretrievably Broken, Indispensable Party, Improper Influence, Critical Vulnerability, Chilling Effect, Thyme to Live: We Sisters Three Mystery, Book 3

Miller, Linda Lael (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Miller, Sue:
The Arsonist

Mills, DiAnn:
Breach of Trust, The Chase, Firewall, Double Crossed, Deadly Encounter

Mills, Kyle:
Robert Ludlum's The Ares Decision, Robert Ludlum's The Utopia Experiment, Robert Ludlum's the Patriot Attack, Order to Kill: A Mitch Rapp Novel, Lethal Agent: A Mitch Rapp Novel

Mills, Mark:
Where Dead Men Meet

Milne, A.A (see also Children's Audiobooks by Author list)
The Red House Mystery

Mina, Denise:
The Dead Hour, Slip of The Knife, Field of Blood, Garnethill, Exile,  Still Midnight, The End of the Wasp Season, Gods and Beasts, The Red Road, Blood Salt and Water, The Long Drop, Conviction

Minar-Jaynes, Jennifer:
Never Smile at Strangers, Ugly Young Thing, Don't Say a Word, The Stranger Inside

Minato, Kanae:
Confessions, Penance

Minar-Jaynes, Jennifer

Minier, Bernard:
The Frozen Dead

Miranda, Megan:
All the Missing Girls, The Perfect Stranger, The Last House Guest

Mitchell, Gladys:
The Mystery of a Butcher's Shop, Death at the Opera, Come Away Death, When Last I Died, Death and the Maiden

Mitzner, Adam:
Losing Faith, The Girl from Home, Dead Certain, Never Goodbye

Mizushima, Margaret:
Killing Trail, Stalking Ground, Hunting Hour, Burning Ridge, Tracking Game

Moffett, Julie:
No One Lives Twice, No One to Trust, No Place Like Rome, No Biz like Showbiz, No Test for the Wicked, No Living Soul

Mofina, Rick:
The Dying Hour, Every Fear, A Perfect Grave, Last Seen, If Angels Fall, Cold Fear, Blood of Others, No Way Back, Be Mine, Missing Daughter, The Lying House

Mohrman, Travis:
Singular Points

Molloy, Aimee:
The Perfect Mother

Monk, Camilla (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Montanari, Richard:
Badlands (aka Play Dead), Merciless, The Skin Gods, The Violet Hour, The Rosary Girls, Broken Angels, The Echo Man, The Killing Room, Don't Look Now, The Doll Maker, The Stolen Ones, Shutter Man, The Buried Girl

Montgomery, Jess:
The Widows, The Hollows

Moody, Bill:
Shades of Blue, Fade to Blue

Mooney, Chris:
Fear the Dark

Moore, Christopher (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Moore, Graham:
The Sherlockian, The Last Days of Night, The Holdout

Moore, H. B.
Finding Sheba, Lost King

Moore, Jonathan:
The Poison Artist, The Dark Room, The Night Market

Moore, Liz:
Long Bright River

Moracho, Cristina:
A Good Idea

Morey, Shaun:
Wahoo Rhapsody, El Dorado Blues, The Crooked Pearl

Morgan, Alexis:
Death by Committee

Morgan, Deborah:
Death Is a Cabaret, The Weedless Widow, The Marriage Casket, Four on the Floor, The Majolica Murders

Moriarty, Liane:
Big Little Lies

Moriarty, Nicola:
The Fifth Letter

Morrell, David:
The Shimmer, Extreme Denial, Desperate Measures, Murder as a Fine Art, The Naked Edge, The Spy Who Came for Christmas, Last Reveille, Brotherhood of the Rose, The Fraternity of the Stone, The League of Night and Fog, Scavenger, Creepers, Long Lost, The Protector, Assumed Identity, The Fifth Profession, Inspector of the Dead, Ruler of the Night

Morris, Bourne:
The Red Queen Rules

Morrison, Boyd:
The Ark, The Vault (aka The Midas Code), The Roswell Conspiracy, The Loch Ness Legacy

Morrison, Scott Allan:
Terms of Use

Morrow, Bradford:
The Diviner's Tale, The Forgers

Morson, Ian:
Falconer and the Ritual of Death, Falconer and the Great Beast

Mortimer, John:
Rumpole of the Bailey, The Trials of Rumpole, Rumpole for the Defence, Rumpole's Return, Rumpole and the Golden Thread, Rumpole's Last Case, Rumpole and the Age of Miracles, Rumpole a La Carte, Rumpole on Trial, Rumpole and the Angel of Death, Rumpole Rests His Case, Rumpole and the Primrose Path, Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders, Rumpole and the Reign of Terror, The Anti-Social Beaviour of Horace Rumpole, Rumpole at Christmas, Felix in the Underworld

Mosby, Steve:
Black Flowers, You Can Run

Moshfegh, Ottessa (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Mosley, Walter (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Walkin' the Dog, Fortunate Son, Gone Fishin',  Known to Evil, Diablerie, The Man in My Basement, The Long Fall, Bad Boy Brawly Brown, Six Easy Pieces, The Right Mistake, A Little Yellow Dog, Cinnamon Kiss, Fearless Jones, Fearless Itself, Fear of the Dark, Devil in a Blue Dress, A Red Death, White Butterfly, Black Betty, Little Scarlet, Blonde Faith, All I Did Was Shoot My Man, When the Thrill Is Gone, Little Green, Debbie Doesnt Do It Anymore, Rose Gold, And Sometimes I Wonder About You, Charcoal Joe, Always Outnumbered Always Outgunned, Down the River unto the Sea, John Woman

Moss, Tara (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Fetish, Split, Covet, Hit, Assassin, Dead Man Switch

Moss, Todd:
The Golden Hour, Minute Zero, Ghosts of Havana, The Shadow List

Mosse, Kate:
Labyrinth, Sepulchre, The Cave (novella), The Taxidermist's Daughter

Mrazek, Robert J.
Dead Man's Bridge

Muddiman, Rebecca:
Stolen, Gone

Muir, T. F.
Eye For An Eye, Hand for a Hand, Tooth for a Tooth, Life for a Life, The Meating Room, Blood Torment, The Killing Connection, Dead Catch, Dead Still

Mukherjee, Abir:
A Rising Man

Mulhern, Julie:
The Deep End, Guaranteed to Bleed, Clouds in My Coffee, Send in the Clowns, Watching the Detectives, Cold as Ice, Telephone Line

Mullen, Caitlin:
Please See Us

Mullen, Thomas:
Darktown, The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers, Lightning Men

Muller, Marcia:
Edwin of the Iron Shoes, Ask the Cards A Question, The Cheshire Cat's Eye, Games to Keep the Dark Away, Leave A Message for Willie, Double (co-written with her husband Bill Pronzini), There's Nothing to Be Afraid Of, Eye of the Storm, There's Something in A Sunday, The Shape of Dread, Trophies and Dead Things, Where Echoes Live, Pennies on A Dead Woman's, Wolf in the Shadows, Till the Butchers Cut Him Down, A Wild and Lonely Place, The Broken Promise Land, Both Ends of the Night, While Other People Sleep, A Walk Through the Fire, Listen to the Silence, Dead Midnight, The Dangerous Hour, Vanishing Point, The Ever-Running Man, Burn Out, Locked In, Coming Back, City of Whispers, Point Deception, McCone and Friends, The Night Searchers, The Bughouse Affair (w/Bill Pronzini), The Spook Lights Affair (w/Bill Pronzini), Cape Perdido, Cyanide Wells, Someone Always Knows, The Color of Fear, The Breakers

Munshower, Suzanne:

Murcer, Rick:
Caribbean Moon

Murnick, Carolyn:
The Hot One: A Memoir of Friendship Sex and Murder

Murphy, Jennifer:
I Love You More

Murphy, Sara Flannery:
The Possessions

Murphy, Shirley Rousseau:
Cat on the Edge, Cat Fear No Evil, Cat Cross Their Graves, Cat Breaking Free, Cat Pay the Devil, Cat Deck the Halls, Cat Telling Tales, Cat in the Dark, Cat Bearing Gifts, Cat to the Dogs, Cat Under Fire, Cat Shout for Joy, Cat Shining Bright, Cat Chase the Moon

Myers, Amy:
The Wickenham Murders, Murder in Friday Street, Murder in Hell's Corner, Murder and the Golden Goblet, Classic Mistake, Classic in the Pit

Myers, Ann:
Bread of the Dead, Cinco de Mayhem, Feliz Navidead

Myers, Tamar:
The Crepes of Wrath

Myerson, Julie:
The Stopped Heart

Myrer, Anton:
Once an Eagle

Nadel, Barbara:
Harem, Pretty Dead Things, River of the Dead, Last Rights, After the Mourning, Ashes to Ashes, Death By Design, Sure and Certain Death, A Passion for Killing, A Private Business, Poisoned Ground, Body Count, An Act of Kindness, Enough Rope, Dead of Night, On the Bone, Deadline, The House of Four, Bright Shiny Things, Incorruptible, Displaced, A Knife to the Heart

Nance, John J.
Phoenix Rising, The Last Hostage, Blackout, Final Approach, Scorpion Stike, Headwind, Turbulance, Skyhook, Fire Flight, Saving Cascadia, Orbit

Nasaw, Jonathan:
Twenty-Seven Bones, The Girls He Adored

Naughton, Elisabeth (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Needham, Jake:
The Ambassador's Wife, Laundry Man, Killing Plato

Neggers, Carla (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Saint's Gate, Heron's Cove, Cold Pursuit, Cold River, Cold Dawn, The Whisper, Tempting Fate, On Fire, Declan's Cross, On Fire, Harbor Island, Declan's Cross, The Harbor, Keeper's Reach, Cold Ridge, Liar's Key, Thief's Mark, Impostor's Lure, Rival's Break

Nesbo, Jo:
The Redbreast, Nemesis, The Devil's Star, The Redeemer, The Snowman, The Leopard, Headhunters, Phantom, Police, Cockroaches, The Son, Blood on Snow, Midnight Sun, The Bat, The Thirst, Macbeth, Knife

Nesser, Hakan:
The Mind's Eye, Borkmann's Point, Munster's Case (aka The Unlucky Lottery, read by Simon Vance), The Return, Woman with Birthmark, The Inspector and Silence, Hour of the Wolf, The Living and the Dead in Winsford, The Darkest Day, The Unlucky Lottery (aka Munster's Case, read by David Timson), The G File, The Strangler's Honeymoon, The Weeping Girl

Neuhaus, Nele:
Snow White Must Die, Swimming with Sharks, Bad Wolf, The Ice Queen, I Am Your Judge

Neville, Stuart:
The Ghosts of Belfast (aka The Twelve), Collusion, Stolen Souls, Ratlines, The Final Silence , Those We Left Behind

Newman, Kim (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Professor Moriarty: The Hound of the D'Urbervilles

Ng, Celeste:
Everything I Never Told You, Little Fires Everywhere

Nicholson, Scott (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Noble, Shelley:
Ask Me no Questions, Tell Me No Lies

Nobody, Joe (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Nolte, Jack:
The Gray and Guilty Sea, A Desperate Place for Dying

Noon, Jeff:
Slow Motion Ghosts

Noonan, R. J.
Where the Lost Girls Go, In the Line of Fire

Norman, Howard:
Next Life Might Be Kinder, My Darling Detective

North, Alex:
The Whisper Man

North, Oliver:
Counterfeit Lies

Norton, Carla:
The Edge of Normal, What Doesn't Kill Her

Northrop, Michael (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Novak, Brenda (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Dead Silence, Dead Giveaway, Dead Right, Trust Me, Stop Me, Watch Me, The Perfect Couple, The Perfect Liar, Inside, In Close, In Seconds, White Heat, Body Heat, Killer Heat, Hanover House (novella), Her Darkest Nightmare, Hello Again, Face Off, Before We Were Strangers, Blind Spot

Nugent, Liz:
Lying in Wait, Unravelling Oliver

Nunn, Kem:

Nunn, Malla:
A Beautiful Place to Die, Let the Dead Lie, Silent Valley, Present Darkness

Oates, Joyce Carol (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Obregon, Nicolas:
Blue Light Yokohama

O'Brien, Flann:
The Third Policeman

O'Brien, Kevin:
Tell Me You're Sorry, Watch Them Die, No One Needs To Know, The Last Victim, Hide Your Fear, They Won't Be Hurt

O'Bryen, Giles:
Little Sister

och Dag, Niklas Natt:
The Wolf and the Watchman

O'Connell, Carol:
The Man Who Cast Two Shadows (aka The Man Who Lied to Women/Abr.), Dead Famous (aka The Jury Must Die), Judas Child, Killing Critics, Bone By Bone, Stone Angel (aka Flight of the Stone Angel), Shell Game (aka Magic Men), Winter House, Find Me (aka Shark Music), The Chalk Girl, Mallory's Oracle, It Happens in the Dark, The Judas Child, Crime School, Blind Sight

O'Connor, Carlene:
Murder in an Irish Village, Murder at an Irish Wedding, Murder in an Irish Churchyard, Murder in an Irish Pub

O'Connor, Joseph:
The Salesman

O'Dell, Tawni:
One of Us

Odell, Terry (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Offutt, Chris:
Country Dark

Ohlsson, Kristina:
Unwanted, Silenced, The Disappeared, Hostage

Oliva, Alexandra:
The Last One

Olsen, Gregg:
A Wicked Snow,  A Cold Dark Place, Heart of Ice, Victim Six, A Twisted Faith (non-fiction), The Deep Dark (non-fiction), Starvation Heights (non-fiction), Abandoned Prayers (non-fiction), Envy, Betrayal, The Girl in the Woods, The Sound of Rain, Now That She's Gone, The Last Thing She Ever Did, The Weight of Silence, Lying Next to Me

Olsen, Jack:
The Misbegotten Son: A Serial Killer and His Victims - The True Story of Arthur J. Shawcross

Olsen, Rena:
The Girl Before

Omer, Mike:
A Killer's Mind

O'Nan, Stewart (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Oney, Steven Thomas:
Captain Underhill Uncoils the Mystery (Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater), Captain Underhill Uncovers the Truth (Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater), Captain Underhill Unlocks the Enigma (Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater), Captain Underhill Unmasks the Murderer (Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater)

Orgain, Diana:
Bundle of Trouble, Trigger Yappy, Third Time's a Crime

Orsoff, Beth (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)
O'Shaughnessy, Perri:
Motion to Suppress, Invasion of Privacy, Obstruction of Justice, Breach of Promise, Acts of Malice, Move to Strike, Writ of Execution, Unfit to Practice, Presumption of Death, Unlucky in Law, Case of Lies, Show No Fear, Keeper of the Keys

Oswald, James:
Natural Causes, The Book of Souls, The Hangman's Song, Dead Men's Bones, Prayer for the Dead, The Damage Done, Written in Bones, The Gathering Dark, Cold as the Grave, Nothing to Hide, Bury Them Deep

Ould, Chris:
The Killing Bay, The Fire Pit

Overholt, Cuyler:
A Deadly Affection, A Promise of Ruin

Overton, Hollie:
Baby Doll, The Walls, The Runaway

Page, Katherine Hall:
Small Plates, The Body in the Kelp, The Body in the Bouillon, The Body in the Belfry, The Body in the Wardrobe, The Body in the Boudoir, The Body in the Piazza, The Body in the Birches, The Body in the Casket, The Body in the Wake

Page, Nora:
Better Off Read, Read on Arrival

Paige, Robin (pseudonym for Susan Wittig Albert and Bill Albert):
Death at Bishop's Keep, Death at Gallows Green, Death at Daisy's Folly

Pajer, Bernadette:
A Spark of Death, Fatal Induction

Palmer, Daniel:
Delirious, Helpless, Desperate, Constant Fear, Mercy, Forgive Me

Palmer, Diana (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Palmer, Linda:
Love is Murder, Love Her to Death, Love You Madly, Kiss of Death

Palmer, Matthew:
Secrets of State

Palmer, Michael:
The Sisterhood, Silent Treatment, First Patient, Resistant, The American Mission, Secrets of State

Palmer, Stuart:
Ace of Jades, Omit Flowers

Pandian, Gigi:
The Accidental Alchemist, Artifact, The Elusive Elixir, The Alchemist's Illusion

Panowich, Brian:
Bull Mountain

Paretsky, Sara:
Indemnity Only, Bleeding Kansas, Blood Shot, Killing Orders, Bitter Medicine, Body Work, Burn Marks, Breakdown, Deadlock, Total Recall, Hard Time, Blacklist, Fire Sale, Guardian Angel, Hard Ball, Tunnel Vision, Sisters on the Case: Volume One, Sisters on the Case: Volume Two, Critical Mass, Brush Back, Fallout, Tunnel Vision, Windy City Blues: V.I. Warshawski Stories, Shell Game, Dead Land

Paris, B. A.
Behind Closed Doors, The Breakdown, Bring Me Back

Parker, Amy Christine:

Parker, Barbara:
The Dark of Day, Suspicion of Rage

Parker, I. J.
Rashomon Gate

Parker, Robert B (see also Atkins, Ace above):
Appaloosa, Brimstone, Split Image, Night and Day, The Godwulf Manuscript, God Save the Child, Mortal Stakes, Promised Land, The Judas Goat, Looking for Rachel Wallace, Early Autumn, A Savage Place, Ceremony, The Widening Gyre, Valediction, A Catskill Eagle, Taming a Sea Horse, Pale Kings and Princes, Crimson Joy, Playmates, Stardust, Pastime, Double Deuce, Paper Doll, Walking Shadow, Thin Air, Chance, Small Vices, Sudden Mischief, Hush Money, Hugger Mugger, Potshot, Widow's Walk, Back Story, Bad Business, Cold Service, School Days, Hundred-Dollar Baby, Now and Then, Rough Weather, The Professional, Perchance to Dream (abr.), Night Passage (abr.), Trouble in Paradise, Death in Paradise, Stone Cold, Sea Change, Spare Change, High Profile, Stranger in Paradise, Night and Day, Sixkill, Robert B. Parker's Killing the Blues (Jesse Stone story written by Michael Brandman), Chasing the Bear, Robert B. Parker's Fool Me Twice (written by Michael Brandman), Robert B. Parker's Damned If You Do (written by Michael Brandman), Double Play, The Devil Wins

Parker, Samuel:

Parker, T. Jefferson:
Little Saigon, L. A.  Outlaws, The Renegades, Laguna Heat, The Triggerman's Dance, The Fallen, The Blue Hour, Red Light, Black Water, Cold Pursuit, Pacific Beat, California Girl, Iron River, The Famous and the Dead, Full Measure, Crazy Blood, The Room of White Fire, The Last Good Guy

Parks, Alan
Bloody January, February's Son, Bobby March Will Live Forever

Parks, Brad:
Faces of the Gone, Eyes of the Innocent, The Girl Next Door, The Good Cop, The Player, Say Nothing, The Whistleblower (short), The Last Act

Parnell, Sean:
All Out War

Parra, Kelly Lynn:
Criminal Instinct

Parris, S. J.
Heresy, Sacrilege, Prophecy, Treachery, Conspiracy

Parrish, P. J.
She's Not There

Parshall, Sandra:
The Heat of the Moon, Under the Dog Star, Bleeding Through, Poisoned Ground, Disturbing the Dead

Parsons, Kelly:
Doing Harm, Under the Knife

Parsons, Tony:
The Murder Bag (aka The Murder Man), The Slaughter Man, The Hanging Club, Die Last, Girl on Fire, #taken

Patchett, Ann (see General Fiction by Author list)

Patrick, Phaedra:
The Library of Lost and Found

Patrick, Seth (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Patterson, James (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
The Murder of King Tut: The Plot to Kill the Child King (non-fiction), Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls, Jack and Jill, Cat & Mouse, Pop Goes the Weasel, Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Four Blind Mice, The Big Bad Wolf, London Bridges; Mary, Mary; Cross (aka Alex Cross),  Double Cross, Cross Country, Alex Cross's Trial; I, Alex Cross; Swimsuit, Watch the Skies (w/Ned Rust), Dangerous Days of Daniel X (w/Michael Ledwidge), Run For Your Life, Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas, The Lake House, Sundays at Tiffany's, 1st To Die, 2nd Chance, 3rd Degree, 4th of July, The 5th Horseman, The 6th Target, 7th Heaven, 8th Confession, The 9th Judgment, 10th Anniversary, Against Medical Advice (w/Hal &Cory Friedman), You've Been Warned, The Angel Experiment, The Final Warning, Step on a Crack, Sail, Black Friday, Virgin, The Quickie (w/Michael Ledwidge), The Postcard Killers (w/Liza Marklund), Don't Blink (w/Howard Roughan), Tick Tock (w/Michael Ledwidge), Angel, Toys, Worst Case (w/ Michael Ledwidge), Now You See Her (w/Michael Ledwidge), Private, Cross Fire, The Christmas Wedding, Kill Alex Cross, Private Games (w/Mark Sullivan), School's Out - Forever, Saving the World: And Other Extreme Sports, Max, Fang, Demons and Druids, Game Over, Witch & Wizard, Witch & Wizard: The Gift, Witch & Wizard: The Fire, When the Wind Blows, Private: #1 Suspect, 11th Hour, Guilty Wives (w/David Ellis); I, Michael Bennett (w/Michael Ledwidge), Nevermore, Zoo (w/Michael Ledwidge), The Thomas Berryman Number, Season of the Machete, Sam's Letters to Jennifer, Confessions of a Murder Suspect (w/Maxine Paetro), NYPD Red (w/Marshall Karp), Merry Christmas Alex Cross, Private London, Daniel X: Armageddon, Private Berlin (w/Mark Sullivan), Witch & Wizard: The Kiss (w/Jill Dembowski), 12th of Never (w/Maxine Paetro), Alex Cross Run, Second Honeymoon (w/Howard Roughan), Mistress, Gone (w/Michael Ledwidge), Cross My Heart, Private L. A., Unlucky 13(w/Maxine Paetro), NYPD Red 2, Invisible (w/David Ellis), Private Down Under (w/Michael White), Burn (w/Michael Ledwidge), Hope to Die, Private India: City on Fire (w/Ashwin Sanghi), Witch & Wizard: The Lost (w/Emily Raymond), Confessions: The Private School Murders (w/Maxine Paetro), Confessions: The Paris Mysteries (w/Maxine Paetro), NYPD Red 3 (w/Marshall Karp), 14th Deadly Sin (w/Maxine Paetro), Maximum Ride Forever, Private Vegas, Truth or Die, Alert (w/Michael Ledwidge), Private Sydney (w/Kathryn Fox), Murder House (w/David Ellis), Confessions: The Murder of an Angel, NYPD Red 4 (w/Marshall Karp), The Murder House (w/David Ellis), 15th Affair, Zoo2: An Alex Cross Story (novella), The Hostage: An Alex Cross Story (novella), Private Royals: An Alex Cross Story (novella), Break Point: An Alex Cross Story (novella), Black & Blue: An Alex Cross Story (novella), Cross Kill: An Alex Cross Story (novella), The Games (w/Mark Sullivan), Bookshots: Heist (novella, w/Rees Jones), Bookshots: Little Black Dress (novella, w/Emily Raymond), Bookshots: Airport: Code Red (novella), BookShots: The Trial (novella), Bookshots: Learning to Ride, BookShots: Little Black Dress (novella), Bullseye: Michael Bennett 9, Bookshots: Let's Play Make-Believe (novella w/James O. Born), BookShots: Chase (novella), Bookshots: The Pretender (novella w/Andrew Bourelle), Never Never, Cradle and All, Woman of God (w/Maxine Paetro), Bookshots: 113 Minutes (novella w/Max Dilallo), Bookshots: Hunted (novella w/Andrew Holmes), Missing: A Private Novel, Bookshots: Killer Chef (novella w/Jeffrey J. Keyes), Cross the Line, The Christmas Mystery: A Detective Luc Moncrief Story (novella w/Richard DiLallo), Bookshots: Come and Get Us (w/Shan Serafin), Filthy Rich (non-fiction), Private Delhi, 16th Seduction (w/Maxine Paetro),Humans Bow Down (w/Emily Raymond), Full Blast, The Black Book (w/David Ellis), Bookshots: Shut-In (w/Duane Swierczynski), Bookshots: The End (w/Brendan DuBois), Detective Cross (novella), Private: Gold  (novella w/Jassy Mackenzie), Bookshots: After the End (novella w/Brendan DuBois), Crazy House, Bookshots: Stingrays (w/Duane Swierczynski), Murder Games (w/Howard Roughan), The Moores Are Missing, Fifty Fifty (w/Candice Fox), The Dolls (novella w/Kecia Bal), The Medical Examiner (novella), The Lawyer Lifeguard (novella w/Doug Allyn), The Cooper Affair, The Store (w/Richard DiLallo), Stealing Gulfstreams (novella), Dead Man Running (novella),The Family Lawyer, Haunted (w/James O. Born), Scott Free (novella w/Rob Hart), You've Been Warned - Again (novella w/Derek Nikitas), Expelled (w/Emily Raymond), The People vs. Alex Cross, The Exile (novella w/Alison Joseph), Manhunt: A Michael Bennett Story (short w/James O. Born), Count to Ten (w/Ashwin Sanghi), Avalanche (novella w/David English), Kill and Tell (novella w/Scott Slaven), Murder Interrupted, Home Sweet Murder, Murder Beyond the Grave (True Crime), NYPD Red 5: Red Alert (w/Marshall Karp), Texas Ranger (w/Andrew Bourelle),  The 17th Suspect, Princess, The President Is Missing (w/Bill Clinton), Murder in Paradise, Triple Homicide (w/ Maxine Paetro & James O. Born), Liar Liar  (w/Candice Fox), Texas Ranger, Juror #3 (w/Nancy Allen), Ambush, The House Next Door, The Chef (w/Max Dilallo), 18th Abduction (aka The 18th Abduction), The First Lady (w/Brendan Dubois), The Cornwalls Are Gone (w/Brendan DuBois), The 13-Minute Murder, The Fall of Crazy House, Out of Sight, Hush Hush, The Inn (w/Candice Fox), The Warning (w/Robison Wells), The Warning, The 19th Christmas, Unsolved (w/David Ellis), Ali Cross, Lost (w/James O. Born), The River Murders (w/James O. Born), Steeplechase (novella), Texas Outlaw, Revenge (w/Andrew Holmes), The Midnight Club, The 20th Victim

Patterson, Richard North:
Fall from Grace, Eden in Winter, The Spire, Silent Witness

Pattinson, James:
Bullion, The Unknown, Sea Fury, Across The Narrow Seas, The Poison Traders, Last In Convoy, A Wind On The Heath; Soldiers, Sail North; The Time Of Your Life, Some Job, Bavarian Sunset, Contact Mr. Delgado, Wild Justice, The Silent Voyage, The Golden Reef, Obituary For Howard Gray, Fat Man From Colombia

Paul, Gill:
Another Woman's Husband

Pavone, Chris:
The Accident, The Expats, The Travelers, The Paris Diversion

Pawlish, Renee:
This Doesn't Happen in the Movies

Payton, Brian:
The Wind Is Not a River

Peace, David:
Nineteen Seventy-Four (1974), Nineteen Seventy-Seven (1977), Nineteen Eighty (1980), Nineteen Eighty-Three (1983)

Pearce, Michael:
A Dead Man in Trieste, A Dead Man in Istanbul, A Dead Man in Athens, A Dead Man in Tangier, A Dead Man in Barcelona, A Dead Man In Naples, The Return of the Carpet, The Mamur Zapt and The Men Behind, The Mamur Zapt and the Girl in the Nile, The Camel of Destruction, The Mingrelian Conspiracy, The Fig Tree Murder, Death of an Effendi, A Cold Touch of Ice, The Face in The Cemetery, The Point in the Market, The Mark of the Pasha

Pearl, Matthew:
The Technologists, The Dante Chamber

Pears, Iain:
The Raphael Affair, The Titan Committee, The Immaculate Deception, The Dream of Scipio, Stone's Fall

Pearson, Ridley (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Blood Tide, No Witnesses, Steel Trapp, Killer View,  Beyond Recognition, The Art of Deception, The Angel Maker, The First Victim, Chain of Evidence, Cut and Run, Killer Summer, Killer Weekend, Undercurrents, Probable Cause, The Risk Agent, In Harm's Way, Risk Agent, Choke Point, The Red Room, White Bone

Pearson, Ryne Douglas:
Top Ten, The Donzerly Light

Peevyhouse, Parker (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Pelecanos, George:
The Man Who Came Uptown

Pence, Joanne:
Ancient Echoes, Ancient Shadows

Penketh, Anne:
Murder on the Marsh

Penn, J. F.
Desecration, Delirium, Deviance

Penney, Elizabeth:
Hems and Homicide

Penney, Stef:
The Invisible Ones

Penny, Louise:
Still Life,  A Fatal Grace (aka Dead Cold), The Cruelest Month, The Brutal Telling, Bury Your Dead, The Murder Stone (aka A Rule Against Murder, read by Adam Sims), A Rule Against Murder (aka The Murder Stone, read by Ralph Cosham), The Beautiful Mystery, How the Light Gets In, A Trick of the Light, The Long Way Home, The Nature of the Beast, A Great Reckoning, Glass Houses, Kingdom of the Blind, A Better Man

Penrose, Andrea:
Murder on Black Swan Lane, Murder at Half Moon Gate, Murder at Kensington Palace

Perabo, Susan (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Percy, Walker:

Perez-Reverte, Arturo:
Pirates of the Levant, The Nautical Chart

Perini, Robin (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Perkins, S. C.
Murder Once Removed

Perks, Heidi:
Her One Mistake, Come Back for Me

Persons, Terri:
Blind Spot

Persson, Leif:
Between Summer’s Longing  And Winter’s End, Free Falling As If In A Dream, Linda As In The Linda Murder, He Who Kills The Dragon, Another Time Another Life, The Dying Detective

Pessl, Marisha:
Night Film

Perry, Anne:
A Christmas Journey, A Christmas Visitor, A Christmas Guest, A Christmas Secret, A Christmas Beginning, A Christmas Grace, Malice Domestic Vol. 6 (anthology edited by Anne Perry), Face of a Stranger, Defend and Betray, A Sudden Fearful Death, Sins of the Wolf, Cain His Brother, Weighed in the Balance, Silent Cry, The Whited Sepulchres (aka Breach Of Promise), The Twisted Root, Slaves of Obsession (Abridged), A Funeral in Blue, The Shifting Tide, Dark Assassin, Execution Dock, The Cater Street Hangman, Collander Square, Paragon Walk, Resurrection Row, Rutland Place, Bluegate Fields, Death in the Devil's Acre, Cardington Crescent, Silence in Hanover Close, Bethlehem Road, Highgate Rise, Belgrave Square, Farrier's Lane, The Hydespark Headsman, Traitor's Gate, Pentecost Alley (abridged - no unabridged version available that I know of), Bedford Square, Half Moon Street, The Whitechapel Conspiracy, Southampton Row, Seven Dials, Long Spoon Lane, Buckingham Palace Gardens, No Graves as Yet, We Shall Not Sleep, Shoulder the Sky, Angels in the Gloom, At Some Disputed Barricade, The Face of a Stranger, A Dangerous Mourning, Treason at Lisson Grove (aka Betrayal at Lisson Grove), A Christmas Homecoming, Dorchester Terrace, A Sunless Sea, Acceptable Loss, Midnight at Marble Arch, Blind Justice, A Christmas Garland, Death on Blackheath, Blood on the Water, The Angel Court Affair, Corridors of the Night, The Sheen on the Silk, Treachery at Lancaster Gate, Revenge in a Cold River, Murder on the Serpentine, A Christmas Message, An Echo of Murder, Twenty-One Days, A Christmas Return, Dark Tide Rising, Triple Jeopardy, A Christmas Revelation (novella), Death in Focus, A Christmas Gathering, One Fatal Flaw

Perry, Carol J.
Caught Dead Handed, Tails You Lose, Look Both Ways, Murder Go Round, Bells Spells and Murders, Final Exam, Late Checkout

Perry, Karen:
Can You Keep a Secret?

Perry, Leigh:
A Skeleton in the Family, The Skeleton Takes a Bow, The Skeleton Haunts a House, The Skeleton Paints a Picture: A Family Skeleton Mystery, Book 4

Perry, Marta (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Perry, Thomas:
Metzger's Dog, Shadow Woman, Dance For The Dead, Pursuit, Fidelity, Runner, The Butcher's Bull, Death Benefits, Sleeping Dogs, Night Life, Silence, Blood Money, Vanishing Act, The Face-Changers, The Informant, Poison Flower, Strip, String of Beads, Forty Thieves, The Old Man, The Bomb Maker, The Burglar, A Small Town

Peters, Elizabeth (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
The Camelot Caper, Die for Love, Devil May Care, Trojan Gold, Night Train to Memphis, The Laughter of Dead Kings, The Seventh Sinner

Peters, Ellis (aka Edith Pargeter):
A Morbid Taste for Bones, One Corpse Too Many, Monk's Hood, Saint Peter's Fair, The Leper of Saint Giles, The Virgin in the Ice, The Sanctuary Sparrow, The Devil's Novice, Dead Man's Ransom, The Pilgrim of Hate, An Excellent Mystery, The Raven in the Foregate, The Rose Rent, The Hermit of Eyton Forest, The Confession of Brother Haluin, The Heretic's Apprentice, The Potter's Field, The Summer of the Danes, The Holy Thief, Brother Cadfael's Penance, A Rare Benedictine

Peters, Ralph (see General Fiction by Author list)

Peterson, Andrew:
First to Kill, Forced to Kill, Option to Kill, Ready to Kill, Contract to Kill, Right to Kill, Hired to Kill

Peterson, Ann Voss:
Pushed Too Far, Naughty (novella, w/J. A. Konrath)

Petrie, Nicholas:
The Drifter, Burning Bright, Light It Up, Tear It Down, The Wild One

Pettrey, Dani (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Phelan, James:
The Agency

Phillips, Clyde:
Fall From Grace, Blindsided, Unthinkable, Sacrifice

Phillips, Gin:
Fierce Kingdom

Phillips, Helen:
The Need

Phillips, Jayne Anne:
Quiet Dell

Phillips, Louise:
Red Ribbons, The Doll's House

Piccirilli, Tom (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Shadow Season

Pickard, Nancy:
The Scent of Rain and Lightning

Pierce, Blake:
The Perfect Wife, The Perfect Block, The Perfect House

Pike, Christopher (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):

Pilkington, Paul:
Someone to Save You

Pinborough, Sarah:
Behind Her Eyes, 13 Minutes, Cross Her Heart, Dead to Her

Pinoff, Stefanie:
Hostage Taker

Pirie, David:
The Patient's Eyes, The Night Calls, The Dark Water

Pizzolatto, Nic:

Plame, Valerie:
Blowback (w/Sarah Lovett), Burned (w/Sarah Lovett)

Plum-Ucci, Carol:
The Body of Christopher Creed

Pobi, Robert:
Bloodman, American Woman, City of Windows

Pohler, Eva:
The Mystery Box

Pollack, Neal:
Downward-Facing Death, Open Your Heart

Pollock, Donald Ray (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Ponsor, Michael:
The Hanging Judge, The One-Eyed Judge

Porter, Henry:
The Bell Ringers, The Dying Light, Firefly

Portes, Andrea:

Potts, Sharon:
Someone Must Die

Potzsch, Oliver (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Prasad, Changra:

Pratt, Kyle:
Through Many Fires

Pratt, Scott:
Blood Money, An Innocent Client, In Good Faith, Injustice For All, Reasonable Fear, Conflict of Interest, Night of the Assassin, Justice Redeemed, A Crime of Passion, Justice Burning, Judgement Cometh

Prebble, Stuart:
The Insect Farm, The Bridge

Prescott, Michael:
Mortal Pursuit, Stealing Faces, Dangerous Games, Grave of Angels

Pressey, Rose (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Crime Wave, Murder is a Beach, Rock 'n' Roll Is Undead, Flip That Haunted House, Forever Charmed, Murder at Honeysuckle Hotel, The Haunted Fixer-Upper, If the Haunting Fits Wear It,
A Passion for Haunted Fashion

Preston, Douglas & Lincoln Child (What I have written by both of them, together or singly):
The Monster of Florence (non-fiction by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi),  Jennie (light background hiss), Dark Banquet (anthology edited by Lincoln Child, light background hiss), Deep Storm, Terminal Freeze, Death Match, Thunderhead, The Codex, Tyrannosaur Canyon, The Ice Limit, Utopia, Impact, Cemetery Dance, Blasphemy, Relic, Reliquary, The Cabinet of Curiosities, Brimstone, Riptide, Mount Dragon, Still Life with Crows, The Book of the Dead, Dance of Death, The Wheel of Darkness, Fever Dream, Cold Vengeance, Two Graves, Gideon's Corpse, The Third Gate (Lincoln Child), Extraction (short), White Fire, Gideon's Sword, The Kraken Project, The Lost Island, Blue Labyrinth, The Forgotten Room, Crimson Shore, Beyond the Ice Limit, The Obsidian Chamber, The Lost City of the Monkey God: A True Story (non-fiction), Full Wolf Moon (written by Lincoln Child), City of Endless Night, The Pharaoh Key, Verses for the Dead, Crooked River

Preston, Lisa:
Orchids and Stone, The Measure of the Moon, The Clincher

Preston, Natasha:
The Cellar

Price, Anthony:
The Labyrinth Makers, The Alamut Ambush, Colonel Butler's Wolf, The October Men, Other Paths to Glory, Our Man in Camelot, War Game, The '44 Vintage, Tomorrow's Ghost, The Hour of the Donkey, Soldier No More, The Old Vengeful, Gunner Kelly, Sion Crossing, Here Be Monsters, For the Good of the State, The Memory Trap

Price, Eyre:
Blues Highway Blues, Rock Island Rock

Price, Richard:
The Whites

Price, Steven:
By Gaslight

Profijt, Jutta (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Dust Angel

Pronzini, Bill:
Hellbox, Nemesis, Casefile, The Bughouse Affair (w/Marcia Muller), The Spook Lights Affair (w/Marcia Muller)

Pryor, Mark:
The Bookseller, The Crypt Thief, The Blood Promise

Pulley, D. M.
The Dead Key

Pulley, Natasha:
The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

Puzo, Mario:
The Godfather

Pynchon, Thomas:
Inherent Vice, The Crying of Lot 49, Against the Day, Gravity's Rainbow

Pyne, Daniel:
Catalina Eddy: A Novel in Three Decades

Pyper, Andrew:
The Only Child

Quartey, Kwei:
Wife of the Gods, Murder at Cape Three Points, Gold of Our Fathers, Death by His Grace, The Missing American

Queen, Ellery:
The French Powder Mystery: A Problem in Deduction, The Siamese Twin Mystery, The Dragon's Teeth (aka The Virgin Heiresses), The American Gun Mystery (aka Death at the Rodeo), There Was an Old Woman, Calamity Town, The Murderer is a Fox, Ten Days' Wonder, Face to Face, The Four of Hearts, Double Double, Cat of Many Tails, The Scarlet Letters, The Glass Village, Inspector Queen's Own Case, Finishing Stroke, The Fourth Side of the Triangle, The Player on the Other Side, And on the Eighth Day, Cop Out, A Study in Terror, A Fine and Private Place, The Finishing Stroke, The Tragedy of Y, The House of Brass, Kiss and Kill, The Campus Murders, The Tragedy of X, Dead Man's Tale, The Black Hearts Murder, What's in the Dark, Terror Town (short), The Roman Hat Mystery, The Spanish Cape Mystery, The Last Woman in His Life, The Greek Coffin Mystery, The Egyptian Cross Mystery, The Dutch Shoe Mystery, The Door Between, The Devil to Pay, The Chinese Orange Mystery, Halfway House

Quick, Amanda (See Krentz, Ann Jayne)

Quincy, D. M.
Murder in Mayfair, Murder in Bloomsbury

Quinn, C. S.
The Thief Taker, Fire Catcher, Dark Stars

Quinn, Kate:
The Huntress

Quinn, Holly:
A Crafter Knits a Clue, A Crafter Hooks a Killer, A Crafter Quilts a Crime

Quinn, Ryan:
End of Secrets, The Good Traitor

Quinn, Spencer (see also Children's Audiobooks by Author list):
Dog On It, Thereby Hangs a Tail, To Fetch a Thief, The Dog Who Knew Too Much, A Fistfull of Collars, A Cat Was Involved, The Iggy Chronicles (short), Tail of Vengeance (short), Paw and Order, Scents and Sensibility, Woof, The Right Side, The Sound and the Furry

Quinn, Tara Taylor:
The First Wife, The Second Lie, The Third Secret, The Fourth Victim

Quirk, Matthew:
Cold Barrel Zero, Dead Man Switch, The Night Agent, Hour of the Assassin

Raabe, Melanie:
The Trap

Rademacher, Cay:
The Murderer in Ruins, The Wolf Children, Murderous Mistral, Deadly Camargue

Rader-Day, Lori:
The Day I Died, Under a Dark Sky

Raffel, Keith:
A Fine and Dangerous Season

Ragan, T. R.
Abducted, Dead Weight, A Dark Mind, Obsessed, Almost Dead, Evil Never Dies, Furious, Outrage, Wrath, Deadly Recall

Rain, J.R. (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Dark Horse, The Mummy Case, Hail Mary, Temple of the Jaguar (novella w/Aiden James), Treasure of the Deep (novella w/Aiden James), Pyramid of the Gods (novella w/Aiden James), Dark Quests, Clean Slate, The Body Departed, Silent Echo, Winter Wind

Ramsay, Caro:
The Night Hunter

Randall, Shari:
Curses Boiled Again!

Rankin, Ian:
The Complaints, Strip Jack, Doors Open, Fleshmarket Close (aka Fleshmarket Alley), The Naming of the Dead, Witch Hunt, Bleeding Hearts, Questin of Blood, The Watchman, The Hanging Garden, Exit Music, Set In Darkness, Dead Souls, Mortal Causes, The Black Book, Tooth and Nail, Knots and Crosses, Hide and Seek, Black And Blue, Resurrection Men, Beggars Banquet: Part One, Death Is Not the End, Let It Bleed, The Falls, The Impossible Dead, Standing in Another Man's Grave, Beggars Banquet: Part Two, A Deep Hole (short), A Question of Blood, Saints of the Shadow Bible, Even Dogs in the Wild, Meet and Greet (short), Rather Be the Devil, A Good Hanging, In a House of Lies

Rash, Ron:
Above the Waterfall

Raybourn, Deanna:
Silent in the Grave, Silent in the Sanctuary, Silent on the Moor, Dark Road to Darjeeling, The Dead Travel Fast, The Dark Enquiry, Silent Night (novella), Midsummer Night (short), Twelfth Night (novella), Bonfire Night (novella), A Curious Beginning, A Perilous Undertaking, A Treacherous Curse, A Dangerous Collaboration, A Murderous Relation

Rayburn, James:
The Truth Itself

Reardon, Bryan:
Finding Jake, The Real Michael Swann

Rector, John:
Lost Things (novella), Already Gone, The Grove, Out of the Black, The Ridge

Redling, S. G.
Flowertown, Damocles, Redemption Key, The Widow File, Baggage

Redondo, Dolores:
The Invisible Guardian, The Legacy of the Bones

Reed, Hannah:
Off Kilter, Hooked on Ewe, Dressed to Kilt

Reed, Mary & Eric Mayer:
Seven for a Secret, Eight for Eternity, Nine for the Devil

Reeman, Douglas (see Kent, Alexander on the General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Rees, Tracey (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Rehder, Ben:
Buck Fever, Bone Dry, Flat Crazy, Guilt Trip, Gun Shy, Holy Moly, Gone the Next, Get Busy Dying, The Driving Lesson, Hog Heaven, If I Had A Nickel, Now You See Him, A Tooth for a Tooth

Reich, Christopher:
Rules of Deception, The Devil's Banker, The First Billion, Rules of Vengeance, The Runner, Numbered Account, Rules of Betrayal, The Patriot's Club, Invasion of Privacy, The Take, Crown Jewel

Reichs, Kathy:
2006 Bones, Cross Bones, Deadly Decisions, Grave Secrets, Death Du Jour, Break No Bones, Monday Morning, Bones to Ashes, Bare Bones, Fatal Voyage, Devil Bones, Deja Dead, Spider Bones, Flash and Bones, Virals, Seizure, Bones Are Forever, Code (/wBrendan Reichs), Bones of the Lost, Bones in Her Pocket (short/novella), Exposure (w/Brendan Reichs), Swamp Bones (novella), Bones Never Lie, Speaking in Bones, Bones on Ice (novella), Two Nights, A Conspiracy of Bones

Reilly, Matthew:
Ice Station, Area 7, Scarecrow, Hell Island, Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves, The Great Zoo Of China, The Tournament, Troll Mountain, The Four Legendary Kingdoms, The Three Secret Cities

Reisz, Tiffany (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
The Lucky Ones

Rendell, Ruth / Vine, Barbara:
The Blood Doctor, Grasshopper, The Birthday Present, Gallowglass, A Fatal Inversion, A Dark Adapted Eye, The Secret House of Death, A Guilty Thing Surprised, The Tree of Hands, The Killing Doll, Adam and Eve and Pinch Me, The Babes in the Wood, The Copper Peacock, 13 Steps Down, Harm Done, From Doon with Death, Kissing the Gunner's Daughter, A Demon in My View, Put On By Cunning, Speaker of Mandarin, The Water' Lovely, A Sleeping Life, A New Lease of Death, The Rottweiler, Heartstones, Not in the Flesh, The Lake of Darkness, Not in the Flesh, End in Tears, Road Rage, The Veiled One, An Unkindness of Ravens, The Monster in the Box,  A Guilty Thing Surprised (short), Means of Evil and Other Stories, The Vault, Asta's Book, No Night is Too Long, The Child's Child, Master of the Moor, No Man's Nightingale, Wolf to the Slaughter, The Girl Next Door, Portobello, Dark Corners

Renehan, John:
The Valley

Renner, James (see Sc-Fi/Fantasy/Horro Audiobooks by Author list)

Reuben, Shelly:
The Skirt Man, Weeping

Reus, Katie (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Reynard, Sylvain (see Thrillers & Mysteries Audiobooks by Author list)

Reynolds, Amanda:
Close to Me

Rhode, John:
Mystery at Olympia

Rhodes, Kate:
Hell Bay

Rhys, Rachel:
A Dangerous Crossing

Ricciardi, David:
Warning Light, Rogue Strike

Rice, Christopher (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
The Moonlit Earth, A Density of Souls, Blind Fall, The Heavens Rise, Light Before Day, Bone Music

Rich, A. J.
The Hand That Feeds You

Richards, Douglas E. (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Richards, Natalie D.
Six Months Later

Richards, Penny:
An Untimely Frost, Though This Be Madness

Richardson, Frank:
The Mayfair Mystery (aka 2835 Mayfair)

Richmond, Michelle:
The Marriage Pact

Richtel, Matt:
Dead on Arrival

Rickman, Phil:
The Cold Calling (written as Will Kingdom), The Bones of Avalon, The Wine of Angels, The Secrets of Pain, Midwinter of the Spirit , The Crown of Lights, The Cure of Souls, Lamp of the Wicked, The Prayer of the Night Shepherd, The Smile of a Ghost, The Remains of an Altar, The Fabric of Sin, To Dream of the Dead, The Magus of Hay, Crybbe (aka Curfew), Mean Spirit (written as Will Kingdom), Night After Night, Candlenight, The Chalice, The House of Susan Lulham (novella), The Man in the Moss, Friends of the Dusk, All of a Winter's Night, The Heresy of Dr Dee

Rickstad, Eric:
Lie in Wait, The Silent Girls, The Names of Dead Girls

Ridley, John:
Everybody Smokes in Hell, The Drift

Ridpath, Michael:
Fatal Error, Where the Shadows Lie, 66 Degrees North (aka 66° North), Meltwater, Sea of Stone, On the Edge, The Wanderer

Riggs, Cynthia:
Deadly Nightshade, The Cranefly Orchid Murders, The Cemetery Yew, Jack in the Pulpit, The Paperwhite Narcissus, Indian Pipes

Rimington, Stella:
At Risk, Secret Asset, Illegal Action, Dead Line, Present Danger, Rip Tide, The Geneva Trap, Close Call, Breaking Cover, The Moscow Sleepers

Rinehart, Mart Roberts:
The Circular Staircase, The Bat, The After House, Dangerous Days, The Man in Lower Ten, The Amazing Interlude

Riordan, Rick (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Big Red Tequila, The Widower's Two-Step, The Last King of Texas, The Devil Went Down to Austin, Southtown, Mission Road, Cold Springs

Ritchell, Ross:
The Knife

Ritter, William:
Jackaby, Beastly Bones, Ghostly Echoes, The Dire King

Robards, Karen (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Robb, Candace:
The Apothecary Rose,  The Lady Chapel, A Spy for the Redeemer, The Nun's Tale, The King's Bishop, The Riddle of St. Seonards, A Gift of Sanctuary, The Cross-Legged Knight, The Guilt of Innocents, A Vigil of Spies, A Trust Betrayed, A Cruel Courtship, The Fire in the Flint, The Service of the Dead, The Nun's Tale: Owen Archer Series, Book 3

Robb, J. D. (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Robbins, David L.
War of the Rats, The Devil's Waters, Broken Jewel, The Empty Quarter, The Devil's Horn, The Low Bird

Roberts, C. J. (see Mysteries & Thrillers Audiobooks by Author list)

Roberts, John Maddox (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
The Kings Gambit, The Catiline Conspiracy, The Sacrilege, The Temple of the Muses, Saturnalia, Nobody Loves a Centurion, The Tribune's Curse, The River God's Vengeance, The Princess and the Pirates, A Point of Law, Under Vesuvius, Oracle of the Dead, The Year of Confusion

Roberts, Mark:
Blood Mist

Roberts, Terry:
That Bright Land

Robertson, Craig:
The Photographer

Robertson, Imogen:
Instruments of Darkness, Island of Bones, Anatomy of Murder, Circle of Shadows, Theft of Life

Robertson, Jo:
The Watcher, The Avenger

Robertson, Paul:
Road to Nowhere, Dark in the City of Light

Robins, Jane:
White Bodies

Robinson, Jeremy (see Sci-F-/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Robinson, Peter:
A Necessary End, All the Colours of Darkness, Strange Affair, Playing With Fire, Gallows View, The Dedicated Man, Piece of my Heart, Aftermath, Cold is the Grave, In a Dry Season, Close to Home (a.k.a. The Summer That Never Was), Friend of the Devil, Dead Right, Past Reason Hated, Wednesday's Child, Final Account (aka Dry Bones That Dream), The Hanging Valley, Dry Bones That Dream, A Dedicated Man, Bad Boy, The Price of Love and Other Stories, Before the Poison, Watching the Dark, Children of the Revolution, Abattoir Blues (aka In the Dark Places), In the Dark Places (aka Abattoir Blues, read by Simon Vance), No Cure For Love, When the Music's Over, Sleeping in the Ground, Not Safe After Dark: And Other Stories, Careless Love, Innocent Graves, Seven Years (short), Many Rivers to Cross

Robinson, Steve:
In the Blood, To the Grave, The Last Queen of England, The Lost Empress, Kindred, Dying Games

Robotham, Michael:
Suspect, Shatter, Lost, The Night Ferry, Bleed for Me, Watching You, Bombproof, Life or Death, The Wreckage, Say You're Sorry, Life or Death, Close Your Eyes, The Secrets She Keeps, The Other Wife, Good Girl Bad Girl

Roehrig, Caleb:
Last Seen Leaving

Rohmer, Sax:
The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu, The Yellow Claw, The Golden Scorpion, The Hand of Fu-Manchu, The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu

Rollins, James:
Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Sandstorm, Map of Bones, Black Order, The Last Oracle, The Judas Strain,The Doomsday Key, Ice Hunt, Subterranean, Deep Fathom, The Devil Colony, Amazonia, Altar Of Eden, Jake Ransom and the Howling Sphinx, Evacuation, Bloodline, The Blood Gospel (w/Rebecca Cantrell), The Eye of God, Innocent Blood (w/Rebecca Cantrell), The Kill Switch (w/Grant Blackwood), The 6th Extinction, Blood Infernal (w/Rebecca Cantrell), The Midnight Watch (short), Tracker (novella), The Skeleton Key (novella), War Hawk, Crash and Burn (short), The Seventh Plague, The Demon Crown, Crucible, The Last Odyssey

Romig, Aleatha (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Rose, Karen:
Die for Me, Scream for Me, Kill for Me, I Can See You, Count To Ten, You Can't Hide, Nothing to Fear, Did You Miss Me?, No One Left to Tell, Closer Than You Think, Alone in the Dark, Every Dark Corner, Monster in the Closet, Don't Tell, Have You Seen Her?, Count to Ten, Death Is Not Enough, Say You're Sorry, Into the Dark

Rose, M. J.
The Reincarnationist, The Memorist, The Book of Lost Fragrances, In Session, The Venus Fix

Rosenberg, Alex:
The Girl from Krakow (temp)

Rosenberg, Charles:
Long Knives, Death on a High Floor, Write to Die

Rosenberg, Joel C.
The Twelfth Imam, The Tehran Initiative, Damascus Countdown, The Third Target, The Auschwitz Escape, The First Hostage, The Kremlin Conspiracy, The Persian Gamble

Rosenfelt, David:
Airtight, Without Warning, On Borrowed Time, Downt to the Wire, Don't Tell a Soul, Heart of a Killer, Open and Shut, First Degree, Bury the Lead, Sudden Death, Dead Center, Play Dead, New Tricks, Dog Tags, One Dog Night, Leader of the Pack, Unleashed, Hounded, Who Left the Dog Out?, Outfoxed, The Twelve Dogs of Christmas, Collared, Rescued, Deck the Hounds, Blackout, Fade to Black, Black and Blue, Bark of Night, Dachshund Through the Snow

Rosenstiel, Tom:
Shining City, The Good Lie

Rosett, Sara:
Death in the English Countryside, Death in an English Cottage, Death in a Stately Home, Death in an Elegant City, Death in an Elegant City, Murder at Archly Manor, Murder at Blackburn Hall, Death in an English Garden, Death at an English Wedding

Roslund, Anders:
Three Seconds (w/Borge Hellstrom)

Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind, Miss Julia Takes Over, Miss Julia Throws A Wedding, Miss Julia Hits the Road, Miss Julia Meets Her Match, Miss Julia's School of Beauty, Miss Julia Stands Her Ground, Miss Julia Strikes Back, Miss Julia Paints the Town, Miss Julia Delivers the Goods, Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle, Miss Julia's Marvelous Makeover, Miss Julia to the Rescue, Miss Julia Lays Down the Law, Miss Julia Weathers the Storm, Miss Julia Raises the Roof, Miss Julia Takes the Wheel, Miss Julia Knows a Thing or Two

Ross, Barbara:
Clammed Up, Boiled Over, Musselled Out, Fogged Inn, Iced Under, Stowed Away, Steamed Open

Ross, Joel:
White Flag Down

Ross, Loretta:
Death and the Redheaded Woman, Death and the Brewmaster's Widow, Death & the Gravedigger's Angel

Rotella, Sebastian:
Triple Crossing, The Convert's Song

Rotenberg, Robert:
Old City Hall, The Guilty Plea, Stray Bullets, Stranglehold, Heart of the City

Rous, Emma:
The Au Pair

Rowe, Lauren (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Rowland, Laura Joh:
The Ripper's Shadow, A Mortal Likeness, The Hangman's Secret

Rowlands, Betty:
Murder at Hawthorn Cottage, Murder in the Morning, Murder on the Clifftops, Murder at the Manor Hotel, Murder on a Winter Afternoon, Murder in the Orchard, Murder at Larkfield Barn, Murder in Langley Woods, Murder at Benbury Brook, Murder at the Old House, Murder in the Dining Room, Murder in a Country Garden, Death Under the Apple Tree, Death at the Mariners Hotel, Death on Clevedon Beach

Rowley, Emma:
Where the Missing Go

Roy, Lori:
Let Me Die in His Footsteps, The Disappearing

Royal, Priscilla:
Forsaken Soul, Chambers of Death, The Sanctity of Hate, Tyrant of the Mind, Satan's Lullaby, Justice for the Damned, Valley of Dry Bones, Covenant with Hell

Royce, Deborah Goodrich:
Finding Mrs. Ford

Rozan, S.J.
In This Rain, Ghost Hero

Ruby, Ryan:
The Zero and the One

Runcie, James:
Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death, Sidney Chambers and the Perils of the Night, Sidney Chambers and The Forgiveness of Sins

Russell, Alan:
St. Nick, Multiple Wounds, Shame, Burning Man, Guardians of the Night, Exposure, A Cold War, Lost Dog, The Homecoming, L.A. Woman

Rule, Ann:
Every Breath You Take (Abr.); Green River, Running Red; And Never Let Her Go (abr.), Empty Promises; Kiss Me, Kill Me; Heart Full of Lies, Too Late to Say Goodbye, Bitter Harvest (abr.), A Rose for Her Grave (sound is "okay")

Russell, Brent Rock:
Caged Lightning

Russell, Craig:
Blood Eagle, Brother Grimm, Eternal, The Carnival Master, The Valkyrie Song, Lennox, The Long Glasgow Kiss, The Deep Dark Sleep, Dead Men And Broken Hearts, A Fear of Dark Water, Lennox, The Ghosts of Altona, The Quiet Death of Thomas Quaid

Russell, Leigh:
Deadly Alibi, Class Murder

Russell, Michael:
The City of Shadows

Ryan, Alex:
Beijing Red, Hong Kong Black

Ryan, Annelise:
Working Stiff, Scared Stiff, Frozen Stiff, Lucky Stiff, Board Stiff, Stiff Penalty, Dead in the Water, Dead Calm, Dead of Winter

Ryan, Chris:
The Watchman, Masters of War, Hunter Killer, Hellfire, Deathlist, Bad Soldier, The Kill Zone, Head Hunters, Circle of Death

Ryan, Hank Phillippi:
Prime Time, Face Time, Air Time, Drive Time, Truth Be Told, The Wrong Girl, What You See, Say No More, Trust Me

Ryan, Sofie:
The Whole Cat and Caboodle, Buy a Whisker, A Whisker of Trouble, Two Tall Tails (w/Sofie Kelly, contains novellas The Cat Burglar & No More Pussyfooting Around), Telling Tails, The Fast and the Furriest, No Escape Claws, Claw Enforcement

Ryan, Thomas:
The Field of Blackbirds, The Mark of Halam, The Ottoman Conspiracy

Ryan, William:
The Holy Thief, The Darkening Field (aka The Bloody Meadow)

Ryder, Jess:
The Dream House

Sacheri, Eduardo:
The Secrets in Their Eyes

Sadowsky, Nina:
Just Fall, The Burial Society, The Empty Bed

Sager, Riley:
Final Girls, The Last Time I Lied, Lock Every Door

Sakey, Marcus:
The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes, Good People, The Amateurs, Brilliance, The Blade Itself, At the City's Edge, A Better World, Written in Fire, Afterlife

Sala, Sharon (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Sallis, James:
The Long-Legged Fly, Moth, Black Hornet, Eye of the Cricket, Ghost of a Flea, Bluebottle, The Killer Is Dying, Death Will Have Your Eyes, Other of My Kind

Salvalaggio, Karin:
Bone Dust White

Sample, Cindy:
Dying for a Date

Sampson, Catherine:
Falling Off Air

Samson, Joan:
The Auctioneer

Sanders, Ben:
American Blood, Marshall's Law, The Stakes

Sanders, J. Aaron:
Speakers of the Dead

Sanders, Lawrence:
McNally's Alibi, McNally's Caper, McNally's Luck, McNally's Folly, McNally's Secret, McNally's Dilemma, McNally's Risk, McNally's Bluff, First Deadly Sin, Second Deadly Sin, The Third Deadly Sin, The Fourth Deadly Sin, Seventh Commandment, Eighth Commandment, The Anderson Tapes, McNally's Trial, McNally's Puzzle, McNally's Gamble

Sandford, John (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Rules of Prey, Shadow Prey, Eyes of Prey, Silent Prey, Winter Prey, Night Prey, Mind Prey, Sudden Prey, Secret Prey, Certain Prey, Easy Prey, Chosen Prey, Mortal Prey, Naked Prey, Hidden Prey, Broken Prey, Invisible Prey, Phantom Prey, Wicked Prey, Storm Prey, Buried Prey, The Empress File, Fool's Run, Devils' Code, The Hanged Man's Song, Dead Watch,  Night Crew, Dark of the Moon, Heat Lightning, Rough Country, Bad Blood, Shock Wave, Mad River, Stolen Prey, Silken Prey, Storm Front, Field of Prey, Uncaged, Deadline, Gathering Prey, Extreme Prey, Rampage (w/Michele Cook), Escape Clause, Golden Prey, Deep Freeze, Twisted Prey, Holy Ghost, Neon Prey, Bloody Genius, Masked Prey

Sandlin, Susannah (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Sansom, C. J.
Dissolution, Sovereign, Winter in Madrid, Dark Fire, Revelation, Heartstone, Lamentation, Tombland

Sarder, Gian:
You Were Here

Saunders, Kate:
The Secrets of Wishtide, Laetitia Rodd and the Case of the Wandering Scholar

Savage, Kim:
In Her Skin

Savage, Vanessa:
The Woman in the Dark

Saville, Guy (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Sawyer, Meryl (see Mysteries & Thrillers Audiobooks by Author list)

Sayers, Dorothy L.
Whose Body, Clouds of Witness, Unnatural Death (aka The Singular Case of the Three Spinsters), The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club, Strong Poison, The Five Red Herrings, Have His Carcase, Hangman's Holiday, Murder Must Advertise, The Nine Tailors, Gaudy Night, Busman's Honeymoon, In the Teeth of the Evidence, Striding Folly and Other Stories; Thrones, Dominations (w/Jill Paton Walsh); A Presumption of Death (w/Jill Paton Walsh), The Attenbury Emeralds (Peter Wimsey novel written by Jill Paton Walsh), The Documents in the Case, Lord Peter Views the Body, Lord Peter Wimsey: The Complete Short Stories, The Late Scholar (Peter Wimsey novel written by Jill Paton Walsh)

Saylor, Steven:
Roman Blood, Arms of Nemesis, Catalina's Riddle, The Venus Throw, A Murder on the Appian Way, Rubicon, Last Seen in Massilia, A Mist of Prophecies, The Seven Wonders, The Throne of Caesar, Raiders of the Nile

Scarrow, Alex:
Afterlight, Last Light, October Skies, A Thousand Suns, The Candle Man

Scarrow, Simon (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
Playing with Death (w/Lee Francis)

Schaffhausen, Joanna:
The Vanishing Season, No Mercy, All the Best Lies

Schaitkin, Alexis:
Saint X

Schechter, Harold:
The Serial Killer Files: The Who, What, Where, How, and Why of the World's Most Terrifying Murderers

Schepp, Emelie:
Marked for Life, Marked for Revenge

Schmacher, Tony (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Schmidt, Sarah:
See What I Have Done

Schreck, Tom:
The Vegas Knockout

Schreiber, Joe:
Au Revoir Crazy European Chick, Perry's Killer Playlist

Schumacher, Tony:
The Darkest Hour

Schwarz, Liese O'Halloran:
The Possible World

Scott, E. G.
The Woman Inside

Scott, Gavin:
The Age of Treachery

Scott, J. Todd:
The Far Empty

Scott, Michael & A. K. Alexander:
Tacked to Death, Death Reins In, Saddled with Trouble

Scott, Robert:
The Girl in the Leaves

Scott, Trevor:
The Dolomite Solution, Extreme Faction, Burst of Sound, Hypershot, Global Shot, Fatal Network, Rise of the Order, The Cold Edge, Without Options, Drifting Back

Scottoline, Lisa (see also General Fiction Audio Book by Author list):
The Vendetta Defense, Rough Justice, Final Appeal, Dead Ringer, Devil's Corner, Dirty Blonde, Courting Trouble, Killer Smile, Daddy's Girl, Everywhere That Mary Went, Moment of Truth, Look Again, Legal Tender, Running From the Law, Lady Killer, Everywhere That Mary Went, Mistaken Identity, Think Twice, Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog: The Amazing Adventures of an Ordinary Woman (non-fiction), Save Me, Don't Go, Accused, Keep Quiet, Betrayed, Every Fifteen Minutes, Corrupted, Most Wanted, Damaged, One Perfect Lie, Exposed, After Anna, Feared,
Someone Knows

Searle, Nicholas:
The Good Liar

Searles, John:
Help for the Haunted, Strange but True

Sears, Michael:
Black Fridays, Mortal Bonds

Seddon, Holly:
Try Not to Breathe, Don't Close Your Eyes

Sedgwick, Marcus (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Mister Memory

Sedley, Kate:
Death and the Chapman, The Plymouth Cloak, The Hanged Man, The Holy Innocents, The Three Kings of Cologne, The Dance of Death, The Lammas Feast

Sefton, Maggie:
Knit One Kill Two, Needled to Death, Unraveled, Only Skein Deep, A Deadly Yarn, Dyeing Up Loose Ends

Sellers, L. J.
The Sex Club, Secrets to Die For, Thrilled to Death, Passions of the Dead, Dying for Justice, Liars, Cheaters & Thieves, Rules of Crime, Crimes of Memory, The Baby Thief, The Trigger, The Gauntlet Assassan, Deadly Bonds, Wrongful Death, The Target, Point of Control, The Trap, Death Deserved, Guilt Game

Sennefelder, Debra:
The Uninvited Corpse, The Hidden Corpse

Seymour, Gerald:
The Dealer and the Dead, The Corporal's Wife, Field of Blood

Shannon, Jill:
Image of Deceit

Sharp, Zoe:
Killer Instinct, First Drop, Road Kill, The Fifth Victim, Fourth Day, Third Strike, Second Shot, Die Easy, Hard Knocks, Riot Act, The Blood Whisperer, Fox Hunter

Shaw, Catherine:
The Library Paradox, The Riddle of the River

Shaw, Johnny:
Dove Season, Plaster City, Big Maria

Shaw, William:
The Birdwatcher, Salt Lane, Deadland

Shayne, Maggie (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Sleep With the Lights On, Wake to Darkness

Shea, Susan C.
Love & Death in Burgundy, Dressed for Death in Burgundy

Sheehan, James:
The Alligator Man

Sheldon, Sidney (see also Bagshawe, Tilly above):
Mistress of the Game, Master of the Game, The Doomsday Conspiracy, Rage of Angels,  Are You Afraid of the Dark, The Other Side of Midnight, If Tomorrow Comes, The Sky is Falling, Memories of Midnight, Tell Me Your Dreams, Bloodline, The Naked Face

Shelton, Connie:
Deadly Gamble, Vacations Can Be Murder, Partnerships Can Kill, Small Towns Can Be Murder, Memories Can Be Murder, Honeymoons Can Be Murder, Reunions Can Be Murder, Competition Can Be Murder, Balloons Can Be Murder, Sweet Masterpiece, Sweet's Sweets, Sweet Holidays, Sweet Hearts, Bitter Sweet, Sweets Galore, Obessions Can be Murder, Gossip Can Be Murder, Stardom Can Be Murder, Phantoms Can Be Murder, Sweets Begorra, Sweet Payback, Alibis Can Be Murder

Shelton, Paige:
The Cracked Spine, Of Books and Bagpipes, To Helvetica and Back, Comic Sans Murder, Lost Books and Old Bones, The Loch Ness Papers, The Stolen Letter

Shemilt, Jane:
The Daughter

Shepard, Sara:
The Amateurs, Follow Me, The Elizas, Last Seen

Shepherd, Scott:
Descending Son

Sherer, Michael W.
An Option On Death, Little Use for Death, Death Came Dressed in White, Night Blind

Sherratt, Mel:
Taunting the Dead, Follow the Leader, Watching Over You, Only the Brave, The Girls Next Door, Don't Look Behind You, Tick Tock

Shlian, Deborah & Joel:
Dead Air (Deborah Shilian with Linda Reid), Double Illusion, Wednesday's Child, Devil Wind (Deborah Shilian with Linda Reid),  Rabbit in the Moon

Showalter, Gary:
The Big Bend, Hog Valley

Siegel, James:
Deceit, Derailed (abr.)

Siger, Jeffrey:
Assassins of Athens, Prey on Patmos, Target: Tinos, Mykonos After Midnight

Sigurdardottir, Yrsa:
The Undesired, The Silence of the Sea, Why Did You Lie?, My Soul to Take, The Undesired, The Legacy, I Remember You, The Reckoning, The Legacy, The Reckoning, The Absolution

Silkstone, Jack:
Primal Origin, Primal Vengeance, Primal Unleashed, Primal Fury

Silva, Daniel:
The Kill Artist, The English Assassin, The Confessor, A Death in Vienna, Prince of Fire, The Messenger, The Secret Servant, Moscow Rules, The Defector, The Rembrandt Affair, Mark of the Assassin, The Unlikely Spy, The Marching Season, Portrait of a Spy, The Fallen Angel, The English Girl, The Heist, The English Spy, The Black Widow, House of Spies, The Other Woman, The New Girl

Silvis, Randall:
Two Days Gone, Walking the Bones

Simenon, Georges:
The Night at the Crossroads, The Grand Banks Cafe, The Two-Penny Bar, Pietr the Latvian, The Carter of ‘La Providence’, The Late Monsieur Gallet, The Hanged Man of Saint-Pholien, A Man's Head, The Yellow Dog, A Crime in Holland, The Dancer at the Gai-Moulin, The Shadow Puppet, The Saint-Fiacre Affair, The Flemish House, The Misty Harbour, The Madman of Bergerac, Liberty Bar, Lock No. 1, Maigret, Cecile Is Dead, The Cellars of the Majestic, The Judge’s House, Signed Picpus, Inspector Cadaver, Félicie, Maigret in New York, Maigret's Holiday, Maigret's Dead Man, Maigret's First Case, Félicie, Maigret Gets Angry, Maigret in New York, Maigret's Holiday, Maigret's Dead Man (aka Maigret’s Special Murder), The Snow Was Dirty, The Man Who Watched the Trains Go By, The Blue Room, The Mahé Circle, Maigret and the Old Lady, Madame Maigret's Friend, Maigret's Memoirs, Maigret at Picratt's, Maigret Takes a Room, Maigret and the Tall Woman, Maigret Lognon and the Gangsters, Maigret and the Man on the Bench, Maigret's Revolver, Maigret Is Afraid, Maigret's Mistake, Maigret and the Dead Girl, Maigret and the Minister, Maigret's Failure, Maigret Enjoys Himself, Maigret Travels, Maigret's Doubts, Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses, Maigret's Secret, Maigret in Court, Maigret and the Old People, Maigret and the Good People of Montparnasse, Maigret's Anger

Simmons, Dan (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Hardcase, The Crook Factory, Hard as Nails, Hard Freeze

Simms, Chris:
Killing the Beasts, Shifting Skin, Savage Moon, Hell's Fire, The Edge, Cut Adrift, Sleeping Dogs

Simon, Clea:
Cries & Whiskers, Grey Expectations, True Grey, Grey Dawn, Probable Claws, Parrots Prove Deadly

Simons, Paullina:
The Girl in Times Square

Simpson, Rosemary:
What the Dead Leave Behind, Lies That Comfort and Betray, Let the Dead Keep Their Secrets

Sims, Laura:

Simukka, Salla:
As Red as Blood

Sinclair, Shaun:
Blood Ties

Singer, Randy:
Directed Verdict, The Justice Game, Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales, Rule of Law, Fatal Convictions

Slaughter, Karin:
Undone, Beyond Reach, Fractured, Martin Misunderstood, Triptych, A Faint Cold Fear, Blindsighted, Kisscut, Broken, Fallen, Indelible, Faithless, Thorn in My Side (short), Criminal, The Unremarkable Heart and Other Stories, Unseen, Busted (novella), Cop Town, Snatched (novella), Pretty Girls, Three Twisted Stories, Blonde Hair Blue Eyes (short/novella), The Kept Woman, The Good Daughter, Last Breath, Pieces of Her, The Last Widow

Sloan, Michael:
The Equalizer, Killed in Action: An Equalizer Novel

Smith, Alexander Gordon:
Lockdown, Solitary

Smith, Alexander McCall (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror & General Fiction Audiobooks by Author lists):
No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series #1 -12, Heavenly Date and Other Flirtations, The 2 1/2 Pillars of Wisdom (contains the Portuguese Irregular Verbs Trilogy: Portuguese Irregular Verbs, The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs, and At the Villa of Reduced Circumstances), The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection, A Conspiracy of Friends, The Forgotten Affairs of Youth, Dream Angus, The Cleverness of Ladies (novella), The Mystery of Meerkat Hill (short), The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon, Unusual Uses for Olive Oil, The Handsome Man's De Luxe Cafe, The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine, The Novel Habits of Happiness, School Ship Tobermory, Precious and Grace, My Italian Bulldozer, A Distant View of Everything, The House of Unexpected Sisters, The Department of Sensitive Crimes, To the Land of Long Lost Friends, The Talented Mr. Varg

Smith, Brad:
Red Means Run, Shoot the Dog

Smith, Carrie:
Silent City

Smith, Donald:
The Constable's Tale

Smith, Frederick E.
The Devil Behind Me

Smith, Helen:
Invitation to Die, Beyond Belief

Smith, Ian;
The Blackbird Papers

Smith, J. Gregory:
A Noble Cause, The Flamekeepers, Final Price, The Legacy of the Dragon, Send in the Clowns

Smith, J. P.
The Drowning

Smith, Karen Rose:
Murder with Lemon Cakes, Murder with Cinnamon Scones

Smith, Mark Allen:
The Inquisitor

Smith, Martin Cruz:
Gorky Park, Polar Star, Red Square, Stalin's Ghost, Rose, Wolves Eat Dogs, Havana Bay, December 6 (aka Tokyo Station), Tatiana, The Girl from Venice, Nightwing, The Siberian Dilemma

Smith, Michael Farris:
Desperation Road

Smith, Roger:
Wake Up Dead

Smith, Scott:
The Ruins

Smith, Sherri:
The Retreat

Smith, Tom Rob:
Child 44, The Secret Speech, Agent 6, The Farm

Smith, Wilbur (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Snell, Staci:

Snoekstra, Anna:
Only Daughter

Snow, Tiffany (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Soderberg, Alexander:
The Andalucian Friend, The Other Son

Sokoloff, Alexandra:
Huntress Moon, Blood Moon, Cold Moon, The Unseen, Bitter Moon, Hunger Moon, The Price

Solomon, Annie:

Soos, Troy:
Murder at Fenway Park, Murder at Ebbets Field, Murder at Wrigley Field, Hunting a Detroit Tiger, The Cincinnati Red Stalkings, Hanging Curve

Spain, Jo:
With Our Blessing, Beneath the Surface, The Darkest Place, Dirty Little Secrets

Spanogle, Joshua:
Isolation Ward

Speller, Elizabeth:
The Return of Captain John Emmett

Spencer-Fleming, Julia:
Through the Evil Days, A Fountain Filled With Blood, Out of the Deep I Cry, Hid from Our Eyes

Spiegelman, Peter:
Thick as Thieves

Spillane, Mickey:
Lady Go Die! (w/Max Allan Collins), Encore for Murder (w/Max Allan Collins), The Big Bang(w/Max Allan Collins), Complex 90 (w/Max Allan Collins), The Twisted Thing, Kill Me Darling (w/Max Allan Collins), Killing Town (w/Max Allan Collins), Murder My Love (w/Max Allan Collins)

Spindler, Erica:
Blood Vines, Last Known Victim, Dead Run, Break Neck, Watch Me Die, Cause for Alarm, Red, Shocking Pink, Justice for Sara, All Fall Down (abr.), The First Wife, In Silence, Fortune, The Other Girl, The Look-Alike

Sprigg, Christopher:
Death of an Airman

Spring, Neil (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

St. James, Dorothy:
Asking for Truffle

St. Claire, Roxanne (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

St. James, Simone:
Silence for the Dead, The Other Side of Midnight, An Inquiry into Love and Death, The Broken Girls, The Sun Down Motel

Staalesen, Gunnar:
We Shall Inherit the Wind, Where Roses Never Die, Cold Hearts, The Writing on the Wall, Wolves in the Dark, Big Sister, Wolves at the Door

Stabenow, Dana (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Blindfold Game, Prepared for Rage, A Cold Day For Murder, A Fatal Thaw, Dead in the Water, A Cold Blooded Business, Play with Fire, Blood Will Tell, Breakup, Killing Grounds, Hunter's Moon, Midnight Come Again, Singing of the Dead, A Fine and Bitter Snow, A Grave Denied, A Taint of Blood, A Deeper Sleep, Whisper to the Blood, A Night Too Dark, Though Not Dead, Restless in the Grave, Fire and Ice, So Sure of Death, Nothing Gold Can Stay, Better to Rest, Bad Blood, Less Than a Treason, No Fixed Line, The Singing of the Dead

Stallwood, Veronica:
Deathspell, Oxford Menace

Stanley, Keli:
City of Dragons

Stanton, Mary (aka Claudia Bishop):
Defending Angels, Angel's Advocate, Avenging Angels, Angel’s Verdict

Stark, Richard (see Westlake, Donald):
The Hunter, The Mourner, TheOutfit, The Man with the Getaway Face (aka Steel Hit), The Score (aka Killtown), The Jugger, The Seventh (aka The Split), The Handle (aka Run Lethal), The Rare Coin Score, The Green Eagle Score, The Black Ice Score, The Sour Lemon Score, Deadly Edge, Slayground, Butcher's Moon, Comeback, Backflash, Flashfire, Firebreak, Ask The Parrot, Dirty Money, The Damsel, The Blackbird, The Dame, Lemons Never Lie

Staub, Wendy Corsi:
Lily Dale: Awakening , Lily DaleConnecting, Lily DaleL Discovering, Lily Dale: Believing, Nightwatcher, Sleepwalker, Shadowkiller, Dearly Beloved, Fade to Black, The Good Sister, The Last to Know, The Perfect Stranger, In the Blink of an Eye, All the Way Home, She Loves Me Not, Blood Red, Nine Lives, Most Likely to Die (w/Lisa Jackson and Beverly Barton), Blue Moon, Something Buried Something Blue, The Black Widow, Bone White, Little Girl Lost, Dead of Winter, Dying Breath, Dead Before Dark, Dead Silence

Steadman, Catherine:
Something in the Water

Steel, Danielle (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Steiner, Susie:
Missing Presumed, Persons Unknown

Steinhauer, Olen:
The Cairo Affair, All the Old Knives, The Tourist, The Nearest Exit, The Middleman, An American Spy, The Last Tourist

Stelljes, Roger:
Deadly Stillwater, Fatally Bound

Stelmach, Orest:
The Boy from Reactor 4, The Boy Who Stole from the Dead, The Boy Who Glowed in the Dark, The Altar Girl

Stembridge, Gerard:
What She Saw

Sten, Viveca:
Still Waters (temp)

Stephens, Jeffrey S.
Targets of Deception, Targets of Opportunity, Targets of Revenge, Rogue Mission

Stephenson, Nick:

Sternbergh, Adam:
Shovel Ready, The Blinds

Stevens, Amanda (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
The Whispering Room

Stevens, Chevy:
Never Knowing, That Night, Always Watching, Still Missing, Never Let You Go, Those Girls

Stevens, Taylor:
The Informationist, The Innocent, The Doll, The Vessel (novella), The Catch, The Mask, Liar’s Paradox, Liars' Legacy

Stewart, Amy:
Girl Waits with Gun, Lady Cop Makes Trouble

Stewart, Fran:
A Wee Murder in My Shop

Stewart, Mariah (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
Mercy Street, Cry Mercy, Acts of Mercy, Cold Truth, Hard Truth, Dark Truth, Final Truth, Dead Wrong, Dead Certain

Stewart, Mary (See the SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Stewart, Trenton Lee (see Children's Audiobooks by Author list)

Stone, David:
The Echelon Vendetta, The Orpheus Deception, The Venetian Judgment, The Skorpion Directive

Stone, Jonathan:
Moving Day, The Teller, Two for the Show

Stone, Mica:
Rite of Wrongs

Stone, Nick:
Mr. Clarinet, King of Swords, The Verdict

Stone, Victoria Helen:
Jane Doe, Problem Child

Storey, Erik:
Nothing Short of Dying

Stout, Rex:
And Be A Villian, Trouble in Triplicate , Fer-De-Lance, Champagne for One , And Four to Go, Plot It Yourself, If Death Ever Slept, The Black Mountain, Where There's a Will, Over My Dead Body, Some Buried Caesar, The Red Box, Too Many Cooks, The Golden Spiders, In the Best Families, Black Orchids, Death of a Doxy, Three Men Out, A Family Affair, Under the Andes (Sci-Fi), Three At Wolfe's Door, The Final Deduction, The Hand in the Glove, The Doorbell Rang

Straka, Andy:
A Witness Above

Straley, John:
The Woman Who Married a Bear, The Curious Eat Themselves, The Big Both Ways, Cold Water Burning, Baby's First Felony, The Angels Will Not Care

Straub, Peter (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Strawser, Jessica:
Not That I Could Tell

Stroby, Wallace:
Gone 'til November, Shoot the Woman First, Cold Shot to the Heart, Kings of Midnight, Shoot the Woman First, The Devil's Share

Strohmeyer, Sarah:
Bubbles Unbound, Bubbles in Trouble, Bubbles Ablaze, Bubbles A Broad, Bubbles Betrothed, Bubbles All the Way, The Penny Pinchers Club

Strugatsky, Arkady (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
The Dead Mountaineer's Inn: One More Last Rite for the Detective Genre (w/Boris Strugatsky)

Stuart, Amy:
Still Mine, Miss Kopp's Midnight Confessions, Still Water

Stuart, Anne (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Stuart, Julia:
The Pigeon Pie Mystery

Sturges, P. G.
Shortcut Man, Tribulations of the Shortcut Man, Angel's Gate

Sullivan, Matthew:
Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore

Summerscale, Kate:
The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher, The Wicked Boy: The Mystery of a Victorian Child Murderer

Sund, Erik Axl:
The Crow Girl

Sutcliffe, Katherine:
Bad Moon Rising

Sveistrup, Soren:
The Chestnut Man

Svensson, Anton:
The Father

Swain, James:
Dead Man's Poker, Deadman's Bluff, Midnight Rambler, The Night Stalker, The Night Monster, Sucker Bet, Shadow People, Dark Magic, Take Down, Bad Action

Swank, Denise Grover (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes, Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons, Call Back, Deadly Summer, Blazing Summer, Rose and Helena Save Christmas (novella), Curtain Call

Swanson, Denise:
Murder of a Small-Town Honey, Little Shop of Homicide, Nickled-and-Dimed to Death, Dead Between the Lines, Dying for a Cupcake, Between a Book and a Hard Place, Murder of a Sweet Old Lady, Lions and Tigers and Murder Oh My, Murder of a Botoxed Blonde, Murder of a Chocolate-Covered Cherry, Murder of a Royal Pain, Dead in the Water, Tart of Darkness, Die Me a River, Leave No Scone Unturned

Swanson, Peter:
The Girl with a Clock for a Heart, The Kind Worth Killing, Her Every Fear, All the Beautiful Lies, Before She Knew Him, Eight Perfect Murders

Swartwood, Robert:
The Serial Killer's Wife

Swarup, Vikas:
The Accidental Apprentice

Sweeney, Leann:
Pick Your Poison, A Wedding to Die For, Dead Giveaway, Shoot From the Lips, The Cat the Quilt and the Corpse, The Cat The Professor and the Poison, The Cat the Vagabond and the Victim, The Cat the Collector and the Killer

Swierczynski, Duane:
Canary, Revolver

Swinson, David:
The Second Girl

Sykes, Plum:
Party Girls Die in Pearls

Tabor, James:
The Deep Zone, Frozen Solid

Tackitt, Lloyd:
A Distant Eden

Tallis, Frank:
Fatal Lies, Vienna Blood, Mephisto Waltz

Talton, Jon:
Powers of Arrest, The Pain Nurse, The Night Detectives

Talty, Stephan:
Black Irish, Hangman

Tamblyn, Amber:
Any Man

Tanenbaum, Robert K.
Act of Revenge, Depraved Indifference, Enemy Within, Escape, Fury, Hoax, Justice Denied, Malice, No Lesser Plea, True Justice, Capture, Betrayed, Reversible Error, Immoral Certainty, Irresistible Impulse, Fatal Conceit, Trap, Reckless Endangerment, Corruption of Blood, Falsely Accused, Infamy, Without Fear or Favor

Tapper, Jake:
The Hellfire Club

Tardif, Cheryl Kaye:

Taylor, Andrew:
A Stain on the Silence, An Unpardonable Crime, Bleeding Heart Square, Caroline Miniscule, The Four Last Things, The Judgement of Strangers, The Office of the Dead, The American Boy, The Ashes of London, The Fire Court, The King's Evil

Taylor, Brad:
One Rough Man, All Necessary Force, Enemy of Mine, The Widow’s Strike, The Polaris Protocol, Gut Instinct (short), The Callsign (short), Black Flag (short), Days of Rage, The Dig (novella), No Fortunate Son, The Insider Threat, The Forgotten Soldier, The Recruit (short/novella), Ghosts of War, The Target (novella), Operator Down, Daughter of War, Exit Fee (novella), Hunter Killer

Taylor, David:
Night Life

Taylor, Donn:
The Lazarus File

Taylor, Patrick (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Temple, Peter:
The Broken Shore, Truth, Bad Debts, Black Tide, Dead Point, Shooting Star, White Dog

Tentler, Leslie:
Midnight Caller, Midnight Fear, Edge of Midnight, Fallen, In Dark Water

Terrell, Jaden:
Racing the Devil, A Cup Full of Midnight

Tesh, Jane:
Stolen Hearts, A Hard Bargain, A Little Learning

Tey, Josephine:
Daughter of Time, Miss Pym Disposes, The Man in the Queue, A Shilling for Candles, To Love and Be Wise

Thayer, James:
House of Eight Orchids

Theorin, Johan:
The Quarry, The Asylum

Theroux, Paul (see General Fiction & Nonfiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Thilliez, Frank:
Bred to Kill

Thoft, Ingrid:
Loyalty, Identity, Brutality

Thomas, August:
Liar's Candle

Thomas, Donald:
Sherlock Holmes and the Running Noose, The Execution of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes and The Ghosts of Bly

Thomas, Kara:
The Darkest Corners, Little Monsters

Thomas, Leslie:
Dangerous Davies, Dangerous in Love, Dangerous by Moonlight, Dangerous Davis and The Lonely Heart

Thomas, Rob:
Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line (w/Jennifer Graham), Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell (w/Jennifer Graham)

Thomas, Russ:

Thomas, Samuel:
The Midwife's Tale, The Harlot's Tale

Thomas, Sherry:
A Study in Scarlet Women, A Conspiracy in Belgravia, The Hollow of Fear

Thomas, Tara:
Shattered Fear (novella), Hidden Fate (novella), Twisted End (novella/short), Darkest Night, Deadly Secret, Broken Promise

Thomas, Will:
Some Danger Involved, To Kingdom Come, The Limehouse Text, The Hellfire Conspiracy, The Black Hand, Fatal Enquiry, Anatomy of Evil, Hell Bay, Old Scores

Thompson, Colleen:
The Best Victim

Thompson, Jim:
The Killer Inside Me, A Swell-Looking Babe, Pop. 1280, The Kill-Off; After Dark, My Sweet; Wild Town, Nothing More than Murder, A Hell of a Woman, The Getaway, The Grifters, The Rip-Off, Roughneck (non-fiction/memoir), Texas by the Tail

Thompson, John Milliken:
The Reservoir

Thompson, Victoria:
Murder on Lexington Avenue, Murder on Bank Street, Murder in Chinatown, Murder on Fifth Avenue, Murder on Waverly Place, Murder in Murray Hill, Murder on Amsterdam Avenue, Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue, Murder on Astor Place, Murder on St. Mark's Place, Murder on Gramercy Park, Murder on Washington Square, Murder on Mulberry Bend, Murder on Marble Row, Murder on Lenox Hill, Murder in Little Italy, Murder in Morningside Heights, Murder in the Bowery, City of Lies, Murder on Union Square, City of Secrets, Murder on Trinity Place

Thomson, Keith:
Once A Spy, Twice a Spy, Seven Grams of Lead

Thomson, Lesley:
The Detective's Daughter, Ghost Girl, The Dog Walker, The Playground Murders

Thor, Brad:
The Lions of Lucerne, Path of the Assassin, State of the Union, Blowback, Takedown, The First Commandment, The Last Patriot, The Apostle, Foreign Influence, The Athena Project, Full Black, Black List, Hidden Order, Free Fall (short story), Act of War, Code of Conduct, Foreign Agent, Ring of Fire, Use of Force, Spymaster, Backlash

Thornley, Scott:
Erasing Memory

Thorogood, Robert:
The Killing of Polly Carter, A Meditation on Murder, Death Knocks Twice, Murder in the Caribbean

Tigner, Tim:

Timberlake, Amy:
One Came Home

Tjia, M. J.
She Be Damned, A Necessary Murder

Tobisman, C. E.
Doubt, Proof

Todd, Charles:
A Matter of Justice, The Red Door, A Lonely Death, An Unmarked Grave, A Duty to the Dead, An Impartial Witness, Legacy of the Dead, Watchers of Time,  A Test of Wills, Wings of Fire, Search the Dark, A Pale Horse, The Confession, Proof of Guilt, A Bitter Truth, A Question of Honor, An Unwilling Accomplice, A Fearsome Doubt, A Cold Treachery, A Long Shadow, A Fine Summer Day, A False Mirror, A Pattern of Lies, No Shred of Evidence, The Shattered Tree, A Guid Soldier, Racing the Devil, A Casualty of War, The Gate Keeper, A Forgotten Place, The Black Ascot, The Pretty Little Box (short), A Divided Loyalty, The Murder Stone

Tooley, S. D.
When the Dead Speak, Nothing Else Matters, Restless Spirit, Echos From the Grave

Topping, Grace:
Staging Is Murder

Torjussen, Mary:
Gone Without a Trace, The Girl I Used to Be

Torre, A. R.
The Girl in 6E, Do Not Disturb

Toten, Teresa:
Beware That Girl

Townsend, Kari Lee:
Kicking the Habit, Peril for Your Thoughts

Toyne, Simon:
Sanctus, The Key, The Tower, Solomon Creed (aka The Searcher), The Searcher (aka Solomon Creed), The Boy Who Saw, Broken Promise (novella)

Tracy, P. J.
Monkeewrench, Live Bait, Dead Run, Snow Blind, The Sixth Idea, Shoot to Thrill, Off the Grid, Two Evils (aka Off the Grid), Cold Kill (aka The Sixth Idea), The Guilty Dead, Nothing Stays Buried, The Guilty Dead, Want to Play? (aka Monkeewrench), Ice Cold Heart

Tran, Vu:

Treadway, Jessica:
Lacy Eye (aka If She Did It)

Tremayne, Peter:
Master of Souls, The Seventh Trumpet, Whispers of the Dead, A Prayer for the Damned, Dancing with Demons, The Council of the Cursed, The Dove of Death, The Chalice of Blood, Behold a Pale Horse, Atonement of Blood, Absolution by Murder, Shroud for the Archbishop, Suffer Little Children, The Subtle Serpent, The Spider's Web, Valley of the Shadow, The Monk Who Vanished, Act of Mercy, Our Lady of Darkness, Smoke in the Wind, The Haunted Abbot, Badger's Moon, The Leper's Bell, Whispers of the Dead, Master of Souls, A Prayer for the Damned, The Devil's Seal, Dancing with Demons, The Council of the Cursed, The Chalice of Blood, Behold a Pale Horse, The Seventh Trumpet, Atonement of Blood, The Second Death, The Fire Child

Tremayne, S. K.
The Ice Twins

Tremblay, Paul:
The Little Sleep, The Cabin at the End of the World

The Loo Sanction

Trocheck, Kathy Hogan (pseudonym for Andrews, Mary Kay above)

Trow, M. J.
Maxwell's House, Maxwell's Flame, Maxwell's Movie, Maxwell's War, Maxwell's Curse, Maxwell's Ride, Maxwell's Reunion, Maxwell's Match, Maxwell's Inspection, Maxwell's Grave (last hour has some echo), Maxwell's Mask, Maxwell's Point, Maxwell's Chain, Maxwell's Revenge, Maxwell's Retirement, The Adventures of Inspector Lestrade, Brigade: The Further Adventures of Lestrade, Lestrade and the Dead Man's Hand, Lestrade and the Sign of Nine, Lestrade and the Sawdust Ring, Maxwell's Island, Maxwell's Crossing, Lestrade and the Brother of Death, Lestrade and the Leviathan, Lestrade and the Mirror of Murder, Lestrade and the Devil's Own, Maxwell's Return

Truant, Johnny B.
The Bialy Pimps

Truman, Margaret:
Murder at the Kennedy Center, The President's House, Murder at Ford's Theatre, Murder at the Opera, Murder on K Street, Murder Inside the Beltway, Allied in Danger

Tucker, K. A. (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Tucker, Neely:
The Ways of the Dead, Only the Hunted Run

Tudor, C. J.
The Chalk Man, The Hiding Place, The Taking of Annie Thorne, The Other People

Tuomainen, Antti:
The Healer

Turnbull, Peter:
A Cold Case

Turner, J. B.
Hardwired, Hard Road, Hard Kill, Hard Way: A Jon Reznick Thriller, Book 4

Turner, Lisa:
The Gone Dead Train, Devil Sent the Rain

Turow, Scott:
Identical, Innocent, Presumed Innocent, The Burden of Proof, Pleading Guilty, Personal Injuries, Limitations, Testimony

Tursten, Helene:
Night Rounds, The Golden Calf, The Fire Dance, The Beige Man, The Treacherous Net, Who Watcheth, Hunting Game, Winter Grave

Turton, Stuart:
The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

Tuti, Ilaria:
Flowers over the Inferno

Tyce, Harriet:
Blood Orange

Tyley, Vicki:
Fatal Liaison, Thin Blood

Tyson, Wendy:
A Muddied Murder, Bitter Harvest

Uhlmann, Chris:
Secret City

Underdown, Beth:
The Witchfinder's Sister

Unger, Lisa:
Beautiful Lies, Sliver of Truth, Black Out, Die for You, Heartbroken, Angel Fire, The Darkness Gathers, Twice, In the Blood, The Burning Girl (short/novella), The Whispers (novella), The Burning Girl (short), Crazy Love You, Smoke, Ink and Bone, The Red Hunter, Under My Skin, The Stranger Inside

Unsworth, Simon Kurt (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Upfield, Arthur:
An Author Bites the Dust, Bony and the Black Virgin, Bony and the White Savage, Bushranger of the Skies, Death of a Lake, Death of a Swagman, The Devil's Steps, Man of Two Tribes, The Bachelors of Broken Hill, The Bone is Pointed, The Clue of the New Shoe, The Great Melbourne Cup Mystery, The Lake From Monster, The Mystery of Swordfish Reef, The Sands of Windee, The Will of the Tribe, Venom House, Winds of Evil, Murder Must Wait, Wings Above the Diamantina, Mr. Jelly's Business, The Widows of Broome, The Mountains Have a Secret

Upson, Nicola:
An Expert in Murder, Angel with Two Faces, Two for Sorrow, Fear in the Sunlight, The Death of Lucy Kyte, London Rain, Nine Lessons

Urban, Madeleine & Abigail Roux:
Cut & Run, Sticks & Stones, Fish & Chips, Divide & Conquer

Vachss, Andrew:
Flood, Strega, Blue Belle, Hard Candy, Blossom, Sacrifice, Down in the Zero, Safe House, Choice of Evil, Dead and Gone, Only Child, Down Here, Mask Market, Terminal, Another Life, Shella, Proving It, Two Trains Running, Haiku, The Weight, Blackjack, False Allegations, A Bomb Built in Hell, Shockwave, Signwave, Drawing Dead

Vallere, Diane:
That Touch of Ink, The Decorator Who Knew Too Much, Lover Come Hack

Vallgren, Carl-Johan:
The Tunnel

Valtonen, Jussi:
They Know Not What They Do

Vargas, Fred:
Wash This Blood Clean From My Hand, This Night's Foul Work, A Climate of Fear

Vargus, L. T.
Dead End Girl (w/Tim McBain ), Image in a Cracked Mirror (short, w/Tim McBain), Killing Season (w/Tim McBain) , The Last Victim (short, w/Tim McBain), The Girl in the Sand (w/Tim McBain), Bad Blood (w/Tim McBain), The Scattered and the Dead Series: The First Four Books (one volume, w/Tim McBain), Five Days Post Mortem

Vaughan, Sarah:
Anatomy of a Scandal

Vaughn, S. W.
Broken Angel

Vasquez, Juan Gabriel:
The Shape of the Ruins

Veley, Charles:
The Last Moriarty

Verdon, John:
Think of a Number, Shut Your Eyes Tight, Peter Pan Must Die, Wolf Lake

Veste, Luca:
Dead Gone, The Bone Keeper

Vichi, Marco:
Death in August, Death and the Olive Grove, Death in Sardinia, Death in Florence, Death in the Tuscan Hills, Ghosts of the Past

Vorhaus, John (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
California Roll, World Series of Murder

Voss, Louise:
Asylum Harbor and Burn Out (one volume), Cut and Run, The Venus Trap, From the Cradle (w/Mark Edwards), The Blissfully Dead (w/Mark Edwards), Catch Your Death (w/Mark Edwards), All Fall Down (w/Mark Edwards), Killing Cupid (w/Mark Edwards)

Wait, Lea:
Shadows on the Ivy, Twisted Threads, Thread and Gone, Dangling by a Thread, Tightening the Threads, Thread Herrings, Thread and Buried

Waites, Martyn:
The Old Religion

Walker, Boo:
Turn or Burn, Off You Go (novella), Lowcountry Punch

Walker, Martin:
Bruno Chief of Police, The Dark Vineyard, Black Diamond, The Crowded Grave, The Devil's Cave, The Resistance Man, Children of War (aka The Children Return, read by Peter Noble), The Children Return (aka Children of War, read by Robert Ian Mackenzie), The Dying Season (aka The Patriarch), Fatal Pursuit, The Templars' Last Secret, A Taste for Vengeance, The Body in the Castle Well

Wallace, Irving:
The Fan Club, The Prize, The Second Lady

Walker, Caroline Louise:
Man of the Year

Walker, Mary Willis:
The Red Scream, Under the Beetle's Cellar, All the Dead Lie Down

Walker, Wendy:
All Is Not Forgotten, Emma in the Night

Wallace, Michael:
The Righteous, Mighty and Strong, The Wicked, The Blessed and the Damned, Destroying Angel, The Gates of Babylon, Hell's Fortress, Blood of the Faithful

Wallace, Nicole:
Eighteen Acres, Madam President

Walters, Minette:
Acid Row, The Chamaelons Shadow, The Devil's Feather, The Dark Room, The Scold's Bridle, The Sculptress, The Last Hours

Walsh, Jill Paton:
Thrones, Dominations (w/Dorothy Sayers); A Presumption of Death (w/Dorothy Sayers), The Wyndham Case, A Piece of Justice (radio dramatization), Debts of Dishonour, The Attenbury Emeralds, The Late Scholar

Walsh, T. M. E.
For All Our Sins

Walter, Jess (see also General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list):
Citzen Vince

Wambaugh, Joseph:
Hollywood Moon, Hollywood Crows, Hollywood Station, Harbor Nocturne, Fugitive Nights, Floaters, The Choirboys, The Delta Star, The Black Marble

Ward, Rachel:
Numbers, The Cost of Living

Ward, Sarah:
In Bitter Chill, A Deadly Thaw, The Shrouded Path

Ware, Ruth:
The Woman in Cabin 10, In a Dark Dark Wood, The Lying Game, Death of Mrs. Westaway, The Turn of the Key

Wasdin, Howard E. & Stephen Templin
SEAL Team Six Outcasts, Easy Day for the Dead

Washburn, Tim:
The Day after Oblivion

Watkins, Roz:
The Devil's Dice, Dead Man’s Daughter

Watson, S. J.
Before I Go To Sleep, Second Life

Watson, Wendy Lynn:
I Scream You Scream, Scoop to Kill, A Parfait Murder

Watt, Alan:
Diamond Dogs

Way, Camilla:
Watching Edie

Weaver, Ashley:
Murder at the Brightwell, Death Wears a Mask, A Most Novel Revenge, The Essence of Malice

Weaver, Tim:
Chasing the Dead, The Dead Tracks, Never Coming Back, Fall from Grace, What Remains, Vanished, I Am Missing, Vanished, No One Home

Webb, Betty:
The Anteater of Death, The Koala of Death, Desert Cut, Desert Lost, Desert Wind, Desert Run, Desert Rage, The Puffin of Death

Webb, Debra:
Obsession, Impulse, Power, Rage, Revenge, Ruthless, See Her Die, Bone Deep, Vicious, Bone Cold

Webb, Wendy:
The Vanishing

Webster, Jason:
Or the Bull Kills You

Weiner, Larry (see also Sci-F-/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
The Adventures of The Brooke Sisters, Garson Krebs Private Eye

Weiss, Kirsten:
The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum, Pressed to Death, The Quiche and the Dead, Déja Moo, Bleeding Tarts, Chocolate a la Murder

Wells, Mike:
Lust Money & Murder: Books 1, 2, & 3 (one volume)

Wells, Shirley:
Presumed Dead

Welsh, Kaite:
The Wages of Sin, The Unquiet Heart

Welsh, Louise:
A Lovely Way to Burn, Death is a Welcome Guest

Wendig, Chuck (see Sci-F-/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Wentworth, Patricia:
The Brading Collection, Danger Point, Miss Silver Intervenes, Spotlight (aka Wicked Uncle), Through the Wall, Miss Silver Comes to Stay, Out of the Past, Poison in the Pen, The Girl in the Cellar, Grey Mask, The Case Is Closed, Lonesome Road, Danger Point, The Chinese Shawl, The Clock Strikes Twelve, The Key, The Traveller Returns, Pilgrim's Rest, Latter End, The Case of William Smith, Eternity Ring, The Catherine Wheel, The Ivory Dagger, Anna Where Are You?, The Watersplash, Ladies' Bane, The Silent Pool, The Vanishing Point, The Benevent Treasure, The Gazebo, The Listening Eye, The Fingerprint, The Alington Inheritance

Westerson, Jeri:
Veil of Lies, Serpent in the Thorns, The Demon's Parchment, Troubled Bones, Blood Lance, Shadow of the Alchemist

Westlake, Donald (see Stark, Richard):
Watch Your Back!, The Hot Rock, Bank Shot, Jimmy the Kid, Nobody's Perfect, Why Me, Good Behavior, Drowned Hopes, Don't Ask, What's the Worst That Could Happen, Bad News, The Road to Ruin, Somebody Owes Me Money, What's So Funny, Get Real, 361, The Fugitive Pigeon, Just One of Those Days, Put A Lid On It, Trust Me On This, Tomorrow's Crimes, The Ax, The Hook, Smoke, Butcher's Moon, Money For Nothing, The Cutie; Baby, Would I Lie; Memory, The Comedy is Finished, God Save the Mark

Weston, Roger:
The Assassin's Wife

Whalen, Marybeth Mayhew:
Only Ever Her

Wheaton, Mark:
Fields of Wrath, City of Strangers

White, Christian:
The Nowhere Child

White, Dave:
An Empty Hell

White, Gloria:
Murder on the Run, Money to Burn

White, Jenny:
The Sultan's Seal, The Abyssinian Proof, The Winter Thief

White, Karen (see also Romance Audiobooks & General Fiction Audiobooks by Author lists):
The House on Tradd Street, The Girl on Legare Street, The Strangers on Montagu Street, Return to Tradd Street, The Guests on South Battery, Spinning the Moon, The Night the Lights Went Out, The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street

White, Kate:
Hush, The Sixes, So Pretty It Hurts, Lethally Blonde, Eyes on You, If Looks Could Kill, A Body to Die For, The Secrets You Keep, Even If It Kills Her

White, Loreth Anne (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

White, Randy Wayne:
Dead Silence, Everglades, Hunter's Moon, The Mangrove Coast, Black Widow, The Heat Islands, Night Vision, Night Moves, Bone Deep, Shark River, Sanibel Flats, North of Havana, Captiva, The Man Who Invented Florida, Ten Thousand Islands, Twelve Mile Limit, Gone, Deceived, Haunted, Cuba Straits, Deep Blue, Seduced, Mangrove Lightning, Caribbean Rim, Salt River

White, Stephen:
Privileged Information, Private Practices, Higher Authority, Harm's Way, Remote Control, Critical Conditions, Manner of Death, Cold Case, The Program, Warning Signs, The Best Revenge, Blinded, Missing Persons, Dry Ice, Kill Me, The Siege, Dead Time, Compound Fractures

Whitlow, Robert:
The Confession, The Witnesses, Greater Love (temp), Life Support (temp), A House Divided (temp)

Whitney, Phyllis A.
Woman without a Past

Whittle, Tina:
The Dangerous Edge of Things, Darker Than Any Shadow, Reckoning and Ruin

Widen, Gregory:
Blood Makes Noise

Wiebe, Sam:
Invisible Dead

Wiehl, Lis (see also Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list):
Face of Betrayal, Hand of Fate, Heart of Ice, Eyes of Justice, Snapshot, A Matter of Trust, A Deadly Business, Lethal Beauty, The Newsmakers, Candidate, The Separatists (w/Sebastian Stuart)

Wignall, Kevin:
A Death in Sweden, For the Dogs, The Traitor's Story

Wier, George:
The Last Call

Wilde, Darcy:
A Useful Woman, A Purely Private Matter

Wiley, Michael:
The Last Striptease, The Bad Kitty Lounge, A Bad Night's Sleep

Wilkins, Susan:
It Should Have Been Me

Wilkinson, Lauren:
American Spy

Willeford, Charles:
Miami Blues, New Hope for the Dead, Sideswipe, The Way We Die Now

Williams, Amanda Kyle:
Don't Talk to Strangers

Williams, Timothy:
Another Sun

Willig, Lauren (see also Romance Audiobooks by Author list):
The Masque of the Black Tulip, The Masque of the Black Tulip, The Deception of the Emerald Ring, The Seduction of the Crimson Rose, The Temptation of the Night Jasmine, The Betrayal of the Blood Lily, The Mischief of The Mistletoe, The Orchid Affair, The Garden Intrigue, The Passion of the Purple Plumeria, The Ashford Affair, The English Wife

Wilson, Alexander:
Mystery of Tunnel 51, The Devil's Cocktail, Wallace of the Secret Service

Wilson, Andrew:
A Talent for Murder

Wilson, Carter:
The Comfort of Black, Final Crossing (temp)

Wilson, F. Paul (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Wilson, L. A.
Darktown Strutters (short)

Wilson, Norah (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Wilson, Robert:
Capital Punishment, The Company of Strangers

Wilson, Sam (see Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Audiobooks by Author list)

Wingate, Lisa (see General Fiction Audiobooks by Author list)

Wingate, Marty:
The Garden Plot, The Red Book of Primrose House, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, The Bluebonnet Betrayal, The Skeleton Garden, Best-Laid Plants, Every Trick in the Rook

Wingfield, R. D.
Frost at Christmas, A Touch of Frost, Night Frost, Hard Frost, A Killing Frost

Winslow, Don:
The Gentlemen's Hour, Satori, Isle of Joy, A Cool Breeze on the Underground, The  Trail to Buddha’s Mirror, Way Down on the High Lonely, A Long Walk up the Water Slide, While Drowning in the Desert, Savages, The Kings of Cool, The Power of the Dog, California Fire and Life, The Cartel, The Force, The Border, Broken

Winslow, Emily:
The Whole World, The Start of Everything, California Fire and Life

Winspear, Jacqueline:
Pardonable Lies, Messenger of Truth, An Incomplete Revenge, Among the Mad, A Lesson in Secrets, Mapping of Love and Death, Birds of a Feather, Maisie Dobbs, Elegy for Eddie, Leaving Everything Most Loved, The Mapping of Love and Death, A Dangerous Place, Journey to Munich, In This Grave Hour, To Die but Once, The American Agent

Wirestone, Max:
The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss, The Astonishing Mistakes of Dahlia Moss

Wolf, Dick:
The Intercept, The Execution, The Ultimatum

Wolfe, Inger Ash:
The Calling, The Taken, A Door in the River, The Night Bell

Woodrell, Daniel:
Winter's Bone, The Bayou Trilogy: Under the Bright Lights, Muscle for the Wing, and The Ones You Do (one volume), The Death of Sweet Mister, Tomato Red, Give Us a Kiss, Woe to Live On

Wood, Simon:
Terminated, Accidents Waiting to Happen, The One That Got Away, Did Not Finish, Deceptive Practices, Saving Grace

Wood, Tom:
The Killer, The Enemy, The Game, The Hunter, Better Off Dead, The Darkest Day, A Time to Die, A Time To Die, The Final Hour, Kill for Me

Woods, Sherryl (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Woods, Stuart:
Chiefs, The Run, New York Dead, Dirt, Dead in the Water, Swimming to Catalina, Worst Fears Realized, L. A. Dead, Cold Paradise, The Short Forever, Reckless Abandon, Two Dollar Bill, Dark Harbor, Fresh Disasters, Shoot Him if He Runs, Hot Mahogany, Loitering With Intent, Kisser, Lucid Intervals, Strategic Moves, Orchid Beach, Orchid Blues, Blood Orchid, Iron Orchid, Hothouse Orchid, Bel-Air Dead, Unnatural Acts, Run Before the Wind, D.C.Dead, Severe Clear, Mounting Fears, Unintended Consequences, Collateral Damage, Doing Hard Time, Standup Guy, Carnal Curiosity, Cut and Thrust, Paris Match, Insatiable Appetites, Grass Roots, Hot Pursuit, Naked Greed, Foreign Affairs, The Prince of Beverly Hills, Scandalous Behavior, Dirty Work, Family Jewels, L.A. Times, Dead Eyes, Heat, Santa Fe Rules, Imperfect Strangers, Choke, Dishonorable Intentions, Smooth Operator, Sex Lies & Serious Money, Below the Belt, Fast and Loose, Indecent Exposure, Barely Legal, Quick & Dirty, Unbound, Shoot First, Turbulence, The Money Shot, Desperate Measures, A Delicate Touch, Wild Card, Skin Game, Contraband, Stealth, Treason, Hit List

Woods, Teri:
True to the Game I, True to the Game II, True to the Game III, Alibi, Angel’s Revenge

Woolrich, Cornell:
The Black Angel, Night Has a Thousand Eyes

Wortham, Reavis Z.
Vengeance is Mine, Hawke's Prey

Wright, Jamie Jo:
The Curse of Misty Wayfair

Wright, Steven:
The Coyotes of Carthage

Wyler, Allen:
Dead Ringer, Deadly Odds, Dead Head

Wynne-Jones, Tim:
The Ruinous Sweep

Xiaolong, Qui:
Death of a Red Heroine

Yap, Felicia:

Yates, Christopher J.
Black Chalk, Grist Mill Road

Yocum, Robin:
A Welcome Murder

Yokoyama, Hideo:
Six Four

Yorke, Margaret:
Death on Account, Dead in the Morning, Silent Witness, Grave Matters, Mortal Remains, Cast for Death, False Pretences, No Medals for the Major, Evidence to Destroy, Speak for the Dead, Crime in Question, Admit to Murder, Small Deceit, Criminal Damage, Almost the Truth, A Question of Belief, Act of Violence, The Price of Guilt, A Case to Answer, Cause for Concern

Youers, Rio:

Young, David:
Stasi Child, Stasi Wolf

Young, Hester:
The Gates of Evangeline, The Shimmering Road, The Burning Island

Young, Karen:
Lie for Me

Young, Suzanne:
Murder by Yew, Murder by Proxy, Murder by Mishap, Murder by Christmas

Zadoff, Allen:
I Am the Weapon (aka Boy Nobody)

Zander, Joakim:
The Believer

Zandri, Vincent:
Godchild, The Innocent, Moonlight Rises, Blue Moonlight, Murder by Moonlight, The Concrete Pearl, The Remains, Scream Catcher, Everything Burns, Orchard Grove, When Shadows Come, The Corruptions

Zanetti, Rebecca (see Romance Audiobooks by Author list)

Zangwill, Israel:
The Perfect Crime: The Big Bow Mystery

Zupan, Kim:
The Ploughmen

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